9 Benefits of Swimming: What Makes it a Good Sport


Swimming, without a doubt, is one of the best forms of exercises. It uses all parts of the body, making it a great workout. No wonder, it is considered the fourth most popular activity in the United States.

What exactly will you get from swimming? Keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll list down some of its most notable benefits.

1. Swimming Burns Calories

For most people, the main goal of exercise is to lose weight. That said, if you want to achieve more in a short span of time, swimming is one of the best activities that you should add in your workout routine.

It is believed that one hour of swimming will burn 500 to 750 calories for a 150-pound woman. This, however, will depend on your weight, stroke, and intensity of the swimming session. Regardless, the point is that it will burn mega calories. When complemented with healthy eating habits, this will speed up your weight loss journey.

Even if swimming is a low-impact activity, it will burn a lot of calories. This can be attributed to the fact that you aren’t focusing on a single part since you are using your entire body when you are swimming.

2. Swimming Makes you Flexible

With the different strokes that you have to do when you are swimming, you will love the fact that it can significantly improve your flexibility. You will use your ankles as fins. You will have to push yourself using your feet. Plus, the arms will be twisted and stretched to propel your movement on the water. All of these things will be helpful in making you flexible.

With the range of motion that will be required when you are swimming, it will play a crucial role in the improvement of your flexibility.

If you want to maximize the benefits of swimming for your flexibility, it is recommended you end up every session with stretching exercises.

3. Swimming Strengthens the Muscle

Because swimming requires physical movements, it will be vital as well in improving your muscle definition and strength. No wonder, swimmers have sculpted bodies that are sure to make anyone envious!

In other sports or exercises, you work out only specific parts of the body, and hence, only some portions are defined. For instance, when you are running, it only builds muscles on the legs. Those who lift weights, meanwhile, will only build muscles on the arms. If you swim regularly, it is a different story. Since you are using all the parts of your body, your muscle will develop in your arms, legs, back, and stomach, among others.

4. Swimming Improves Heart Health

The cardiovascular benefits of swimming have been widely studied in the past, and hence, this is a claim that is backed by science. Swimming will help to strengthen the heart muscles. In fact, any form of exercise is good for the heart compared to no exercise at all. But if you want the results to be significant, take the plunge and your heart will be stronger!

As an aerobic exercise, swimming will help in improving the efficiency of the heart, making it capable of supporting the healthy functions of the entire body.

5. Swimming is Sweat-Free

Swimming is Sweat-Free

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A lot of people hate the idea of exercising because it makes them sweat profusely. This is a sticky and gross feeling. If you hate sweat but you would like to get fit, swimming is the solution.

With swimming, you will spend your time on the water, which is known for its cooling effect. This can regulate the temperature of the body, and hence, regardless of how intense your strokes and movements are, you won’t end up being drenched in sweat. As a bonus, you will not have that dreaded body odor!

6. Swimming Reduces Stress

In general, exercise is known for increasing endorphins in your system, making it a great way to relieve stress. Amongst the exercises that you can be engaged in, swimming is one of the best for stress reduction.

According to some experts, swimming will make it possible to get rid of the sensory information that has been a burden for you. It makes you calm and relaxed. In fact, a regular flotation session has been recommended as one of the best approaches when it comes to chronic stress therapy.

7. Swimming is Easy on the Joint

If you are looking for a low-impact exercise, then swimming should be on the top of your list. It is for those who are looking for workout routines that will be easy on the joints but big on the impact on your body.

Even for injured athletes or for individuals who are no longer at the peak of their physical health, swimming can prove to be a promising exercise. It won’t cause too much wear on the different parts of the body. So, you can be engaged in a physical activity without fears that your joints will end up being damaged.

8. Swimming is Good for Mental Health

Now, enough about the physical benefits of swimming. It does not only make your body well-defined and muscular, but it is also good for the mind. People who swim are believed to be happier. In fact, there have also been several studies in the past noting how swimming is one of the best exercises for people who are struggling with anxiety and depression.

There are different ways by which swimming can affect mental health. For most people, this makes them generally happier. This could also be able to help in releasing stress. For some, it is a source of motivation. For others, it is seen as a way of coping with the daily hustle.

9. Swimming Improves your Mood

In line with what has been mentioned above regarding the benefits of swimming for your mental health, it is also effective in improving your mood. As an exercise, it can increase the happy hormones in your body.

To add, when we are not in a good mood, most of us are looking for an outlet to release any frustration that we have. Some people shout to let it out. With this, a good alternative is to go swimming to let go of the negative energy in your body and be in a good mood.

With all of the benefits that have been mentioned above, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to go for a swim and consider making it a regular habit. Whether it is physically or mentally, even emotionally, swimming is an excellent exercise to incorporate in your routine.

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