Top 5 Best Winter Boat Cover To Buy In 2018 [New Data]


During winter, boat owners face a dilemma on how to keep their prized assets safe from the harsh weather elements. Storing them indoors is normally not an option at times and leaving them outdoors will allow snow and ice to definitely damage them. Should you then go for a custom-fitted boat cover? These are also too expensive at times.

So what is the solution? Winter boat covers are an ideal protective cover over boats that help to keep them dry in wet storage conditions. These covers come in a variety of sizes and additional features such as buckle straps. They help create a custom fit shield around your boat.

With the best boat covers, you can be sure to keep your boat from UV light to inclement weather and even wildlife.  Finding the perfect match for your need is the only challenge you will face. Fortunately, we have prepared a buyer’s guide to take you through the buying process, including a review of some of the best ones around.

The Best Winter Boat Covers Reviews

1. MSC Heavy Duty Boat Cover

The MSC Heavy Duty Boat cover is one of the best winter boat covers currently available. It is made in such a way that your boat is kept safe from moisture when stored, during travels or when mooring. All these are probably the ways in which you would want the boat protected.

Made from a heavy-duty Marine-Grade Polyester canvas, this winter boat cover is ideal for V-Hull, Runabout, and a Tri-Hull types of boats. One of its great features is the waterproof ability. It makes it resistant to both mildew and UV light for a long-term storage capability.

Waterproofing is reinforced by a double layer of Polyurethane coating. It is a design that comes in handy during extreme winter weather conditions. This material does not stretch or shrink during the course of its use. Your boat, therefore, gets the same level of protection at all times.

On the bottom hem are elastic cords sewn in for a custom, tight fit. Alongside the elastic cords are adjustable straps together with quick release buckles. These all work to ensure moisture does not sieve through the cover into the boat.


  • Available in six different colors
  • Less bulky for easy handling
  • Fitting a one-man job
  • Superb fit
  • Its storage bag provided
  • Sizing chart provided
  • Easy to clean


  • Seams leak at times
  • Has no ventilation vents
  • Stains seat after a while

2. AmazonBasics Boat Cover

The AmazonBasics Boat Cover is another option for covering your boat either during trailering or when stored in winter. For runabouts and bass boats measuring about 16-18.5 feet long and 98 inches wide, then this cover is an ideal choice.

The winter boat cover is made from 100% polyester. Such a construction is great for exceptional durability since it neither shrinks nor stretches. Moreover, it creates a secure, long-lasting fit all around the boat once you have covered it in place.

It is only available in a sleek light grey color that greatly matches with most boats. Since it weighs 10 pounds, the cover is lightweight enough to be put up and taken down by a single operator. Washing it is a breeze too. Dirt washes off easily when cleaned with warm water.

Most users attest to its exceptional quality, especially the relatively thick construction. Apart from durability, the thickness makes it wrinkle less than other products. There are also the well-placed air vents for a well ventilated stored boat. Its high-quality straps appeal to most users too.


  • Well ventilated with air vents
  • High-quality straps
  • Wrinkles less
  • Thick material for durability
  • Nice snug fit around boats
  • Great UV protection
  • Excellent value for the price


  • Black straps are prominent on the grey cover
  • Fits limited types of boats

3. Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Boat Cover

Made of polyester, the Classic Accessories StormPro is one of the top picks for protecting bass boats from heavy storms. This winter boat cover comes with an extra support pole so that you can securely anchor the cover onto the boat. It is ideal for heavy snow conditions.

The cover, together with its accessories is all “marine grade” for an assured protective layer. Just like the rest of the covers, this one too neither shrinks nor stretches. It features an extra coating on the surface to provide protection from mildew, UV, water, and an all-weather protection.

At the rear of the cover are dual air vents complete with stiffeners. These vents allow for wind and internal moisture to escape from inside the cover hence helping to preserve the inner parts. Additionally, support pole helps prevent water from pooling on the surface of the boat.

In case you need to trailer the boat, there are elastic cords for a tight fit. These cords also have buckles integrated onto them for easy fitting. They quickly snap in and release in the process of loading and unloading the boat.


  • A support pole provided to prevent water pooling
  • Great elastic straps with quick release buckles
  • Great warranty
  • Large enough to accommodate boat accessories
  • Elastic hem gives it an excellent fit
  • Durable material used
  • Quite affordable


  • Looks cheaply made
  • It’s quite small
  • Fasteners tend to break easily

4. KAKIT Waterproof 600D Polyester Boat Cover

KAKIT waterproof winter boat cover is made from 600D Polyester, making it great for boats such as V-Hull and a Tri-Hull Runabout. For outdoor storage, the cover features straps, buckles, and an elastic hem to keep it in place, preventing it from being blown away by the heavy wind.

Double stiches on the seams are great at making the cover rainproof in any type of condition. This reinforced 600D Polyester fabric it is made from offers added protection from mildew and heavy wind. When used outside, you can use the support pole to prevent water or debris from pooling on the cover.

Mildew prevent in this cover is facilitated by the inclusion of a moisture guard system of vents. These vents allow for the flow of moisture under the cover. Consequently, moisture does not build up and reduce the product life of your boat and the boat cover to some extent.

Overall, this product functions just as intended, and can be used during transportation of the boat. Users say it fits great to a boat, it is provided with enough straps to keep it from being blown by the wind and can withstand heavy rains. However, the height of the support pole is the only negative issue with this boat cover.


  • Excellent snug fit
  • Versatile for trailering too
  • Well ventilated
  • Can withstand heavy downpours and snow
  • Great quality
  • Provided with plenty of strap ribbons
  • Fits a large number of boats


  • Support pole kind of short
  • Quite pricey
  • Only two size varieties available

5. Leader Accessories 600D Polyester Boat Cover

If you own boat models measuring about 14 to 16 feet in length and up to 68 inches wide, then the Leader Accessories boat cover is a great option for you. However, this is only for model A- types of boats. There are other covers for models B (14’-16’L, 90” wide) and E (20’-22’L, 100” wide).

Whether it’s a Fishing Ski, V-Hull, pro-style bass or a Tri-Hull boat, then this cover should decently fit over it if it matches the provided dimensions. The cover itself is made from 600D polyester and availed in five different colors (grey, black, burgundy, navy blue, and olive) to match your style.

The 7.25 ounces heavy-duty and marine grade type of polyester fabric is coated with urethane. These winter boat covers are then given a treatment for resistance against UV light, mildew, and to repel water. The coating is then reinforced by double stitched seams to keep out any traces of water.

During long hauls, the 1-inch long poly web straps fitted onto the top seam can be used. These straps work together with elastic cords for a tighter fit around your boat when in transit. When it gets too moist inside, rear vents channel these outside for safer storage. An extra web storage bag is included with this product.


  • Storage bag provided for convenience
  • Support pole prolongs the cover lifespan
  • Easy to find a fitting one
  • Easy to spot clean without detergents
  • 3-year warranty sounds great
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Protects from dust and insects too


  • Requires washing before use
  • Runs small at times
  • Does not cover the motor

How to Choose the Best Winter Boat Covers

  • Ventilation is Key

While covering your boat is meant to prevent external elements, sometimes it is the internal ones that may do more damage. Therefore, ensure that your boat cover permits adequate air movements inside when covered.

Look for one with air vents that are ready to circulate fresh air and eliminate moist air from the boat cabin. It is the best way of preventing mildew buildup that degrades the boat’s internal compartments.

  • Material Properties of the Boat Cover

A boat cover needs not to only protect the boat from moisture but must go the extra mile in ensuring overall protection. The first property should, therefore, be waterproofing. The cover needs to prevent water from getting in. Then, it should be heavy enough to resist windy conditions, but still easy to put on.

Moreover, it has to be mildew resistant, easy to clean, protective from insects, and resistant to Ultra Violet light. All these properties work to ensure minimal damage is done to your boat while you store it during winter.

  • Size of the Boat Cover

The overall level of protection a boat cover provides is dependent on how nicely/snugly it fits around the boat. Too loose, and wind will definitely blow it away. Too tight and fitting it might be a challenge.

To alleviate this, carefully consider the dimensions of your boat (length and beam width) and check to ensure it is exact. If the dimensions of the boat are at the boundaries, then consider sizing it upwards for the right fit.

  • Accessories are Always Great

Having more, high-quality additional features alongside the boat cover are an added advantage to use. However, the more the features a product has, the more you will have to spend on it. For boat covers, look for one with a storage bag and extra straps.

In addition, a supporting pole is an important one if you don’t want water to pool over the cover when it rains. The collected water might ruin the repellency and UV protection properties with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know the right winter boat cover size?

A: Most manufacturers nowadays provide a sizing chart for your specific bought. You just have to know the dimensions of your boat, and then you select the one that matches it from the chart.

Q: Is it advisable to size up or down?

A: The simple answer is “it depends.” Some models require sizing up if the boat dimensions are on the limit boundaries. There are also other models that run too large and require sizing down so as to fit your boat. Check first what the manufacturer says about sizing their cover.

Q: Are the covers washable?

A: Yes, they are. However much different the washing technique is, since most are water repellant, they should be easy to clean with simple swipes in case it gets dirty.

Q: Are air vents very necessary?

A: Yes. As earlier mentioned, these prevent the build-up of mildew inside the covers. Too much moisture inside a water repellant cover makes your boat’s interior moldy.

Q: I fear my boat motor getting waterlogged. Are there covers large enough to protect it?

A: Definitely. There are options that cover the whole boat from tip to rear, including the engine motor. Then there are those that don’t. It all boils down to the size of the boat cover.


A winter boat cover is a must for any boat owner when winter comes. During that time, you are less likely to do any fishing or have rides on your boat due to the extreme weather conditions. These covers provide the protection the boat needs when stored either indoors or out in the open.

When buying one, it is imperative that you carefully consider your available option, your budget and the size and nature of your boat. Fortunately, we have provided with everything you might need to get started. We hope you have found our post helpful in one way or another.

In this review, the MSC Heavy Duty Boat Cover is our top pick for the best winter boat covers currently in the market. It is highly breathable, is made from a waterproof material, comes with a storage bag, fits snugly around your boat, and has great reviews from prior buyers.

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