Best Swim Caps: 2019 Top Picks and Buying Guide


Whether you are a recreational or competitive swimmer, a swim cap is one of the must-haves in your gears!

With the best swim caps, you can easily keep your hair out of your face and eyes, making it easy to swim. It also prevents your hair from getting into the pool. At the same time, it protects from the harmful effects of chlorine.

Thinking of what swim cap to buy? Keep on reading and we’ll let you know some of our recommendations.

Our Top Picks for the Best Swim Caps

If you are clueless about what to buy, we’re here to extend a helping hand. Below are the top products that should be on your radar.

1. Wigoo Long Hair Swim Cap 2-Pack

Wigoo Long Hair Swim Cap 2 Pack, 2019 Thicker Design, Waterproof Silicone Swimming Cap for Adult Woman and Men(Blue+Pink)

Value for money – this is one of the best things that you can expect from this swim cap.

While it is affordable, this does not mean that the quality is cheap.

It is made of 100% odorless and non-toxic silicone. This material is also waterproof and quick-drying.

In terms of fit, it is non-slip and tight. This is unlike others that can easily get off your head when your movements become more intense.

The elastic material of the swim cap is also a good thing. It is easy to stretch. This also makes it effortless to put on.

Compared to most of its competitors within the same price point, it is thicker and heavier by as much as 20 grams. This lessens the burden of water impact on the part of the user.

The ergonomic design of the ear pockets is also notable. It completely covers the ear to get water out without exerting too much pressure.

However, some users complained about how the material does not handle stress. It can rip easily when subjected to too much pressure.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Made of a thicker material than most of its competitors
  • Comes with ergonomic ear pockets


  • Might easily rip under pressure
  • Can be smaller than the stated size


This affordable swim cap is made of 100% quick-drying, waterproof, and elastic silicone. It is fashionable and ergonomic, making sure of your highest level of comfort when wearing the swim cap.

2. Arteesol Swimming Cap

arteesol Swimming Cap, Silicone Swim Cap for Women Men, Durable Non-Slip Waterproof Swim Cap Protect Ears, Long Hair for Adults, Older Kids, Boys and Girls

This is another swim cap that can prove to be an exceptional choice for budget-conscious buyers.

Like most of the high-quality swim caps you will find in the market, it is made of 100% highly flexible silicone.

The silicone used in the swim cap is non-toxic and skin-friendly. Even if you have sensitive skin, there’s no need to worry that it will irritate.

There are some people, however, who noted that the silicone can be quite hard to stretch. This might make it difficult to wear.

One of the notable features of this product is the 3D ear pocket. It has a deep slot that follows the shape of the ear and helps to keep the water out. However, some people complained about how water can still easily get in.

For your peace of mind, this swim cap is covered by a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. Even better, if you are unhappy with the first 45 days of its use, just let them know. They will issue an unconditional refund.


  • Made of a highly-elastic material
  • Durable construction
  • Affordable


  • Poor ability to prevent hair from being wet
  • Hard to put on


This affordable swim cap uses 100% skin-friendly silicone. It also comes with a 45-day money-back guarantee for unhappy buyers.

3. Speedo Silicone Long Hair Swim Cap

Speedo Silicone Long Hair Swim Cap

One thing that makes this swim cap different is how it is designed specifically for people who have long hair.

It has an easy on and easy off design. It does not snag on the hair, so it is easy to pull off after a swimming session.

If you are allergic to latex, you have another good reason to choose this swim cap. It has a latex-free construction.

The silicone that is used in this swim cap received words of praises from its users. You can expect it to withstand the test of time.

It is designed with an extra space at the back. This allows you to tuck your hair while making sure that the fit is not compromised.

Lastly, with the tight fit, it secures the head while you swim. This is effective in the reduction of drag.


  • Suitable for people with long hair
  • Delivers a snag-free fit
  • Lightweight


  • Durability can be an issue
  • Size runs a bit smaller than stated


The brand name itself can already make you confident about this swim cap. It is designed to be easy to put on and off as it has a snag-free design. It also has ample space at the back since it is designed specifically for swimmers with long hair.

4. Penobon Kids Swim Cap 2-pack

Kids Swim Cap 2 Pack, Fun Silicone Swim Caps for Boys and Girls, Fit for Children 3-12

If you are looking for the best swim caps for kids, do not miss this option from Penobon.

It is sure to turn heads with its color and design. It has protruding fins and whimsical facial expressions. For sure, kids will love wearing these swim caps!

It combines both form and function. More than just being beautiful, we also love how it comes with a non-slip design. Inside the cap, there are grooves. This allows the cap to secure its fit, unlike others that easily slide even with the slightest movements.

As for its construction, it uses stretchable silicone as the main material. It is soft and comfortable.

The eye-catching look of the swim cap is not only for aesthetic purposes. This also improves visibility. This means that you can easily see your child when swimming.

Lastly, the manufacturer is offering a two-year warranty. Plus, you can return it and expect a refund within 45 days if you are unhappy in any way with its quality.


  • Comes in bright colors and adorable designs
  • Provides excellent visibility
  • Comfortable


  • May run small than stated size
  • Fit can be too tight


Kids will surely love the colorful and whimsical design of these swim caps. They are made of premium stretchable silicone.

5. AqtivAqua Spandex Swim Cap

AqtivAqua Spandex Swim Cap with Protective Layer + Tube Carry Case // Swimming Caps for Adult Men Women

This is different from the products mentioned above in terms of its construction.

While most of the swim caps are made of silicone, this product is spandex. The manufacturer claims that it is lighter and softer. This makes it easier to wear and take off without worrying that your hair will snag.

Aside from the commendable material, it also has strong stitches. This provides the reinforcement necessary to make it last through the years.

The ear pockets are built to hold earbuds in place. This means that you can listen to music even while you are in the water!


  • Provides superior fit and comfort
  • Effectively reduces drag
  • Can hold earbuds in place


  • Way too small for adult heads
  • Can stink


Wrapping up our list is a swim cap made of spandex. It is a lightweight, quick-drying, and durable material. It is also designed to keep earbuds secure while you are in the water.

How to Choose the Best Swim Cap

The options are overwhelming. Nonetheless, this does not mean that you can choose just any swim cap.

From comfort to durability, there are several factors you need to consider.

Below are some factors that will make it easier to narrow down the possibilities.


This is one of the first and most important considerations. It affects the durability of the swim cap, as well as the comfort that it can provide to the user.


Most of the products mentioned in our recommendations are made of silicone. It is ideal if you are into open water swimming. This is also recommended for people with long hair.

This material is known for offering optimal protection against chemicals in pool water. It is also easy to put on and off. Silicone is also snag-free.

One problem, however, is that it might easily slip off your head. It is also quite more expensive compared to latex.


This is the most affordable of all the materials used in swim caps. It is ideal for swimming training and lap practice.

One of the best things about latex is its exceptional hydrodynamic properties. This is effective in maximizing your training.

Latex, however, is thin, this makes it easily prone to wear. This isn’t exactly the best option if you are after durability.

Another common problem with latex is that it can trigger an allergic reaction. It is best to avoid latex swim caps if you have sensitive skin.


If you are looking for the most comfortable swim cap, Lycra is the way to go. It is designed for water aerobics and water exercise.

Aside from being the most comfortable, it also has the reputation of being the most durable. After years of use, you can expect it to retain its mint condition.

While it is durable, however, the problem is that this material tends to lose its elasticity quicker compared to other materials.


Neoprene is the same material that is used in wetsuits worn by divers. It is thicker compared to the materials mentioned above.

This is an excellent choice if you are swimming in cold water. The thickness of the material provides insulation to the head. This helps to keep you warm as you swim.

Size and Shape

In most cases, swim caps are available in a single size. It is made of a stretchable material, so it can fit most head sizes and shapes.

Swim caps are often available in three sizes. A small swim cap will fit a head circumference of 20.5 to 21 5/8 inches. On the other hand, the medium is for 22 to 22 3/8 inches. Lastly, large swim caps are for 22 ¾ to 23 1/8 inches.

Intended Use

To help you narrow down the options for the best swim caps, you also have to consider where you will use it. As noted above, this will have an impact on the material that you should pick.

For hardcore or competitive swimmers, the most advanced swim caps are recommended for the reduction of drag. They should also have a snug fit so that they stay in place regardless of the movement.

If you are just swimming casually or recreationally, on the other hand, you are good with cheap materials, such as latex. It does the job most of the time.

It is also crucial to consider the temperature of the water where you will be swimming. For warmer temperatures, a thin cap is advisable to keep you cool. In colder temperatures, choose thicker materials for warmth.

Ease of Use

For the swim cap to be easy to use, it should be effortless to put on and off. This is possible if it is made of a material that is easy to stretch.

It is also important for the swim cap to be snag-free. It can be frustrating to pull it off along with your hair after every swimming session!

Care and Maintenance

Pay attention to the care and maintenance of the swim cap. It should require minimal effort on your end, making it easy to keep it in its best shape through the years.

After every use, you should rinse the swim cap using tap water. Let it dry. Once the cap is dry, add a baby or talcum powder. This will help in the absorption of excess moisture.

Once cleaned, store the swim cap in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from any sources of direct heat. If possible, keep it in a bag to protect against dirt and dust.

Final Verdict

From the five options mentioned above for the best swim caps, which one should you buy?

If you’ll ask us, we’d say that the best choice is the Wigoo Long Hair Swim Cap 2-pack. More than being affordable, it is made of 100% silicone, has ergonomic ear pockets, and thicker than most of its competitors.

Is there any other swim cap that you would like to add to our list? Feel free to write a comment below.

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