Best 7 Tent Stakes Perfect For Every Surface (Review and Buying Guide 2018)


One tool that helps your tent withstand strong wind or any other bad weather is the tent stakes. Tent stakes help to secure your tent. That’s why you’ll need a very good one and this tent stake should be light in weight, strong enough to withstand bad weather, durable to function for a long time, and while you consider the flexibility of use, they must easily penetrate the ground.

A good tent stake should give you the leverage to dive it into the ground using your hand and in some cases where the ground is hard, by using a hammer you should be able to drive the stake into the ground easily. There are different types of tent stakes and they serve various purposes. Some stakes are aluminum, some are ultra-light, some are for snow, some for sand while some others are for hard ground. On whatever surface you intend to pin your tent, the tent stakes that will be reviewed here will definitely offer your needs.

These are the best tent stakes that are perfect for use either on hard ground, sand, beach sand, gravel, rocky ground, sandy soil, soft ground, snow, rocky soil :

This tent stake is perfect for anchoring tents, tightening and securing the tent against any weather condition. The rods are galvanized so that the stake will not corrode and are also heavy duty 4mm diameter. However, each of the stakes doesn’t weigh more than 1 ounce but yet the pegs are unbreakable. They are 9 inches long and a non-slip 1 inch rope for fastening.

Apart from camping purposes this tent stake can be used for garden nettings, tarps and protecting flowers or vegetables. So if you need a multifunctional tent stake that can also be used as a fence equipment for your chicken coop, this galvanized steel tent pegs is just fine.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It is very strong and durable
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • It has multifunctional purposes
  • The pegs are quite unbreakable
  • Suitable for soft ground

For this tent stake to be a top best selling stake, you should know that there’s something unique about it. Not only is this tent stake corrosion resistant, it will hold your tent strong against various bad conditions like heavy winds, in sand, grass and even on rocky soil. It’s also very good for sporting events, canopies or for a picnic with friends, in short whenever you need to secure any covering overhead, this tent stake will work perfectly.

Featuring milled points as well as large heads for good hammering, the stake can easily be driven into hard soil. There’s a PVC stopper for an effectiveness fastening.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It is very strong against all kinds of terrain
  • It can be used for some other outdoor events like sport
  • It has features for easy driving into hard soil

Made of forged steel with sharp point, the slim design of this tent stake allows you to easily drive the stake into the ground. And if you want to loop the tie down the plastic top portion allows you to do that. The tent stake is of 8mm diameter and 10 inches in length.

Being like metal spike nails, you can drive the stake into almost anything and they can be removed easily as well.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It is designed for easy driving and removal
  • It can be used on almost all terrains: hard ground, sand, beach sand, gravel, rocky ground, sandy soil, soft ground, snow and rocky soil
  • The steel is very strong and durable

Explomo is truly a special tent stake which is designed as a multi-functional use tools, long and large enough for nailing large tent, big canopies and they provide maximum security for the tent. The head is optimally designed with hook and hole and cannot be hammered out of shape.

Made of forged steel and heavy duty material, this tent stake will remain in perfect condition even after a long period of use and cannot be affected by rust. This tent stake has features that have made it gather perfect rating from users.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It can be used for multi-purpose and hold large tent ,tarps and canopies
  • It is very strong and durable

If you need an unbreakable and inflexible tent stakes, I’ve made this BareFour available for that. This tent stake is so strong that you can hammer it into rocky ground with less effort because of the toughness of its tip. More so, the head is made flat and big to reduce the amount of slipping that can be experienced.

Featuring a hole on the hook you can easily pull out this stake. The stake is of 12 inches length and 0.4 inches diameter and made of high-quality forged steel, which ensures that the stake doesn’t snap or bend. The hook also prevents the stake from entering too deep so that the overall use of the stake will be with ease.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • There is no snapping and bending of the stake
  • It is designed for easy use
  • It can be penetrated into rocky surface, hard ground and gravel

One unique and enticing feature of this tent stake is its ability to glow some hours after dark. This is made possible by the phosphorescent resin heads which also have a hook and hole and for tying it down. This HTS is made of galvanized stainless steel to prevent rust from eating it.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It adds it own brightness to the tent and highly corrosion resistant
  • It can be used on both rocky or soft soil, sand, and soft ground

If there is one tent stake that is designed with extremely high quality materials, it will be this. Using Kungix Tent Stakes 7" Aluminum Alloy this stake has a very high tensile strength so that there won’t be any fear of the stake being broken. Apart from this strength the tent stake is ultra-light making it a good stake to carry around without burden. It can easily be penetrated into the soil and will stand firmly in the ground regardless of the weather condition.

Why I choose this product for you:
  • It is very strong and firm in the ground
  • It can withstand any weather condition
  • It is made of highly durable material
  • It is easy to fasten and loosen


Tent stakes are essential part of camping equipment because they help secure your tent and offer resistance to bad weather such as strong winds. So it is important to select the tent stakes you will use to secure your tent and I’ve done well to help  research the best tent stakes that are perfect for you whether on a rocky ground or soft one.

The tent stakes reviewed here offer maximum benefit and this has been proven by the ratings they have gathered from users’ experience. You can also find out the little shortcomings these stakes have. However, I hope that this article has provided you with enough information and has made it easy for you make decision. Go for the best!

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