All You Need To Know Why Your Air Mattress Deflates Overnight


If you wish to buy an air mattress (which is also referred to an air bed or an inflatable mattress) you would also wonder about the downside and benefits of owning one.

Like you may already know air mattresses deflate overnight. Why this can hardly be avoided the chances of waking up the next morning and finding yourself flat on the ground can greatly be reduced

Before we look at why air mattresses deflate overnight we would look at air mattresses and the pros and cons of owning one.

What are Air Mattresses?

The bed

This is usually made from high-grade vinyl, latex or foam to support all body size without discomfort to your lumbar or joints.

Air inflator

This is what pumps air into the air mattress and it is usually easy to use and operate (you do not require expert knowledge to use the air inflator)

Lock connector for mattress

This is to be used to tighten the lock on the air mattress to guard against air loss after the mattress has been inflated

​Now that we have examined the components of the air mattress we will look at the pros and cons of an air mattress.

What Makes This Air Mattresses Great

Allows for custom firmness

One of the advantages of an air mattress over other types of mattresses is that it can be inflated to suit any form you want either hard or soft by simply increasing or reducing the amount of air you pump into it. This makes the air mattress a good fit for the camping, hiking as every one of us like our mattresses differently. Simply pump in more air for a firm surface or reduce the air for a soft and plush finish.

Limits the Chances Of back pain when you wake up

Unlike the conventional mattresses which can easily hurt your back when you wake up in the morning. Using the air mattress greatly reduces the chances of getting a back pain and keep warm your body when you wake up in the morning. If you feel the bed is too firm you can deflate it at the lock connector to let out some air to suit how you wish to sleep for the night.

Completely Odor-free

The air mattress is odor free compared to the smell obtained from new memory foam. This odor-free attribute of the air mattress is simply because of the material used in its manufacture which is usually from PVC.

Doesn’t Sag

By sagging, I mean that the air mattress retains its shape and size even after years of usage, unlike the normal, memory foam whose surface gives away after using it for a long period of time. If you have used a normal mattress for years like me who used a mattress for more than 9 years while growing up you will understand what I am trying to say. You sink into the mattress and this making sleeping quite uncomfortable. But with the air mattress, all you need do is to inflate it with more air.

Fast Inflation

Depending on the size of mattress and the quality of the pump an air mattress can be inflated in a short period of time.  A small camping mattress takes about five minutes to be fully inflated while a twin size takes up to five minutes.

When you share a bed

Most full size and twin size air mattress come with two separate chambers which makes it possible to have one side softer or firmer to suit you or a partners preference. This eliminates the dispute that ensues as to whether the mattress is too soft or firm.

Highly durable

Most full size and twin size air mattress come with two separate chambers which makes it possible to have one side softer or firmer to suit you or a partners preference. This eliminates the dispute that ensues as to whether the mattress is too soft or firm.

Cheap Price

Popular brands like the Intex have twin air mattresses that can be purchased for as low as $35. Conventional twin memory mattress starts at $200 for a quality one this makes the air mattress a cheaper option when looking to purchase a mattress on a low budget.

Multipurpose use

An air mattress can serve different purposes. Depending on the size an air mattress can be used for an indoor or outdoor purpose, it can be rolled up and taken for a camping trip or a road trip or simply rolled out in the sitting room for a visitor should in case you don’t have a guest room.


Noisy Pumps

Owners of air mattress occasionally complain of a noisy pump whenever the mattress is inflated. Although this is mostly noticed with the cheaper brands of pumps if you can stand the noise it’s not much of a big deal as you won’t be using it all the time.

Replacing the pump

If the mattress is made from built-in pumps you would need to repair it whenever it is faulty. If it otherwise needs an external pump it can easily be replaced for as low as $20.

Lengthy Assembly time

A big size permanent air mattress can take between 30 to 50 minutes to set up and this usually requires two people but once it is assembled all that you will occasionally do is to inflate or deflate depending on your preference.

Shorter Warranty Period

The warranties on air mattresses are short compared to the conventional memory foam. Whenever you need to repair or change a part chances are you will have to make the necessary period as most times warranties won’t cover them.

After stating the pros and cons of the air mattress we will answer some very important questions, everyone, who is looking to buy or who already uses an air mattress asks.

Why Do Air Mattresses Deflate Overnight?

Whenever your air mattress deflates overnight you may ask yourself why this happens. The truth is this- your air mattress will deflate no matter what you do. This happens as a result of the temperature, the design and the pressure you exert on it when you lay on it. Air mattresses are made with a little breathing room and that’s why it loses air whenever you sleep on it.

You mostly lay on your air mattress during the day and at nights the temperature is colder compared to during the day. This temperature change is what makes your air mattress lose air when you wake up in the morning it’s not a magic trick it’s simply because the air takes up more space when the temperature rises in the morning ways to fix a leaking air mattress.

Is it all air mattresses that lose air overnight?

All air mattresses are designed differently but they will all lose some amount of air before daybreak. Your body weight still has a role to play in the amount of air the mattress loses. 

Mattresses that are used in colder areas or regions lose air faster as cold temperatures make the mattress loses air faster than normal temperature.  While all air mattresses will lose air some may perform better than others.

How can I prevent my air mattress from losing air?

You cannot completely stop your air mattress from losing air. It’s not possible as they were made to lose air if not they will burst when it cannot support your body weight. But there are some precautions you can take to reduce the rate at which your air mattress loses air

Do not sit or stand on your Air Mattress.

When you sit or stand on your air mattress you increase the pressure exerted on the air mattress and makes it lose air faster than normal. If you are used to sitting or standing on conventional memory foam then it will be difficult for you to stop doing it on an air mattress.

However, if you want to reduce the rate at which your air mattress loses air then you need to refrain from sitting or standing on them.

Inspect the Opening Nozzle

If you sleep on your air mattress regularly then the nozzle will get worn out quickly due to the repeated blowing in and out of the air. When the nozzle is worn out the mattress loses air quickly without having any visible leakages. A temporary fix will be to duct tape the area around the nozzle in the meantime before replacing it.

Fold Air Mattresses with care

It’s important to follow the instruction given in the package on how to properly fold your air mattress. Doing this properly increases the lifespan of your air bed. If holes and tear are already appearing on the bed, folding it the wrong way will increase them. While folding the mattress look out for tears and holes in the air mattress and try to fix them as quickly as possible before your next move.

Monitor the Temperature of where it’s been used

Air Mattresses also lose air through a leaking hole.  These air mattresses are not made from materials that are not susceptible to stretching, rupturing or tearing. Using it regularly greatly increases the chances of it losing air via a leaking hole. Although there are and increase the lifespan.

As stated earlier during cold weather or in cold areas the air mattress loses air quicker than in normal temperature. To reduce air lose use mattresses in areas of the room that are warm or close to a source of heat like the heater or employ a heating agent when using the air mattress outdoor you can use a portable heater close to the air mattress to raise the temperature close to it to help reduce air loss.

Mattresses with Inbuilt Pump

Some mattresses come with inbuilt technology that makes it impossible for it to lose air all through the night. Whenever the pump detects that the mattress has lost some air it silently pumps in some air without you noticing that the mattress is been pumped. 

This is by far the best way to guard your mattress against air loss. Although mattresses that come with this technology are expensive they are far worth the entire amount spent in purchasing them when you look at its advantages. 


The truth remains that all air mattresses lose air and you cannot stop it from losing air but if you follow the steps outlined above you can reduce the rate at which your mattress loses air. It also helps to ensure you take care of your air mattresses.

A long lasting and effective solution to preventing your air mattress from losing air will be to purchase one with inbuilt technology that comes with a pump that automatically pumps in the air when there is an air loss.

Although these mattresses are expensive you would agree that they are worth it as you don’t have to worry about finding yourself flat on the floor when its morning. You can go to bed and the rest assured that the mattress will remain the same when you wake up in the morning.

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