Best Swimming Goggles: 2019 Top Picks and Buying Guide


When it comes to the must-have swimming gears, one of the most important is swimming goggles. Especially when you are training, this is crucial to keep your eyes wide open as you cruise under the water, making sure that your eyes won’t get irritated. Whether you are doing your laps in an indoor pool or open water, you will benefit from wearing goggles.

With too many options for the best swimming goggles, which one should you buy? To make it easier to reach the right decision, read on and learn from the insights we’ll share.

Benefits of Wearing Swimming Goggles

To start with, let us briefly look at the compelling reasons to use swimming goggles:

  • Eye Protection: The most important reason to wear goggles when swimming is to protect the eyes from elements that can cause irritation, including chlorine and bacteria. In swimming pools, chemicals used for cleaning can irritate the eyes. The same thing is true when it comes to saltwater and bacteria.
  • See Underwater: Being able to open your eyes when swimming can be beneficial in more ways than one. It helps you to see if there are other people. If you are in the ocean, you can see colorful marine life as you keep your eyes open when you are swimming.
  • Wear Contact Lenses: Speaking of being able to see under the water, swimming goggles are also important so that you can wear your contact lenses without worrying that they will pop out of your eyes as you swim.
  • Improve Performance: When your eyes are free from irritation and when you are comfortable, you will be able to swim better. This makes you more efficient and helps improve your overall performance on the water.

Our Top Picks for the Best Swimming Goggles

Let’s dig in and look at the top-rated goggles that are available on the market. To convince you that they are exceptional, we’ll also talk about their notable features.

1. Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggles

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Swim Goggles, Panoramic, Anti-Glare, Anti-Fog with UV Protection

The brand name itself has already enough reason for you to buy this product. It is from a reputable company, so you can be confident about its overall quality.

Among others, the inner eye fit is one thing that we love the most about this product. It has a snug fit, making sure that it stays comfortably in place regardless of how intensely you move. Even if the gasket sits securely, there are still some users who noted that water can easily get in.

Many of its users also express words of praises when it comes to the anti-fog coating. It prevents water from condensing into small droplets, making sure that you will have clear vision throughout the time you are wearing the goggles.

Aside from the anti-fog coating, you will also love the UV protection it provides. It blocks both UVA and UVB rays while protecting your eyes from chlorine and other irritants possibly present.

The customized fit is also incredible, which is possible because it comes with nosepieces that are available in four sizes.

Lastly, the swim goggles are also notable in terms of its overall construction. You will love how it is made using shatter-free materials in its lenses, assuring that it will last through the years.


  • High-quality silicone strap
  • Effectively reduces glare
  • Provides customized fit


  • Can be prone to leaks
  • Nose bridge can be better

2. MP Michael Phelps XCEED Swimming Goggles

MP Michael Phelps XCEED Swimming Goggles

If you are an avid swimmer, you will most probably know who Michael Phelps is. His popularity is already a good reason to include this product on your list.

Looking at the features, one thing that makes it stand out is the patented design of the curved lens. It fits comfortably on the curves of your face to ensure your comfort. This also allows it to create a tight seal, which prevents water from getting into your eyes.

Exo-Core technology is another reason why this is a favorite of many people. It combines two materials that will make it hard to rival when it comes to durability.

We also love the expanded field of vision, making it possible to have a wider view. It makes it easy to see walls and other swimmers while keeping the head in a steady position.

The low-profile strap is also great, which makes the placement on the face comfortable. The straps are made of silicone, which will be soft on the skin. Some people, however, note that the material would have been better if it is more durable.


  • Exceptional lens
  • Ergonomic design
  • Creates a water-tight seal


  • Strap can be more durable
  • Nosepiece is prone to popping out

3. Arena Cobra Ultra Mirror Swim Goggles

arena Cobra Ultra Mirror Swim Goggles

Hydrodynamic perfection – this is one thing that you can expect from this product. It has low-profile lenses that are made of polycarbonate. It sits comfortably and securely on your face, even if you move fast on the water.

Among others, one of the best features that you can expect in this product is the anti-fog technology, which is one of the most advanced in the market. The Swipe Anti-Fog Technology reactivates the coating on the lens with just a swipe of a finger, making it clear in no time. This anti-fog reactivation makes the goggles hard to match.

It is also worth noting the lens have a curved shape. This allows the peripheral and frontal vision to be better. It provides users with a better field of view.

The goggles also have RFA back clip. This makes it easy to secure its position on your head, minimizing the likelihood that it will go up or down as you swim.

As a bonus, every purchase comes with five nosepieces that are interchangeable depending on the size that suits the user best.


  • High-quality polycarbonate lens
  • Has expanded field of view
  • Secure fit


  • Can be small for some users
  • Strap can easily break

4. TYR Socket Rockets 2.0 Racing Metalized Goggle

TYR Socket Rockets 2.0 Racing Metallized Goggle

This is one of the most affordable options for the best swimming goggles. Despite being economical, you can be confident that it does not compromise its quality.

It is considered as one of the most elite racing goggles in the market, so this makes a great choice for competitive swimmers.

The lens construction is one of the best things about this product. It is made of polycarbonate. It also provides UVA and UVB protection to keep the harmful rays of the sun out of your eyes.

The manufacturer claims that it comes with the innovative LGLM2 anti-leak thermoplastic gasket. However, there are still many users who reveal that the fit is not as tight as how they wish it would be. An easy solution to this is to manually adjust the strap depending on the fit that you find most comfortable.

This is not just for swimming. This is also great for snorkeling. The clear lenses will make sure that you will be able to see the underwater beauty as you snorkel.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Good for competitive swimming


  • Easily prone to leaking
  • May not fit accurately

5. Malmsten Swedish Goggles Metallic

Malmsten Swedish Goggles Metallic

The manufacturer claims that this is the world’s most copied swimming goggles, which is a testament to its exceptional quality. Because it is impressive, there are a lot of knockoffs. Be careful when you are buying to avoid wasting money on a copycat.

Since the introduction of the goggles in 1975, it became the favorite of elite swimmers. It is designed by a successful swim coach who knows exactly how swimming goggles should be.

Looking at the features, one thing worth praising is the UVA and UVB protection. It is effective in blocking the harmful rays of the sun. This also prevents glare while you are swimming, assuring your comfort.

When you receive the goggles, they are unassembled. Before you complain, this is a good thing. This means that you will put the pieces together and easily customize the fit based on the size and shape of your face, as well as what you find to be most comfortable.


  • Comfortable
  • Effectively blocks sun rays
  • Used even by international champions


  • Can be a bit dark
  • Anti-fog coating can be better

How to Choose the Best Swim Goggles

In this section, we’ll let you know the most important considerations to easily narrow down the possibilities and make the right decision on what to purchase.


The first thing to keep in mind is the fact that not all swimming goggles are the same. They are available in different types, including those we’ll briefly discuss below:

  • Racing: They are known for having smaller eye gaskets. It has a unique design that minimizes water drag. Because it is primarily used for racing competitions, it has a secure fit to keep it in its position after every turn.
  • Training: These are the goggles that are used for training or leisure swimming. They are designed to deliver the highest level of comfort.
  • Mask: They are bigger than the traditional goggles and cover a larger part of the face.
  • Prescription: They are special because they come with prescription lenses to let you see clearly even on the water.


It is one of the most important parts of the goggles, making it another crucial consideration in your search for the best.

  • Mirrored Lenses: It is known for offering glare protection while effectively reducing brightness. It is great when you are swimming outdoors, especially when it is sunny.
  • Polarized Lenses: This is also great if you need glare protection, which makes it a popular choice in sunny environments.
  • Photochromatic Lenses: They work as if they have a mind of their own, making it possible to adjust automatically based on the light conditions. It becomes darker when it is bright and brighter when it is dark.
  • Clear Lenses: If you are swimming indoors or when it is cloudy outdoors, this makes a good choice for your goggles. When it is sunny, it does not protect the eyes from glare, which will make you uncomfortable.

Aside from the type, another important consideration when it comes to lenses is the anti-fog coating. This is important to offer clarity of vision to the wearer. Some manufacturers have an innovative technology that removes fog with a simple swipe.


It is important to make sure that you are comfortable with the swimming goggles that you will choose. To do this, it is crucial that you choose the right fit. See to it that it is not too fit or too loose. Most models will allow you to adjust the fit to customize the comfort. If the fit is not secure, water can penetrate and this affects your concentration as you swim.

The materials used in the straps will also have an impact on your comfort. They should be smooth and should not cause friction when you are moving.


From the straps to the lens, it is also critical to look at the materials that are used to make sure that they are comfortable. Silicone and rubber are common materials for the strap. Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is a popular material for the lenses.

For the material that is used in the lens, it is important to have a UV coating, which protects the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. These rays may be invisible, but they can be a significant risk in the long-term, so it is important to protect your eyes.


In sum, the best swimming goggles are important to improve your vision while you are on the water while assuring your highest level of comfort. It prevents eye irritation and improves your overall performance. To enjoy these benefits, however, make sure that you pick the right one. Pay attention to our recommendations above as you search the best swimming goggles.

Do you use goggles when you are swimming? How was your experience? Is there any other product that you would like to recommend? Let us know by leaving comments below.

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