About Us

Solhim Lohan


Email: solhim.sawflow@gmail.com


Sawflow’s aim is to save the time of our readers and provide for them their needs without making them go through stress. Of course, making decisions about what to buy isn’t an easy one; so it is our mission to help you find the best products that satisfy your needs.

How We Benefits Our Audience?

Before we recommend any products, we have gone through a series of research, testing, seeking the current and past users’ opinion, and interviews some authority. This is usually done so that whatever we recommend for our readers are usually the best. Our sections cover a range of topics—Camping gear, water sport gear, camping , water sports and outdoors and we have reviewed many products.

In fact, when it comes to thorough reviews of products which are beneficial for the audience among any of the aforementioned topics, consider us a force to reckon with. The whole essence of this is to make the selection process for our readers a very successful one; we want to make buying great gears, camping tools, fishing tools, water sports  tools easy and quick for our readers and yet they will be sure they are getting the best of the products.

How Do We Select The Products We Recomend?

Before we select any gadget for our readers, we begin by looking at hundreds of that product and then compare and contrast them against one another. With the determination to have only the best as our top recommended products, we first carry out a series of testing, we interview the users of the products to see how they are fairing, we delve into the literature behind the model we are choosing. From there we narrow down our picks, and then put them next to one another on the field for a rigorous test to see how far they can withstand those activities and how each of them is holding up the competition. In other to have an objective opinion, we bring them side by side and them write a critical review for each of them, showing their pros and their cons because what is deficient is one product may be the strength of another. In the end, we have an exquisite comparison table and features so that our readers can quickly see the products that match their needs. We then publish our articles on our blog. In a nutshell, our articles surely satisfy most of our audience as it is finally formed based on an objective review of the product.

What If You Cannot Find What You Need?

If what you want isn’t on our site, please send us a mail and we can help you figure out what is best for you. We’ve got a great and wonderful team, who on a daily basis undergo rigorous research to ensure that we have nothing but the best for you.