The Best 5 Tent Brands You Should First Consider Before Any Other (2018)

As much as the idea of camping out is fascinating, it will not be fully enjoyed if you don’t choose the best camping gadgets. The reason is simple: a complete and quality camping gear will prevent you from experiencing any occurrences that will distort your peace and adventure, and one of the key tools of camping is a camping tent. However, it is unwise to just choose this tent, therefore there are basic factors necessary to consider. The determining factor of all these factors is the tent brand. Choosing the best tent brand ensures that you get all quality parts in a single tent. While you enjoy comfortable camping, a good tent will help you prevent any accidents. If you want to know more about importance of tent click here for more.


The Tent Fabric

Tent fabric seems to be the most crucial factor you must consider before going for any tent brand. The tent fabric is the material from which the tent is made and has a very strong effect on the overall function of the tent.

Tents that are made of inferior textile or rather brittle nylon can be distorted even by small wind and this will leave you naked in the cold, especially if it is winter. Another reason why the tent fabric is important is that there are some tent fabrics that water can penetrate easily or rather tear when there is any little tension against them. 

You can see the effect of poor fabric, so before you consider the brand you would go for, you should know and test the integrity of the fabric used to make the tent. You should also check for the material that is used to reinforce the fabric. Some fabrics are multi-layered to prevent the tent fabric against wear. Examining the tent fabric will help you maximize the fun you intend to derive from your camping experience.

Straps and Loops

You don’t want to imagine the consequence of using weak straps and loops to hold your tent poles. Weak straps and loops might result into your tent flying off when a little wind passes through it or the tent fabric loosening from the tent poles and falling apart.

To avoid all the aforementioned, it is necessary to check properly the quality of the straps and loops the brand you intend purchasing employ in constructing the tent. Apart from preventing loose fabrics, good straps make it easy for you place fasten your tent just anywhere you find pleasant. You may also want to consider the hold back straps for windows and doors. Click to below  watch how to guide your tent

Tent Poles

The function of tent poles in the overall spreading of your camping tent is so essential that you cannot neglect it. Tent poles help you hold up your tent fabric so that the tent doesn’t fall flat or fly away in the middle of the night. Tent poles can be made of various materials such as aluminium, carbon or fiberglass, so the choice you make should be dependent on the strength these materials can offer. For instance, aluminium tent poles offer more strength than either carbon or fiberglass.

In addition, aluminum poles are more durable than many other materials used for making the tent poles; however, aluminium tent poles are more expensive and a bit heavier than those of carbon and fiberglass. As much as aluminium offers much strength, it may also be disadvantageous when you are travelling long distance to your camping environment.  Learn to set up a tent pole here

The choice of your tent poles should be considered before you choose a brand, so you get exactly what you need. If you’re a first timer and you’re still thinking if camping is for you, read more about the benefits of camping here.

By now you must have learnt some crucial factors to consider before choosing a tent brand and If it is very important for you to ever consider any tent brand, reading about the following brands might be your first step to acquiring the best.


Before these five tent brands were selected, thorough research was carried out as well as survey from users reviews. To ensure that the list is optimized for better and exquisite information, the outcome of tests carried out on each of these brands are also put into consideration.

Now, you are sure that the brands you are going to be reading about are the best that fit all the criteria you might want to consider before going for a tent brand. You may want to know how to set up a camping tent,


Via Amazon

Via Amazon

It is not for nothing that Coleman company has been in business for over a century. The company is not only great for producing variety of outdoor activities equipment, but also for the quality of their products. If you have been in the world of camping for a while, Coleman product must have passed across your eyes.

There are various styles of tent available from this brand, so you have endless options for exquisite tents. The tent fabric employed by Coleman can withstand rainfall without you getting wet, and also they are very durable and strong and you’re sure that they can withstand bad weather to a very large extent. You may want to consider Coleman sundome, Coleman octagon to mention a few. 


  • Diversity in styles and appearances
  • Weatherproof tent
  • Large range of price
  • Tent big enough to house a family
  • Presence of rainfly
  • Good tent stakes and straps


  • Coleman tent is heavy for a backpacking trip


Via Amazon

Having it in mind to provide for you the best camping gadgets, Eureka has been producing great tents perfect for both wind and rain. Among the recreational kits providers, Eureka has created a large space for itself by maintaining the reputation of good quality products the company is known for. Eureka tents are designed with good fabric, and fiberglass poles and they are also very stylish in appearance. Eureka tent is all in one kind of tent and there are many models available to choose from.  


  • Various models with great styles
  • Fiberglass poles with enough strength
  • Easy to set up
  • Light backpacking


  • Some Eureka tents are small for a family, but it depends on your choice


Via Amazon

Although Big Agnes has not been in the market as long as the likes of Coleman, it has risen to the level of prominence as a result of the quality of their products. If you ever need the best camping tools, Big Agnes is a best bet. In fact, their products are developed in such a way that it befits individuals in the ways that it suits them. Apart from the fact that Big Agnes tents are easy to assemble, they also offer much comfort and space large enough to ensure you enjoy your trip.  You may want to consider Big Agnes Diamond tent; it is a good choice.

  • Big Agnes is light in weight and perfect for long distance
  • Attractive features
  • Comfortable
  • Good tent stakes and straps


  • It doesn’t accommodate as many people as Coleman’s


Via Amazon

The creation of the first aluminium backpack was attributed to Kelty. The use of aluminium makes kelty tents very durable and strong. Although aluminum-made tent seems to be more expensive, the company has ensured that their tent is made as affordable as possible. Kelty also has some excellent sleeping bags, fly vents, firm poles as well as diversification in styles. One of the best tent produced by Kelty is Kelty TN2. It’s worth considering.


  • Quite affordable
  • Good quality
  • Removable rain fly
  • Flying vents and gnats
  • Various models


  • Some of their tents use fiberglass poles, which may not be as strong as those of aluminium


Via Amazon

This company has made it a priority to offer the best camping gear to ensure you derive maximum adventures from your camping experience. Although MSR isn’t as long as Coleman in the industry, its products have been available before Big Agnes.

And yet all of these brands have been at the top for their quality. MSR offers good backpacking and gear tents. Another exquisite feature of this brand that makes it worth every little dime is that the tent can withstand freezing temperatures during the winter and yet work perfectly well during the summer. A good model you might want to consider is MSR Elixir 2-Person Lightweight Backpacking Tent


  • It is lightweight
  • Sturdy tent poles
  • Fabric reinforcement
  • Duality of functions as regards weather


  • MRS uses different poles for different tents, so you should notice that when going for this brand.


Once again the tent brands reviewed here have been carefully selected and it is done in your own interest. An image is attached to each of these brands to help you have a feel of what their tents look like. Having read through the review, you now know about the brands and there are links made available to also learn more about them. I wish you good luck in your choice and fun-filled camping.

  • Updated 10/01/2018
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