The 5 Best Floating Water Mat To Buy In 2018


Taking the plunge on the best floating water mat is a ton of fun. If you haven’t tried it out then you are missing on a lot. Using floating water mats will give you a chance to literally walk on water as you, your family and friends have endless hours of entertainment.

If you are looking to buy the best floating water mat, then you are in the right place. We have everything there is to be known about water mats including a review of 5 of the best products available.

How to Choose the Best Floating Water Mat

  • Outline How You Expect to Use the Mat

The first step is having a clear plan of how you expect to use the mat. Do you want to use it on a lake, ocean, river, or on a water pool? How many people will be using it? What kind of watersports activities would you be getting involved in? Answering these questions gets you the best mat out there.

  • Choose Your Preferred Size

Floating mats are available in small, medium, large to extra-large sizes. A common confusion is mistaking size and weight capacity. These two features are different as a small sized mat can sustain a larger weight than a large mat, depending on the construction.

Choose a size that you can comfortably roll and unroll for transportation as well as storage.

  • Visit A Watersports Store or Do Your Shopping Online

Your shopping convenience is what counts here. Whether you like the convenience of online shopping through the likes of Amazon or going physically to the nearest store and making your purchase, it is you to make the decision.

  • Consider the Product Reviews

Reviews are a great way of learning more about the product you are about to buy. They are mostly done by people who have had first-hand experience in using the product. Factoring in their input helps you make a well-thought-out decision.

  • Give A Thought On the Warranty

Before finally confirming your purchase, consider how favorable the product warranty is to you. A longer warranty gives you inner peace as well as guaranteeing you a higher quality product than a shorter one.

What Are the Advantages of the Best Floating Water Mats?

  • They are Non-Inflatable

Floating water mats do not require any form of inflation to remain afloat on water. They rely on the buoyancy properties of closed cell foam materials used to make them. You, therefore, don’t have to invest in an additional pump. Also, you are saved from the hassle of inflating one.

  • More Durable than Pool Mats

When compared to pool mats, floating water mats are made from a higher quality of materials. They, therefore, last for long despite their high prices.

  • Easy to Transport and Store

Floating water mats have Velcro straps for keeping the rolled mat in place after use. Moreover, they are relatively light which means that you can move them around with ease. Even if you require help, it would be minimal.

Things to Look for When Buying the Best Floating Water Mat

  • Material of Construction

One of the critical aspects of a water mat is the material used to construct it. It is what sets the best floating water mat apart from the rest of the mats. And if that’s not enough, the material of construction is what determines how long your mat will last while in service.

The floating mat you are considering buying must be made from high-quality grade foam materials. There should also be a tough outer membrane to protect it from scratches or accidental tearing.

To maximize on durability, look for an option with an Ultraviolet stabilization layer to shield the inner foam layers from the sun rays. Check for reviews from prior users on how the mat performs when subjected to rigorous use and whether you can have a pet on board.

  • Maximum Weight Capacity

Buy a floating mat based on the size of your family or based on how many people you intend to have on board. The rule of thumbs is always to consider the highest capacity so that you can always accommodate an extra person on board.

But then again, there is no point in buying the largest if you have a 2-4-person family. A quick check on the weight capacity specification should tell you roughly the number of adults accepted.

For large families, consider a 3-ply mat as they are thicker, float better and have higher weight capacities.

  • Mat Stability

How stable a mat is will determine the kind of activities you can perform on it. Some mats are only meant for lying down, while others can be used for more rigorous activities.

Although you will spend extra bucks on a mat that you can run, walk, fun-wrestle (for kids), and jump up and down on, these are always the best.

The Best Floating Water Mat Reviews

1. Rubber Dockie 18x6-Feet Floating Mat

The 18 x 6 feet sized Rubber Dockie floating mat is made from 100% closed cell foam for a non-absorbent water accessory. This type of material also makes the mat resistant to mold and mildew. It can be used in an array of water bodies such as lakes, oceans, and rivers.

Rubber dockies are provided for tethering the mat onto stationary objects such as an anchor, pontoon, and even docks. Weighing about 30 pounds, it can accommodate a total weight of around 1200 pounds. Just be watchful when using it as it tends to tear with ease.


  • Perfect for all ages
  • Slip-resistant surface
  • Easy to anchor with the provided 12’ bungee
  • High visibility
  • Large weight capacity
  • Available in two size options
  • Can take a beating from rigorous usage
  • Dust, mold, mildew resistant
  • Can be used as a launching pad for a kayak


  • Some users find it hard to roll back up
  • Reported to rip apart
  • Orange color fades after a while

2. Big Joe 2050ABW Water Pad

For your aquatic adventures, the Big Joe 2050ABW Water pad is an excellent accessory. It measures 15’ x 6’ and features a cross-linked Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam construction. A sea blue finish with a white splat print completes its impressive looks.

Along its widths are built-in grommets for anchoring the mat onto stationary objects. These grommets double up as holders for cups as you have fun. It weighs 7.3 pounds and can hold up to 4 full grown adults (1000 pounds). However, its buoyancy and durability are not that great at times.


  • Lots of room for relaxing
  • Generous max weight capacity
  • Works great for children
  • Rolls up nicely for transportation
  • Fit for both sea and lakes
  • Built-in grommets cum cup holders
  • Lightweight
  • Small storage space


  • Easily tears
  • Relatively expensive

3. Fedmax Floating Mat

For a higher weight capacity then the Fedmax Floating Mat would be a good idea. Apparently, it holds a total of 1540 pounds which translates to about 10 adults and children. A tether rope is included in the package. Its 3-ply design adds to buoyancy and tear resistance.

2 Velcro straps are availed to you for rolling up the mat either during storage or transportation. The weight is slightly heavy, registering a weight of 32.8 pounds. But if you consider the buoyancy and the increased maximum capacity, then the weight would be forgiven.


  • Excellent buoyancy
  • Resistant to tear
  • Easy to roll and store
  • Increased thickness to 1.3”
  • Tether provided to keep it from drifting away
  • Large enough to prevent cramping up of people
  • Fun for both kids and adults
  • Easy to handle


  • Straps could be longer
  • Not so great visibility
  • Tears cannot be repaired

4. Redneck Convent Jumbo Water Mat

The Redneck Convent Jumbo Water Mat allows for a whole family summer fun as it holds both kids and adults. An 18’ x 6’ size ensures every person on board has adequate space for doing their own activities.  What’s more, a color combination of vibrant yellow and bright orange makes it easy to spot.

12’ long bungee tether keeps it in place for a freestanding floatation. The cross-linked polyethylene foam used to make it is double layered for increased strength. Thickness is 1.25 inches. It needs an extra amount of care. Otherwise, it would sink or develop cracks.


  • Nice, longer storage straps
  • 1,200 pounds’ capacity
  • High visibility color
  • Great resilience
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Large in size
  • Interlocking grommets provides anchoring safety


  • Fades after a while
  • Difficult to roll
  • Flimsy after a while

5. Floating Oasis Lake Pad

The Floating Oasis Lake Pad is made from polyethylene foam to hold up to 1500 pounds of weight when evenly dispersed. 2 Velcro straps ease its storage after rolling up. It measures 15’ long and 6’ wide. That’s plenty of room for a relatively small family.

A proprietary foam lamination technique joins up the 2 foam layers for increased puncture and wear resistance. The polyethylene foam is non-toxic, making it gentle on kids’ skins. A potential drawback to watch out for is the tendency of the ends to curl when in use.


  • Easy to store
  • Can be moved around with ease
  • Holds lots of weight, provided it's well dispersed
  • Feels great to lounge on in water
  • Kids can jump on and off it
  • Sturdy for rigorous water activities on board
  • Stiff enough to hold a decent weight
  • Durable


  • Develops marks
  • Expensive

What's The Best Way to Use the Best Floating Water Mat?

When using the floating water mat, keep it lying in a horizontal position. Additionally, the mat has to be well anchored and tethered so that you don’t drift away with the waves. First of all, flip twist and turn the provided anchor ends. Insert the end without the bungee into the holes along the width.

Then flip the water mat and insert the second cap into the corresponding mooring hole. Make sure the caps click into place. From the hanging bungee, attach the clipped end to a weighted anchor to provide the needed stability.

Controversy Surround the Best Floating Water Mats

There is not much controversy surrounding the use of floating wat mats. Since they are made from non-toxic foam materials, they have little impact on the aquatic life below.

The only probable concern is the disturbance caused by the ongoing activities. However, if you keep it low-key without drugs and alcohol, then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

Prerequisites to Using the Best Floating Water Mat

Everybody is always about fun in the water. While at it, you need to take your safety very seriously. Floating water mat manufacturers may design a no hassle fun water accessory that’s safe, but your good judgment and use of common sense are what enforces that safety. Before using your product, remember to:

  • Wear a lifeguard at all times when having fun or riding on any water mat. Ensure your guard in approved by the relevant authorities in your country.
  • Adapt the activities on the mat to everyone’s skill levels. Some of the key considerations should be age, fitness, competence in swimming, general health, and prior experience using a water mat
  • Constantly refer to your product manual for the provided safety tips and measures. Doing this improves your experience every time you are out and about for a family and friends get together.
  • Always be vigilant of the prevailing weather conditions and boat traffic, and adjust accordingly.
  • Desist from getting intoxicated while on a water mat. Drugs and alcohol increase the chances of accidents happening on the mat.
  • Team up with some people who do not exceed the weight capacity of the mat. Do not swim alone, and when you have kids on board, keep a watchful eye on them.
  • Keep the water mat carefully anchored in deep water, away from lanes used by boats
  • Tether the mat in a completely flat position. Also factor in the direction of potential drift. Avoid tethering behind a watercraft or tow your water mat

How to Maintain the Best Floating Water Mat

  • Use clean, fresh water to remove debris or grime that may be on your mat
  • Your mat is stain proof. But if it develops some stain, use a soft sponge and a mild detergent to remove the stain.
  • Rinse all soap from the mat before you store it
  • After rinsing with fresh water, allow drying before rolling it up for storage
  • Keep sharp and pointed objects from the mat. Any tear and puncture is difficult to repair and may necessitate returning the mat.
  • Minimize sunlight exposure when not on the water. UV treatment may degrade and cause fading of the color finish.

Frequently Answer Question about the Best Floating Water Mat [F.A.Q]

Q: Can I tow my mat behind a boat?

A: While you might do so, manufacturers explicitly state that you shouldn’t attempt to do so. If you can avoid it, then don’t tow your water mat.

Q: Should I mind wind flipping my mat?

A: No, you shouldn’t. I have never seen a mat flipped by wind as long as you keep it well anchored tied.

Q: Can my dog join in the play?

A: Yes. My dog joins us every time we are on the mat. These mats are given a finish that increases the tear-resistant properties of the mat.

Q: Should I let the mat dry first before storing it?

A: I recommended that you let it dry first before storing. However, some products have an anti-mildew and mold finish that allows you to store them without drying first.

Q: How much storage space do these mats take up?

A: Not much. Once rolled into a cylindrical shape and placed in place with the straps, even the largest mats form a nice cylinder that takes minimal storage space.

Tip/Tick When Buying the Best Floating Water Mat

Water mats are often confused for pool mats. Some scrupulous buyers may want to sell you a pool mat at the price of a floating mat. If you find a purported mat at a fairly low price, then don’t rush to buy it.

Do extensive research on the product, including what it is made from. The materials should give you a reflection on its quality.


When buying one, give preference to quality, durability, sizing, weight capacity, and the possibility of attaching a headrest. While using it, be vigilant and use common sense so that you don’t put yourself or your colleagues in danger.

In this review roundup, I think the Rubber Dockie 18x6-Feet Floating Mat is the best floating water mat. It fairs well regarding positive reviews in comparison to the other four products. It also has a matrix within its inner structure to make it tear proof; visibility too is great as well as an outer finish that’s easy to the skin.

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