Top 5 Icredible Inflatable Air Loungers That Will Amaze You (Review and Guide 2018)


Before now, whenever I wanted to relax outdoor, perhaps reading a book or just soaking in the fresh air, it was always a necessity for me to take along a chair.

Obviously, that was not so comforting and soon I’d get tired of sitting and then go back in. But this changed sometimes last year when I eventually got an inflatable air lounger. It was what I had always dreamed of; now, I can stay longer reading books or sometimes at twilight invite my spouse to join me as we play chess.

That’s not all. Inflatable air lounger has a lot more to offer. If you are still stuck in the old method of lounging on a chair, it’s because of you that I’ve decided to write this post because I wish for you the pleasure of lounging on an inflatable air lounger.

Benefit of inflatable air lounger

You may be asking why this inflatable air lounger is very important, these are the reasons

  • It is very comfortable and easy to use.
  • You can pack the lounger and take it along with to you beach, concert, or even just outside of your living room.
  • You can share it with your partner.
  • Inflatable air lounger doesn’t stick to your body and make you feel sweaty.
  • You can take it to the pool and float on it, and also.
  • They don’t require an air pump.

Best Inflatable Air Loungers

Using this lounger there’s no complaint about the painful neck, which is one of the best features of this air lounger. It has a headrest that supports your neck and head. It is larger than most air loungers and provides more comfort than the common canoe shape. Besides this, it is designed to prevent air leakage and it could hold air for an amazing 5 to 6 hours.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • The headrest
  • You only need to whisk it through the air, then it begins to inflate​​​​
  • The weight is about 2.6 pounds; you can see that it’s very easy to carry around
  • Good leakage seal
  • It takes about 6 hours to need another inflation

There’s a video posted by a customer showing his satisfaction with this product.  You can watch it bellow.


Having used an air lounger for more than a year now, I can tell you that Anglink Outdoor Inflatable Lounger Air Lounger is worth every penny you spend purchasing it. I strongly recommend it. To make your decision to purchase the air lounger easier.

This inflatable air lounger is absolutely incredible for lasting more than 8 hours having fully inflated it once. It’s designed to withstand about 500 pounds weight and it has double locking buckle and high strength and thoroughly seamed to make it highly resistant to leakage. In addition to this, I can tell you that this lounger sucks in air very fast and as well easy to use. It’s your best companion on the beach, at camp, for leisure, anywhere.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It’s quite easy to fill with air
  • There’s a unique neck pillow design that prevents neck ache
  • It can support three people even if each person weighs 75kg
  • Perfect seal against leakage
  • Once inflated, you can use it for more than 8hours straight without the need to inflate it again.

I’ve also decided to help you with a video that will instigate you


If I were to make any choice of inflatable air lounger, I wouldn’t think twice before going for this. It’s perfectly made to fit all occasions. Ready to take action

The first time I saw someone lying on this air lounger, the first thing I said was this: what a beautiful air lounger! I then proceeded to research about the product to see if it’s not only beautiful but also have excellent features.

One of the fastest lounger to inflate is this. There are no liners inside and it has a single opening for air intake. It’s so lightweight that you can easily transport it. Mind you, it supports up to 440 pounds. In short, it is a perfect work of art for its incredible pattern and beautiful design.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It’s far too easy to inflate
  • It has a huge support force
  • It’s perfect for both dry land and water
  • Good against leakage
  • It’s big enough for you to play on with your kids


If you want a big size inflatable air lounger that doesn’t compromise all those brilliant features, I have carefully selected Chillbo because of you. So what are you waiting for

You want to hang out with friends and grab some drinks? With the premium design of Madhat Inflatable Air Lounger, you can do that, and it’s possible on any terrain, be it gravel, sand pool, or anywhere.

Or rather you can lay lazily lounging on it while you gaze at the sky. It is very convenient to use. It’s a very safe lounger. There are side pockets where you can keep your phones or tablets.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • Perfect for travelers and lovers of adventure like campers
  • It can be used anywhere
  • It’s perfect for both dry land and water
  • Good against leakage
  • It has high customers’ satisfaction

I’ve also included a video to illustrate the point


I strongly recommend this product and you should check out those links to see how the product is being used and what users are saying about it, and then do the needful. The purchase link is made available to you

This inflatable air lounger is an added product to this list because it’s an air lounge that I use and I can testify to the quality of the lounger.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • I am a witness to the quality of the product
  • It has two LED lights, 3 pockets and a bottle opener for beer
  • It’s waterproofed
  • It’s very comfortable
  • It takes me 2 swoops in air to inflate it

You can also watch the video here: it shows to inflate it and how to use watch here.


I recommend this product because I have the first-hand experience of its performance. I have found it very comfortable to use. It has good quality and the LED lights make it more attractive and environmentally friendly. I easily keep my stuffs inside the pocket when I’m out. In addition to this, I’ve found this air lounger where easy to inflate, use and keep.

If you want to benefit from this air lounger just as I have done, you can go ahead to purchase it here.


As a lover of adventure and outdoor activities, I have found an inflatable air lounger really helpful whenever I’m out at the beach, camping, or even with a couple of friends and I know there are people like me out there who also take pleasure in doing similar things. It’s this that motivated me to write this post. I’ve researched deeply to come up with the air loungers above and as you purchase, I hope you find the joy in one as I do.

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