Sea Eagle 330 Vs 370 Compare And Reviews (New Data)


Over the past couple of years, inflatable SUP and inflatable kayaks have grown in popularity among water sports enthusiasts. They are no longer the pool toys that people used to associate them with. Inflatable kayaks are giving hard shell kayaks serious competition as people begin to take them seriously.

Among the numerous options available, the Sea Eagle 330 and 370 are some of the best in their price ranges. If you are looking for either a solo or a tandem inflatable kayak, then they are probably one of the popular choices.

However, the two share some similarities hence making it harder for you to choose between either. There is more than meets the eye when it comes to stability, durability, performance and the pricing. To put things into perspective, I have prepared this Sea Eagle 330 vs 370 comparison to help those of you still on the fence regarding which one to buy.

First up is the Sea Eagle SE 330 which is a lightweight, portable inflatable kayak. It is a fun kayak for both beginner and experienced paddlers alike who like to hit the waters on occasions. It is designed to carry two people on board and a further option for a furry friend can tag along.  

The 330 pro kayak features two comfortable 5-inch-high seating deluxe seats for your comfort. These seats can be moved about inside the kayak as you prefer. Included in the package are two paddles, a foot pump, and a carry bag for transportation.

Also included is an open and close drain valve alongside five deluxe one-way deflation and inflation valves. These are great for ensuring you don’t experience accidental air leaks. In order to better track your speeds and direction, there are two rear skegs fitted onto the bottom for that.

The material used to construct the hull is resistant to both the sun and saltwater. Other great features are lashed-down inflatable spray skirts, a bow, and stern grab line.


  • Fast to assemble
  • Can be inflated in a short while
  • Solid construction
  • Stable on water
  • A drain valve provided


  • Narrow construction
  • Only fits two
  • Inflatable seats not supportive

#2. Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Sport Kayak Pro Package

On its part, the SE370 is a 3-person inflatable kayak suitable for Class III whitewater paddling. Inside the Kayak are two movable and inflatable Deluxe seats just like in the 330. You can move the seats about depending on whether you intend to solo or tandem paddle in the kayak.

In terms of features, it shares pretty most of them with the 330, except for the sizing, capacity and the maximum load it can sustain. It has two AB30 paddles, a foot pump, and a carrying bag with a shoulder strap. When deflated, you can easily carry it yourself as it is quite lightweight.

Five one-way deflation and inflation valves, as well as an open and close drain valve are also present. The same skeg on the 330 is fitted on the 370 too for tracking and speed. In addition, the material is sturdy enough for a dog to ride along with you.


  • Increased load capacity
  • Carries up to 3 people
  • Saltwater resistant material
  • Increased leg room
  • Stable whether solo or tandem paddling


  • Takes a little longer to inflate
  • Can be easily blown by strong winds


The main difference between the Sea Eagle 330 vs 370 is their sizes. At first sight, you would immediately notice that the 330 is the smaller kayak with a 2-person capacity. It measures 11 feet and 2 inches in total length, with a 34 inches width.

It has a maximum load capacity of 500 pounds. On the other hand, the 370 measures 12 feet, 5 inches in length and is, therefore, considerably longer than the 330. They have the same width though of 34 inches. Load capacity is increased to 650 pounds.

Since it is shorter, the 330 is the easiest to maneuver as it has a shorter hull. You can make quick turns in the water. This does not mean that the 370 longer length doesn’t benefit you. The length makes it easier to track. Zigzagging is reduced in the water, unlike in the 330.


This is another aspect where the two differ obviously. Because of the difference in sizes, they are bound to weigh differently when inflated. The 330 is the lightest of the two since it is the smallest.

Although the weight is stated as 26 pounds, adding the bag and seats increases it a little bit. I have seen somewhere where it was indicated as 47 pounds, which could be accurate. On the other side, the 370 weight is indicated as 32 pounds but could rise to 55 pounds including accessories, only slightly heavier than a boat cover.

Material of Construction

This is another department where both of these inflatable Kayaks are similar, although there is a slight difference. In the construction of Sea Eagle 330 vs 370, Sea Eagles use PolyKrylar on both of them. It’s a lightweight, salty water resistant yet durable material.

The difference comes in the thickness of the material used. On the 330 is a 33 millimeters material, while the 370 has a slightly thicker 38 millimeters material. Both of these materials can withstand the clawing of a pet on board. However, the 370 does have a slight edge over the 330.

Both of them feature the 5 tube I-beam flooring. The tubes are 9” in diameter. It enables both kayaks to sit higher on water by shifting the weight of the kayak onto the floor and not the sides. As a result, they pick speed faster, are easier to paddle over a long distance, and have a smooth speed transition.


The Sea Eagle SE330 is the cheaper option of the two. It’s a great price for a decently sized inflatable kayak that you can maneuver with ease on water. The total load too is great.

Sea Eagle SE370 costs slightly more. At that price, you get more room on board, increased load capacity, and faster speeds.

Time to Set Up

Both of these Kayaks are easy to set up. In fact, it is a one-person job, although setting up times differ slightly. The 330 is the fastest to set up since it is relatively smaller. It has an inflation and assembly time of 6 minutes.

Nonetheless, it took me quite long for the first time, but I improved my speed with time. The 370 has an average inflation and assembly time of about 8 minutes, 2 minutes longer than the 330. Again, for first timers, it might take you longer.


With almost most of the features being the same, perhaps you are wondering why the price difference and which one do you buy? The main difference and justification for this is, of course, the sizing and the space available.

If you prefer to solo paddle and carry a light gear, then the 330 is the best option for you. Of course, it allows for an additional passenger, and you can even tandem paddle on it. Therefore, if your gear doesn’t exceed 500 pounds, then the 330 is the one for you.

The 370 is suitable for carrying extra 150 pounds of load, and an extra capacity for a third passenger. While having 3 people it’s a little crowded, but you will manage just fine. It is a nice perk for a family of three.

But if you are a beginner, then the 330 is the better option. Its shorter stern makes it easier to maneuver while making sharper turns. The 370 is suitable for more experienced paddlers as it picks up speed faster.

Perhaps a drawback on both kayaks is their low weight. I wouldn’t take either of them out on a windy or choppy day. The probability of being blown is very high.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the warranty Length for both Kayaks?

Both Kayaks carry a warranty of three years. It may not be much but it’s great for their durability and performance.

  • Can you fix if it breaks a hole?

Yes, you can easily fix a hole by patching it up. The two come with a patching kit that you can use.

  • What is included in the Package?

Both packages include 2 paddles, 2 movable & inflatable seats, a carry bag, 2 skegs, a patch kit, and a foot pump.

  • Can you bring along a dog? What happens to the claws?

You can bring along a dog in either of these kayaks. The PolyKrylar construction is thick enough to handle the claws of a dog. It’s a sturdy enough material to prevent claw popping them.

Top 5 Best Winter Boat Cover To Buy In 2018 [New Data]


During winter, boat owners face a dilemma on how to keep their prized assets safe from the harsh weather elements. Storing them indoors is normally not an option at times and leaving them outdoors will allow snow and ice to definitely damage them. Should you then go for a custom-fitted boat cover? These are also too expensive at times.

So what is the solution? Winter boat covers are an ideal protective cover over boats that help to keep them dry in wet storage conditions. These covers come in a variety of sizes and additional features such as buckle straps. They help create a custom fit shield around your boat.

With the best boat covers, you can be sure to keep your boat from UV light to inclement weather and even wildlife.  Finding the perfect match for your need is the only challenge you will face. Fortunately, we have prepared a buyer’s guide to take you through the buying process, including a review of some of the best ones around.

The Best Winter Boat Covers Reviews

1. MSC Heavy Duty Boat Cover

The MSC Heavy Duty Boat cover is one of the best winter boat covers currently available. It is made in such a way that your boat is kept safe from moisture when stored, during travels or when mooring. All these are probably the ways in which you would want the boat protected.

Made from a heavy-duty Marine-Grade Polyester canvas, this winter boat cover is ideal for V-Hull, Runabout, and a Tri-Hull types of boats. One of its great features is the waterproof ability. It makes it resistant to both mildew and UV light for a long-term storage capability.

Waterproofing is reinforced by a double layer of Polyurethane coating. It is a design that comes in handy during extreme winter weather conditions. This material does not stretch or shrink during the course of its use. Your boat, therefore, gets the same level of protection at all times.

On the bottom hem are elastic cords sewn in for a custom, tight fit. Alongside the elastic cords are adjustable straps together with quick release buckles. These all work to ensure moisture does not sieve through the cover into the boat.


  • Available in six different colors
  • Less bulky for easy handling
  • Fitting a one-man job
  • Superb fit
  • Its storage bag provided
  • Sizing chart provided
  • Easy to clean


  • Seams leak at times
  • Has no ventilation vents
  • Stains seat after a while

2. AmazonBasics Boat Cover

The AmazonBasics Boat Cover is another option for covering your boat either during trailering or when stored in winter. For runabouts and bass boats measuring about 16-18.5 feet long and 98 inches wide, then this cover is an ideal choice.

The winter boat cover is made from 100% polyester. Such a construction is great for exceptional durability since it neither shrinks nor stretches. Moreover, it creates a secure, long-lasting fit all around the boat once you have covered it in place.

It is only available in a sleek light grey color that greatly matches with most boats. Since it weighs 10 pounds, the cover is lightweight enough to be put up and taken down by a single operator. Washing it is a breeze too. Dirt washes off easily when cleaned with warm water.

Most users attest to its exceptional quality, especially the relatively thick construction. Apart from durability, the thickness makes it wrinkle less than other products. There are also the well-placed air vents for a well ventilated stored boat. Its high-quality straps appeal to most users too.


  • Well ventilated with air vents
  • High-quality straps
  • Wrinkles less
  • Thick material for durability
  • Nice snug fit around boats
  • Great UV protection
  • Excellent value for the price


  • Black straps are prominent on the grey cover
  • Fits limited types of boats

3. Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Boat Cover

Made of polyester, the Classic Accessories StormPro is one of the top picks for protecting bass boats from heavy storms. This winter boat cover comes with an extra support pole so that you can securely anchor the cover onto the boat. It is ideal for heavy snow conditions.

The cover, together with its accessories is all “marine grade” for an assured protective layer. Just like the rest of the covers, this one too neither shrinks nor stretches. It features an extra coating on the surface to provide protection from mildew, UV, water, and an all-weather protection.

At the rear of the cover are dual air vents complete with stiffeners. These vents allow for wind and internal moisture to escape from inside the cover hence helping to preserve the inner parts. Additionally, support pole helps prevent water from pooling on the surface of the boat.

In case you need to trailer the boat, there are elastic cords for a tight fit. These cords also have buckles integrated onto them for easy fitting. They quickly snap in and release in the process of loading and unloading the boat.


  • A support pole provided to prevent water pooling
  • Great elastic straps with quick release buckles
  • Great warranty
  • Large enough to accommodate boat accessories
  • Elastic hem gives it an excellent fit
  • Durable material used
  • Quite affordable


  • Looks cheaply made
  • It’s quite small
  • Fasteners tend to break easily

4. KAKIT Waterproof 600D Polyester Boat Cover

KAKIT waterproof winter boat cover is made from 600D Polyester, making it great for boats such as V-Hull and a Tri-Hull Runabout. For outdoor storage, the cover features straps, buckles, and an elastic hem to keep it in place, preventing it from being blown away by the heavy wind.

Double stiches on the seams are great at making the cover rainproof in any type of condition. This reinforced 600D Polyester fabric it is made from offers added protection from mildew and heavy wind. When used outside, you can use the support pole to prevent water or debris from pooling on the cover.

Mildew prevent in this cover is facilitated by the inclusion of a moisture guard system of vents. These vents allow for the flow of moisture under the cover. Consequently, moisture does not build up and reduce the product life of your boat and the boat cover to some extent.

Overall, this product functions just as intended, and can be used during transportation of the boat. Users say it fits great to a boat, it is provided with enough straps to keep it from being blown by the wind and can withstand heavy rains. However, the height of the support pole is the only negative issue with this boat cover.


  • Excellent snug fit
  • Versatile for trailering too
  • Well ventilated
  • Can withstand heavy downpours and snow
  • Great quality
  • Provided with plenty of strap ribbons
  • Fits a large number of boats


  • Support pole kind of short
  • Quite pricey
  • Only two size varieties available

5. Leader Accessories 600D Polyester Boat Cover

If you own boat models measuring about 14 to 16 feet in length and up to 68 inches wide, then the Leader Accessories boat cover is a great option for you. However, this is only for model A- types of boats. There are other covers for models B (14’-16’L, 90” wide) and E (20’-22’L, 100” wide).

Whether it’s a Fishing Ski, V-Hull, pro-style bass or a Tri-Hull boat, then this cover should decently fit over it if it matches the provided dimensions. The cover itself is made from 600D polyester and availed in five different colors (grey, black, burgundy, navy blue, and olive) to match your style.

The 7.25 ounces heavy-duty and marine grade type of polyester fabric is coated with urethane. These winter boat covers are then given a treatment for resistance against UV light, mildew, and to repel water. The coating is then reinforced by double stitched seams to keep out any traces of water.

During long hauls, the 1-inch long poly web straps fitted onto the top seam can be used. These straps work together with elastic cords for a tighter fit around your boat when in transit. When it gets too moist inside, rear vents channel these outside for safer storage. An extra web storage bag is included with this product.


  • Storage bag provided for convenience
  • Support pole prolongs the cover lifespan
  • Easy to find a fitting one
  • Easy to spot clean without detergents
  • 3-year warranty sounds great
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Protects from dust and insects too


  • Requires washing before use
  • Runs small at times
  • Does not cover the motor

How to Choose the Best Winter Boat Covers

  • Ventilation is Key

While covering your boat is meant to prevent external elements, sometimes it is the internal ones that may do more damage. Therefore, ensure that your boat cover permits adequate air movements inside when covered.

Look for one with air vents that are ready to circulate fresh air and eliminate moist air from the boat cabin. It is the best way of preventing mildew buildup that degrades the boat’s internal compartments.

  • Material Properties of the Boat Cover

A boat cover needs not to only protect the boat from moisture but must go the extra mile in ensuring overall protection. The first property should, therefore, be waterproofing. The cover needs to prevent water from getting in. Then, it should be heavy enough to resist windy conditions, but still easy to put on.

Moreover, it has to be mildew resistant, easy to clean, protective from insects, and resistant to Ultra Violet light. All these properties work to ensure minimal damage is done to your boat while you store it during winter.

  • Size of the Boat Cover

The overall level of protection a boat cover provides is dependent on how nicely/snugly it fits around the boat. Too loose, and wind will definitely blow it away. Too tight and fitting it might be a challenge.

To alleviate this, carefully consider the dimensions of your boat (length and beam width) and check to ensure it is exact. If the dimensions of the boat are at the boundaries, then consider sizing it upwards for the right fit.

  • Accessories are Always Great

Having more, high-quality additional features alongside the boat cover are an added advantage to use. However, the more the features a product has, the more you will have to spend on it. For boat covers, look for one with a storage bag and extra straps.

In addition, a supporting pole is an important one if you don’t want water to pool over the cover when it rains. The collected water might ruin the repellency and UV protection properties with time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know the right winter boat cover size?

A: Most manufacturers nowadays provide a sizing chart for your specific bought. You just have to know the dimensions of your boat, and then you select the one that matches it from the chart.

Q: Is it advisable to size up or down?

A: The simple answer is “it depends.” Some models require sizing up if the boat dimensions are on the limit boundaries. There are also other models that run too large and require sizing down so as to fit your boat. Check first what the manufacturer says about sizing their cover.

Q: Are the covers washable?

A: Yes, they are. However much different the washing technique is, since most are water repellant, they should be easy to clean with simple swipes in case it gets dirty.

Q: Are air vents very necessary?

A: Yes. As earlier mentioned, these prevent the build-up of mildew inside the covers. Too much moisture inside a water repellant cover makes your boat’s interior moldy.

Q: I fear my boat motor getting waterlogged. Are there covers large enough to protect it?

A: Definitely. There are options that cover the whole boat from tip to rear, including the engine motor. Then there are those that don’t. It all boils down to the size of the boat cover.


A winter boat cover is a must for any boat owner when winter comes. During that time, you are less likely to do any fishing or have rides on your boat due to the extreme weather conditions. These covers provide the protection the boat needs when stored either indoors or out in the open.

When buying one, it is imperative that you carefully consider your available option, your budget and the size and nature of your boat. Fortunately, we have provided with everything you might need to get started. We hope you have found our post helpful in one way or another.

In this review, the MSC Heavy Duty Boat Cover is our top pick for the best winter boat covers currently in the market. It is highly breathable, is made from a waterproof material, comes with a storage bag, fits snugly around your boat, and has great reviews from prior buyers.

[2018]Cressi Giotto vs Leonardo Dive Computers In Depth Comparison & Reviews


The Giotto and Leonardo are two popular dive computers designed by Cressi. At a first glance, one may not necessarily identify the differences between the two, except for a few design alterations and the price. However, functionality-wise, they are quite distinct.

While one targets an entry level divers market, the other one is meant for experienced recreational divers. In this post, we are pitting the Cressi Giotto vs Leonardo. Besides helping you better understand them, it might assist you to decide on which one is best for your needs.

See also:

1. Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer

For entry level divers or those who looking to “just dive”, the Cressi Leonardo Dive Computer is a great option for a wrist computer. It features a simple, yet functional design for beginner divers. It includes features meant to effortlessly guide you under water.

A wide, modular, and rugged user-friendly display system (UFDS) provides an intuitive display of a menu for the watch menus.  As for functionalities, there is a Nitrox management and depth gauge modes in addition to a reset option.

The high definition display screen contains all the information a beginner may require when diving. Its large numerical displays are readable under water. All these are separated by bright lines to ease reading even in stressful conditions. When in dimly lit conditions, a backlight is provided.

With its single button interface, programming this watch for the first time becomes much easier. The Air, Nitrox or Gauge modes are easily set up for the first time. An algorithm based on the Reduced Gradient Bubble Model (RGBM) is great for all divers as it alerts you when to change gases during water descent.


  • Still works at altitudes of up to 3,700 meters
  • Single button interface is non-confusing
  • 120-meter dive depth
  • Low price great for first-time buyers
  • Audible alarms for alerts
  • Visible battery life indicator
  • Calibration is done in salt water for typical use
  • Windows and Mac compatible systems
  • Battery saver mode available
  • Can be reset after each use
  • Usable as a normal watch out of water


  • Some products susceptible to water clogging
  • Nightglow not sufficient
  • There’s no safety stop timer

2. Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer

The Cressi Giotto Wrist Computer is a great option for experienced/technical divers with a need for a more complex instrument. It is designed such that information regarding depth, need for decompression, dive times, as well as ascent rates are availed in real time.

Just as in the Leonardo, the RGBM algorithm processes nitrogen release and absorption rates. The calculation is based on how much usable inert gas is present in the air mixture. Once all this information is processed, a Priority Compartment Digital Display avails them to you.

On this wrist computer are three buttons for navigating the user interface. Each of these is used to effortlessly program and gauge the nitrox and air mix modes on the watch. Available information is displayed in form of a large numerical number on a HD screen.

With this computer, you get capabilities of a clock, a calendar, a chronograph, and a dive memory logbook. It is also capable of performing desaturation and saturation mathematical calculations for divers with both air and Nitrox. Measurements can as well be set to either metric or feet systems for your convenience.


  • Easy to navigate 3 button interface
  • High definition screen for clarity.If you have vision problems. The prescription dive mask are indispensable
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Up to 120 meters diving depth
  • High battery efficiency
  • Automatic safety stops signals
  • Online instructions easy to load
  • Durable, compact construction
  • Snug fit on wrist
  • Measurements can be set in either metric or feet systems


  • Finding a spare battery is a little hard
  • Figuring out a dive plan takes a while for beginners
  • Some of the instructions are hard to follow


Functionality Differences

A Cressi Giotto vs Leonardo comparison becomes more apparent when their functionalities are outlined. And it is of utmost importance to watch out (pun intended) to mind these differences when deciding on buying either.

These dive computers look similar size-wise, with both having a high definition large display. Data display in large numericals too is great on both dive computers. The similarities go as far as the exchangeable batteries used among an array of other features.

Functionality differences start with the number of buttons on each watch. There is one navigation button on the Leonardo, while the Giotto has three. More buttons mean more capabilities and functions, albeit with an added amount of complexity.

Three buttons make navigation from menu to menu a lot easier. Each of the buttons also has its specific functions, unlike the case of a single button which you use to go through all the menus. There is a silver lining with a single button, accidental pressing of a wrong button is impossible.

For nitrox handling, the Leonardo provides basic capabilities as expected of a beginner dive computer. With it, it is only possible to mix a single gas of 50% oxygen. PO2 (Partial pressure of oxygen) can be programmed from 1.2 bars to 1.6, with three levels of conservatism. Another drawback is that you aren’t able to change from air to Nitrox when diving.

On the other hand, the Giotto handles two Nitrox mixes of up to 99% oxygen levels. These values are often between 21% to 99% of oxygen. Since it is made for more experienced divers, the watch permits the switch of gases when diving. Despite still desaturating, a Giotto wrist computer can still handle a Nitrox dive, just after an air dive.

Cressi Giotto comes with a graphic Central Nervous System (CNS). It is a distinct feature not present in the Leonardo. This toxicity level indicator for oxygen shows the breathability of the oxygen in your system. As a result, you should be able to gauge when to either proceed or stop the dive.


Because of the different target markets and the inherent differences in functionalities, the Cressi Giotto and Leonardo are priced differently. Of the two, the Leonardo is the cheapest

The superior Giotto, with its improved performances, will cost you about $100 more than Cressi Leonardo. It is costlier, but definitely a better investment than its counterpart.


One of the areas where the Cressi Giotto vs Leonardo battle is even is when it comes to how they are powered. They are both powered by a 3 volts CR2430 battery. If you happen to have either, you can easily interchange the two and it would work just fine.

You just need to remember that the two models do not allow for hot-switching. However, the data you had already set remains intact as you make the battery switch. On both models, a battery power level indicator is present.

There is no need to take either of them to a watch shop to get the batteries replaced. You can do it yourself without using any tools. To improve on the battery life, ensure you engage the battery saver mode when there are certain functions you do not need. Battery life lasts for about 3 years of approximately 50 dives a year.


For some divers, color may not be a concerning feature, but not all. It may not have an impact on the performance, but it’s a great deal for style (or matching your diving suit) if you are into that kind of thing.

Cressi Giotto and Leonardo have various color combinations that you may choose from. First, the Cressi Leonardo is available in these combos: Black/Camo, Black/Blue, Black/Black, Black/Gray, Black/Red, Black/Orange, Black/Yellow, All Blue, Black/High Visibility Green, White/Lilac, and White/Pink.

The Cressi Giotto on its part is available in Black/Black, Black/White, Black/Blue, Black/Grey, Black/Pink, Black/Red, Black/Yellow, White/Lilac, and Black/High Visibility Green.


Both of these dive computers are almost similar in size. The Leonardo measures about 2.63 across and 1.06 inches thick. Giotto measures almost the same. It results in a user-friendly display, with readable displays even when underwater.

For normal use, preference is a little conflicted, with some users being comfortable with the sizes. Others find them too large for comfort when worn with a conventional wristwatch.


A computer watch for scuba diving needs to be as lightweight as possible. Too much weight on your wrist is a recipe for too much discomfort. Fortunately, the Cressi Giotto and Leonardo does not weigh much.

At only 8 ounces, the Leonardo is the heaviest of the two diver computers. The Cressi Giotto on its part weighs a mere 0.16 ounces. Not so much to discomfort you in any way, right?

How to Set Up

Before you set out on a dive with your brand new Cressi Giotto or a Cressi Leonardo, you have to set them up first. Unfortunately, you can’t use them straight out of the box. It’s one of the tasks that are most frustrating for beginners, especially when planning to dive.

For this, you need the manual or the online instructions that can be loaded from a PC. Alternatively, here on simple illustration on how to get the Cressi Giotto up and running.

Cressi Leonardo can be set up with the help of this video.

Have Easy to Use and Setup?

Beginner divers initially find using these two diving computers hard for the first time. After a while, with the help of the manual and the videos we have provided you with, you would find how easy it is to use them.

It is the three buttoned Giotto that confuses more with its myriad of functions than the simpler Leonardo. However, for experienced divers, this should not be a problem especially when it comes to pressing the three buttons under water. The only problem with the Leonardo is navigating through the menus with the single button.


The Cressi Giotto vs Leonardo lifeline is one that does not have a distinct answer since it depends on how much care you give either of them. The batteries themselves can last for three years, after which you can still replace them and continue using your wrist computers.

Additionally, you can improve the lifeline by adding a protective color to the screen. It helps minimize the impacts from external forces. Overall, with the high prices, these models should last you a long time if you give them appropriate care.


In as much as the Leonardo is fantastic for beginners, its limitations in terms of functionality when compared to the Giotto make it somehow inferior. However, if you are looking for a dive computer to get you through your first couple of dives, then the Leonardo is your best bet.

But then again, if you are intending to keep diving for longer (its kind of hard to give up), then we would suggest you settle on the Giotto. With its additional features, you can be sure to grow with it as you grow more accustomed to diving.

In comparison with newer, high-end models, these two (even the Giotto) still lag behind. There are lots of other features missing in them but are provided in others. All in all, if you are a beginner to the intermediate diver, then these two are great options.

Another issue is the constant change in technology. Before you buy any of the two models, think about how long it would take you to reach, let’s say 150 dives. If you think it would take longer, then the Leonardo would be best for you. Once you get to 150, there are some good chances that better alternatives would be available than the Giotto.

The 6 Best Surf Booties To Buy In 2018 For Surfing [Update]


As a surfer or bodyboarding, keeping warm is your topmost priority besides being comfortable under water. Your warmth is of particular importance more so if you surf in extremely cold waters. This also applies if you are the type of person whose surfing is not deterred by the harsh winter climate.

Now that you have got your wetsuit ready, it is time to complete your surfing gear. These suits usually don’t keep your toes from the ice-cold water. This is where surf booties come in handy. These have become a must-have for cold water surfers of late due to their warming abilities.

Choosing the best surf booties is always a tall order as there are numerous options to sieve through. We have eased this task by providing you with a review of 6 of the best booties as well as a guide on how to choose the best.

How to Choose the Best Surf Booties

  • Round Toe or a Split Toe?

This might be the first consideration you will have to make. The split toes feature a toe that is separated into two. Your big toe fits into one, the rest fits into the other section. A natural feel that guarantees balance is created in the process. It also does not slide off the board.

Round toes, on the other hand, look like normal shoes. Since the toes are crammed up together, you feel a lot warmer in them. A possible disadvantage is that they easily slip off your feet. Making a choice between the two depends solely on a surfer’s preferences and tastes.

  • Bootie Thickness

The temperature of the water that you will be surfing in determines what thickness of bootie you need. For warm tropical waters, you need a 2-3 mm bootie, 5 mm for moderate temperatures and 5-7 mm for the coldest waters such as during winter.

The nature of the surfing location is another aspect that affects the thickness you need. Sandy beaches do not require much thickness, while a rocky seabed needs more thickness so that your feet stay comfortable.

Best Surf Booties Reviews

1. Aqua Lung Men's Echozip Ergo Boot 

When surfing in winter, you need a surfing boot much thicker than 3 mm. Thicker booties are great at keeping your feet warm when the temperatures become unbearable down there. This particular product has a thickness of 5 mm to better trap and retain warmth.

It features an ergonomic sole with an outsole that is cut in a way that matches your foot’s profile. With an Ergo design, these booties eliminate any excess water inside. In this way, your feet can remain warmer as you go about surfing or any other water sport.

The design also includes a standard neoprene upper layer and an exterior with thickness markings. Its zipper is kept in place with the use of a loop and hook zipper lock. The boot has its outsole made from vulcanized rubber. The whole of the boot is held together by four seams, 2 at the front and 2 at the heels.


  • Abrasion-resistant seams
  • Ergo design eliminates any excess water from the boot
  • Durable vulcanized rubber outsole
  • Available in a number of sizes
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to wear and take off
  • Zippers are corrosion resistant


  • Taking them off is a little hard at times

2. O'Neill Reactor 2 2mm Reef Booties 

For those of you looking for a pair of booties for surfing in waters filled with reefs, you need one that is best suited for that. Reefs can be very dangerous to your feet if left exposed to the sharp edges. They are known to result in cuts in surfer’s legs.

The Reactor Reef Booties are not only suitable for reef surfing, but they can be worn in warmer climates as well. The 2 mm neoprene synthetic mesh is thinner in comparison with other models of booties. They, therefore, dissipate heat faster when in warmer waters.

The booties are lightweight, yet their soles are considerably strong to withstand numerous rounds of surfing. Their lightweight structure slightly reduces the stability in comparison with split toes or some of the other round toes.

Drainage holes lack on the sides, but this is countered with the presence of a tight liner. This liner keeps out water from getting into the bootie by fitting tightly around your foot. The fluid foam from which they are made from helps keep them breathable when in warm water.


  • Tight fitting to keep out water
  • Versatile for both reef and summer usage
  • Comfortable toe box area
  • Available in a number of sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Putting on is a breeze


  • The fit at the ankles is not always great
  • Soles wear out fast

3. Mares Equator 2mm Boots 

There are surfers who love to go water sporting in the Indonesian Island of Bali. This location is an ideal spot for surfers to showcase their skills. For this location, the Mares Equator is a great choice for your surfing booties.

This bootie is made from a 2mm thick nylon II neoprene. The material of construction gives the bootie a lightweight structure that dries easily and absorbs the least amount of water. For durability, the sole is made from vulcanized rubber.

The joining of the sole and the upper part of the bootie is glued and then blind stitched for a longer lasting bootie. At the heel of this product, the sole extends upwards for a couple of inches to provide your ankle with protection.

The soles feature ribs to minimize the chances of slipping in case you want to go surfing in any slippery environments.


  • Non-slip soles
  • Great breathability
  • Cushioning at the ankle area
  • Sand and pebbles do not fill it when worn
  • Can be worn with open heel fins
  • High-quality construction
  • Considerably affordable


  • They sometimes fill with water
  • Walking on pebbles presses down on the feet
  • Durability is questionable

4. Neo Sports Premium Neoprene Women Boots 

Sometimes getting a gender-specific watersport gear might seem like a tall order, more so for women. However, the Neo Sports Premium Surf Booties are a decent choice for women who like to surf in different types of water bodies.

The structure is made from synthetic neoprene with a thickness that varies for your specific needs. There is a 3 mm option for warm water, 5 mm for moderate waters and a 7 mm for very cold water bodies. A puncture resistant sole is glued and then sewn into the rest of the body.

A heavy-duty zipper is used to make the process of taking the shoes on and off a lot easier. Behind the zipper is a barrier that prevents the entry of water into the bootie. At the bottom is a rugged sole to provide you with the much-needed traction when surfing.


  • Available in different sizes from 4-16
  • Zippers have water-resistant barriers
  • Various thicknesses available
  • Can be used by both genders
  • Quality finish
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Easy on sensitive feet
  • Puncture resistant sole


  • Walking on rocky surfaces is discomforting
  • Are bulky

5. O'Neill Superfreak Tropical Split Toe Booties

For tropical weather, the water can get pretty warm at times. For this reason, you will need a thin surf bootie to cope with the intense heat generated at the feet as you exert yourself in the water. For warm tropical waters, the 2 mm thickness provides its needed functionality.

These booties feature a unique split toe design with a rubber sole meant for heavy duty usage. The rubber is a credible option for creating more traction when in contact with the surfing board. Perhaps a great feature about them is the presence of drain ports along the side to quickly drain out the water.

A fluid foam nylon construction gives the booties durability as it does not wear out easily. A low-cut ankle design is a great companion when surfing in tropical conditions. Since they are quite thin, they would not suit you when in moderate to cold water.


  • Comfortable split toe design
  • Tractive rubber soles
  • Wear resistant
  • Drain ports quickly drain water
  • Highly breathable when hot
  • Low-cut ankle enhances comfort in the tropics
  • Very flexible


  • Split toe can be uncomfortable for those with a big toe
  • Are only comfortable on the sand

6. NeoSport Wetsuits Premium Neoprene 3mm Boot

For the general surf booties needs, this 3 mm NeoSport is a great option. The thickness means that it is suitable for most tropical climate or moderately cold waters. But you should never use it for surfing in cold waters as it would make your toes too cold.

This product is made of neoprene material for comfort, durability, and greater finish. The end result is a versatile bootie that can be used for a variety of water sports activities. Bonded threads, blind stitched and glued seams make them durable.


  • Great heat retention
  • Durable tractive soles
  • Easy to put on or take off
  • Puncture resistant insert sole
  • Durable seams
  • Versatile
  • Proper fit


  • Meant for men
  • Can be hard to take off at times

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • Question: What is the best way to dry surf booties?
  • Answer: After use, rinse the booties to eliminate any smell, then allow them to dry is an airy, yet shady area.
  • Question: Who Makes the best surf booties?
  • Answer: There is no concrete answer to this as it is quite subjective. However, booties from O’Neil tend to have greater ratings.
  • Question: Can Booties be worn alongside fins?
  • Answer: Yes. There are certain options that can be worn together. But only if the watersport activity needs one.
  • Question: Can these booties be used for other watersports activities?
  • Answer: Yes. There are versatile options out there that can be used for snorkeling, diving, surfing, wakeboard, scuba diving and so forth.
  • Question: Can Surf Booties fill with sand and pebbles?
  • Answer: Only if the booties are too loose. But one that snuggly fits around your feet keeps out sands pretty nicely.


Surfers and the best surf booties go hand in hand. They help you maintain the right balance on your board as well as keeping your feet warm when in water. The good thing is that you don’t have to be a surfer to use one. Almost all water sports can utilize these surf booties.

The 10 Best Speargun Reviews In 2018 [Field Tested & Reviewed]


Spearfishing is becoming more popular these days, especially for those residing close to coastal waters or even tourists alike. When at it as go deep diving, hunting in the deep blue seas or just scouring into the reefs for your next catch, you need the best speargun with you or best spearfishing wetsuit.

However, finding one that meets your needs is easier said than done. To provide you with a helping hand, we will take you through some of the best spearguns available in today’s markets.

How to Choose the Best Speargun

1. The type of Spearfishing

For starters, the type of fishing you intend on engaging in determines the type of speargun to buy. Will you be deep scuba diving? Or will you be closer to the surface? If you are a beginner, then you will most likely be staying closer to the surface. You, therefore, need a less powerful speargun since less accuracy is needed. 

But if you intend on going scuba diving to hunt for larger fish, then you need stronger and more powerful spearguns. You can also try diving computer for safety purpose. These have longer ranges as well as accuracies and are mostly for the experienced spearfishermen. The more powerful the gun is, the more skill it will take to operate it.

2. Type of Speargun

This is one of the most obvious considerations when buying a speargun. There are two common types you will find, although other unique ones also exist. These two are band and pneumatic spearguns.

  • Pneumatic Spearguns

These are the types that use a blast of compressed air in firing the spear. The structure is, therefore, a compact one. This makes them easy to carry around under water. However, they can be a handful when loading. Servicing one also requires additional skills.

But if you need a speargun for shallow waters, then a pneumatic one would be a good choice. The air power becomes inefficient as you keep diving deeper into the water.

  • Band Spearguns

As the name suggests, they use one or several bands of rubber hooked into notches to shoot out the spear shaft. With these, the rubber bands need replacement after about six months of use in order to retain their shooting powers.

Loading these is easy and straightforward. They are also quiet when fired. These spearguns are versatile too since you can choose the different types of slings to use.

3. Length of Speargun

Length determines the spear which can be loaded onto the gun, and in turn the type and size of fish you can hunt. If you want to hunt bigger fish, look for a longer and more powerful speargun. With an increase in length, the trickier part it is to wield and fire the gun precisely.

For someone still learning, a shorter to medium length speargun will be just fine for you.

4. Type of Spears

Besides the gun type, spears used differ too. A spear basically comprises of the shaft and the tip which are mostly made from stainless steel. Widths differ too as they can be 6,8 or 9 millimeters. The thinner the shaft, the faster it travels through water but the smaller the prey it kills. Other spear types are:

  • Single Flopper

This one works great for reef or medium sized fish as it contains only a single barb.

  • Double Flopper

This one contains two barbs on the either sides of the spear shaft. They are designed for larger game since they stick better to fish.

  • Breakaway

The tip can detach itself from the shaft and is always the heaviest of the three tips.

Reviews of the Best Spearguns

1. Sopras Sub Pneumatic Speargun 

This speargun is a great choice if you want one that you can go free diving with as you hunt for fish. Since it is a pneumatic speargun, it best suits freediving where lesser level of accuracy is needed. Its shaft is made from stainless steel for increased reliability under water.

The Sopras features an 11-millimeter internal barrel, meaning that it can hold a relatively sizeable spear for fish hunting. A steel cord sheath is used to reinforce its nose cone for added resistance to the blasts of air when firing.

A compact muzzle that is also lightweight enhances the hydrodynamics and buoyancy characteristics of the gun when under water. This speargun has an ergonomic handle complete with a white butt for visibility under water. All these features make it an ideal free diving speargun.


  • The power can be adjusted
  • Ergonomic handle comfortable to hold
  • Release mechanism is highly sensitive
  • Visible butt in water
  • Safety catch provided
  • Durable materials of construction


  • Works best only for shallow waters

2. Seac Sub Sting Spear Gun 

This product is suitable for a beginner who is looking for a low cost speargun which still performs impressively. It is a sling speargun fitted with a barrel made of aluminum to prevent rusting and bending when under use.

This gun is available in sizes ranging from a 17, 21, 25 to a 29-inch speargun. Its firing device is a 16 mm latex sling that is amber in color. For an assured functionality, the triggering device is made from stainless steel and filled with polyamide.

It mostly uses a single flopper spear type that fits into the 6.5 mm shaft with an M7 thread pitch. When you buy this speargun, it comes with a nylon or polyester line complete with a 7M thread harpoon. The handle features an anatomic grip, sternum rest, safety catch, and a line release trigger.


  • Lightweight
  • Cheap
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Reliable triggering mechanism
  • Durable
  • Great shooting accuracy


  • Additional slings cause bending of the gun

3. Cressi Comanche Speargun

This is a speargun which is best suited for reef fishing of small to medium fish games. It is made up of some fantastic features that you might like. One such feature is the angled grip handle which allows hunters to comfortably and accurately take aim.

Also located in the handle are four-line releases. At the butt is an extension which allows you to quickly and easily load the spear onto the barrel. On the other end is an anatomical muzzle which aligns the shaft between the hand grip and the muzzle itself. Shaft accuracy is attained in the process because of this.

In addition to the accuracy, the muzzle also allows for the addition of a well-aligned second band. These reactive bands can then generate more power and hence speed in the shaft.


  • High accuracy
  • Easy to load
  • Incorporates an easy to load line
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Overall length can be increased by a couple of inches
  • Works great


  • Water sometimes gets trapped inside
  • Spear can break at times

4. Hammerhead Spearguns Proteus 

If you are a hunter who specializes in hunting white seabass, striped bass and hogfish, then this product could come in handy for your deep-water hunting adventures. It features a dynamic compatibility with an array of spearheads for the hunting of these types of fish.

With its fully raided barrel and enclosed muzzle, this speargun accommodates two types of spears. The first is an 8 mm single Hawaiian flopper style shaft, while the other options are a threaded shaft. The second is a 6 mm threaded shaft that accommodates a variety of spear heads such as tridents, 3-prongs and 5-prongs.

As a band speargun, it is fitted with rubber bands referred to as Power-X. Wishbones and bridles coated with nylon are also included in the design. At 55 centimeters, the length provides enough power needed to hunt the large fish that are aforementioned. There is also an option to acquire those that measure 35 or 74 centimeters.


  • Very powerful for large sized fish
  • Fast loading
  • Versatile usage
  • Accommodates a variety of threaded shafts
  • Great for beginners
  • Heat treated stainless steel barrels for durability
  • Safety mechanisms provided


  • Reel not provided

5. SALVIMAR V-Pro Speargun 

This product comes with a reel that makes it easy to trail fish once you have shot at it. It possesses a barrel made from special aeronautical alloy of aluminum. This material provides for the great mechanical performance.

A shaft guide is incorporated into the design that dissects into the direction of the muzzle. This feature improves the shaft movement after being shot from the speargun. In addition, the muzzle is open to allow for the storage of pairs of rubber bands without them crossing one another.

There is a proper screw added to adjust the trigger run. This sensitive screw does what is referred to as micro adjusting of the trigger run.


  • Reel provided for retrieval
  • Trigger run can be micro adjusted
  • Several rubber bands can be stored on the muzzle
  • High mechanical performance
  • Ergonomic prole
  • External support for strength


  • It is quite pricey

6. Rob Allen Railgun Speargun

This speargun is one that fits the bill of those looking for the very best but do not mind spending extra bucks in doing so. It is not only the price that is high; its performances are great too. The speargun is made from aircraft grade aluminum to give an assurance of strength.

The aluminum is used to make the rail barrel and has a thickness of 1.45 mm. Its trigger mechanism is made from nylon reinforced with glass. Also included in the setup is a sear made from 316 grade stainless steel so as to retard the movements of the trigger.

Depending on the length of the speargun you want, you have a choice between the 70 centimeters to 150 centimeters options. The more the length of the speargun results into more power and accuracy.

For an added stiffness of the rail, it is integrated into the barrel. The functional unit is a 7 mm spring shaft made from steel. The shaft is propelled by 16 mm two power bands.


  • High quality aluminum construction
  • High level of accuracy
  • Available in a number of lengths
  • Shaft driven by two power bands
  • Delivered ready to shoot from the box
  • Can be used with both hands


  • Rubber bands hard to pull back
  • No loading pad

7. Mares Bandit Band Sling Speargun 

This product is suitable for a spearfisher who frequents the blue waters for their spearfishing sports events. On the gun is a tri-cut Tahitian spear shaft with a diameter of 7 millimeters. This width is great for relatively sized fish game, particularly those that frequent blue water.

For easy alignment of the float line, the gun comes with shark clips. Additionally, there’s a rubber line bungee to reduce the recoil forces from the speargun. When under water, loading and reloading is made easy with the inclusion of an extended loading plate.

With the 110 (43.3”) and 120 (47.25”) options, the over-molded handle provides a user with an ergonomic fit for comfort with either hands. Anodized aluminum is used in the making of the gun barrel to protect it from corrosion under any water body. A 16 mm S-Power sling provides the needed power, but there is the possibility of adding another sling.


  • Additional slings can be added for more power
  • Usable with both hands
  • Trigger lock mechanism
  • Durable firing mechanism
  • Excellent for intermediate spearfishers
  • Easy to use
  • Well balanced


  • The safety slide is wonky when the gun is tilted
  • The spear sometimes is lousy at penetration

8. JBL Carbine Series Spearfishing Spearguns 

For your shallow water spear hunting adventures, the JBL carbine provides you with a great option. The gun features a barrel construction from aerospace grade aluminum. In addition, the shafts provided and the triggers are made from high strength stainless steel for durability.

The shaft (spear) has the single flopper tip which easily penetrates into prey and is then easily removed thereafter. Measuring about 16 inches in length, it is a gun that’s easy to handle and operate nearer to the surface where smaller sized fish stay.


  • Compact and easy to handle
  • Relatively cheap
  • High-strength barrel
  • Reliable triggers
  • Easy to use for a novice
  • The shaft fits perfectly onto the barrel
  • Can be used in tight spaces


  • Loading is hard
  • Too small in size

9. AB Biller Wood Mahogany Speargun

Available in sizes ranging from 24 to 60 inches, this product works great in freshwater hunting places. The different sizing makes it possible to choose a speargun that works best with the types of fish that you will be spearing.

With such lengths, two 9/16” inches of rubber bands are included in the setup to provide the needed powering mechanism. There is a further option of replacing these or adding one more for power. The mahogany wood construction is treated with three layers of polyurethane coat.

This speargun has a 5/16” stainless steel shaft that is heat treated for durability. The tips can be quickly changed in water as you change the nature of your targets.


  • Spear tips are quick to change
  • Wood construction absorbs recoil
  • Double barb penetrates into large prey
  • Naturally buoyant
  • Highly customizable
  • Excellent value for price
  • One-handed operation possible


  • Bands and line provided are of low quality

10. AB Biller Stainless Steel Professional Speargun

If you are looking for the very best speargun, then the stainless steel AB Biller is our choice. It shares most of the features with the Mahogany option, except that this one is made from stainless steel.

It comprises of a 6mm hardened-stainless-steel spring shaft. At the end of the shaft is a double steel barb, swivel tip and a rock point. Two 9/16” (with the option of a third one) rubber bands provide the shooting mechanism for the spear shafts.

Perhaps a little different is the redesigned trigger and grip-handle. It is made such that both left and right-handed users can use the safety lock.


  • High penetration power
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel
  • An extra rubber band can be added
  • Easy to take aim
  • High accuracy
  • Safety lock is accessible with both hands


  • Spear flaps do not penetrate prey deep enough
  • Buoyancy is poor

How to Maintain Your Speargun

While the best spearguns generally require little maintenance, it is still a good idea to take care of them. It is the only way of maximizing their lifespan. You then save yourself from the hassle of buying another item.

Keeping your gun in top condition also prevents misfiring and accidents. Here are some of the tips to help you maintain your spearguns

  • Remember to soak the gun in a tank of fresh water once you return from your fishing expedition. As you wash the fish, the fresh water drains the salt water from the gun mechanisms, preventing accelerated rusting. You can rub any other dirt from the gun and bands surfaces to prevent them from cracking
  • After removing it from the water, dry the bands with a towel. Alternatively, take the whole gun to an air conditioned room to dry out completely.
  • Store your bands in the fridge until the next time you will be using them. Use a zip lock bag so that the bands appear brand new when you next intend to use them.
  • Keep the rubber bands from direct sunlight. The UV rays degrade the bands if left exposed for too long.
  • Do not leave your wooden guns for too long in your car when it’s extremely hot outside. Otherwise the stock warps in the heat.
  • Check for nicks on the surface of the wood. If you spot any, use penetrating epoxy to finish off the nicks for longer gun life.
  • For a pneumatic gun, rinse it thoroughly in fresh water in case it came into contact with sand. If not, then it will misfire the next time you load.
  • Although you don’t have to lubricate the trigger mechanism, using small drops of a light or dry lubricant does it no harm. A good example is a silicone based lubricant. Do not use any heavy oils for this purpose as they attract grit and sand to the triggering mechanism.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q: Which material is superior for a speargun, wood or aluminum?

A: Both of these materials are exceptionally good. Each of them have their strengths when it comes to spearfishing. Wood spearguns are more appealing, have elaborate shapes as well as weighting options. They handle too immense power sources for large prey. Aluminum has low profile allowing for quicker movements. The choice between the two is a matter of preference and the type of prey you’ll be fishing.

Q: How many bands do I need on my speargun?

A: Band configuration varies depending on how much killing power you need or the size of fish you hunt. However, note that more bands mean slower loading than fewer bands. More bands also increase drag in water. If you have a longer gun, then two or more bands would be easier to load.

Q: Should I buy or rent a speargun?

A: That is a matter of preference, or the convenience you need. If you regularly go hunting for fish, then you should buy your own gun. But if not a one off type of hunter, then hiring one might be a cheaper option for you.

Q: What is the most appropriate gun length?

A: Your gun length depends on your skill level, hunting conditions, and size of hunts. If you are a beginner, a short length is most appropriate since it is easy to control, while a longer one is great in deep seas.

Q: Apart from a speargun, what else do I need to start spearfishing?

A: The minimum requirement for spearfishing is a snorkel, fins, mask, and your speargun of course. A wetsuit is also recommended if the water is too cold for you to skin dive or if there are sharp rocks and reefs in your hunting area.


With the best speargun, hunting for fish deep under water, on reefs, or in shallow waters becomes very easy. It is an investment that will soon pay you back with a fresh supply of fish whenever you go fishing.

However, choosing the best one is quite challenging, hence the need for this speargun buying guide. We hope you have gotten an idea or two on what your next spear gun will be.

In this review, our top pick for the best speargun is AB Biller Professional Stainless Steel Speargun. Besides numerous positive reviews from those that have used it, it also packs a host of amazing features.

For starters, it is available in options of 24”, 32”, 36”, 42”, 48” and 54”. The more the lengths increases, the more powerful the speargun is. This particular model comes with two rubber bands, stainless steel construction and a spear with double barb. These are some of the features that make it our top pick.

The Best Bodyboards That Money Can Buy In 2018 (Field Tested & Reviewed)


If bodyboarding or stand-up paddle boards in the beach isn’t your definition of a perfect summertime, then you are probably spending your summer time the wrong way. No matter your skill level or age, riding a wave is the best way of cooling off the intense heat at the beach.

But first of all, you are going to need the best bodyboard so that you can ride any wave like a pro. If finding one is proving troublesome, then this bodyboard buying guide will come in handy.

How to choose the Bodyboards

It is critical that you find a bodyboard that suits both your weight and height if you are to enjoy an outing in the water. We have, therefore, put together a buying guide to assist you choose the absolute best bodyboards to suit your personality and bodyboarding abilities.

Size of the Bodyboard

Getting the size of the bodyboard right is probably the most important factor when choosing one. First of all, if you buy one that is too big, then you will have problems controlling it. On the other hand, one that is too small forces you too close to the water as your legs and arms dangle in the water.

The size of bodyboard you buy depends on your size. Fortunately, this is a measurement that you can easily take. Simply take the measurement from the top of knee to your chin. The figure you get will correspond to the size of bodyboard that you will need.

Alternatively, try to carry the bodyboard under your arms while at the same time wrapping your fingers around the bottom of the board. If it’s a perfect fit, then that is the right size for you. If you need any help, then this sizing chart can come in handy.


The Wave Sizes You Will be Riding

If you happen to have a specific spot where you usually spend your summer, then the sizes of the waves there have a hand in the size of bodyboard that you should acquire. As a rule of thumbs, a smaller sized wave is best ridden with a relatively bigger bodyboard. It is the only way of having the stability you need.

For bigger waves, go for a smaller sized board since it gives you better control, great turning ability and stability on the big waves.

Bodyboard Construction

The materials from which the board is made determine how long it lasts and how it handles in water. So, you will be required to make a careful choice when it comes to these construction materials.

The two common materials you will find are Polyethylene foam (PE) and polypropylene foam (PP). Of these two, it is Polypropylene that is lighter, stronger and newer than the older polyethylene foam.

Although these boards cost more, the advantages in terms of stiffness and lightness makes up for the additional costs. A newer trend is developing where both materials are used by having them in layers. It makes for a cheaper, yet still responsive bodyboard.

For additional strength and flexibility, a tube made of either fiberglass or carbon fiber is made to run through the whole length of the bodyboard. This part is called a stringer. You should look for a bodyboard with it if you want a durable and better performing board, albeit at an extra cost.

Bodyboard Design

Bodyboards or boogieboards as they are called at times, come in a variety of styles. The rear end of the board, often referred to as the tail plays a key role in the performance of the board. On most of the boards, the traditional crescent design is used. High end boogieboards use the bat tail.

  • Tail

If you are a beginner, we would suggest you go for the crescent tail as it gives more speed and stability since it’s wider. For the experienced users, the bat tail provides better maneuverability, especially if you want to perform tricks in small-sized waves.

  • Rails

This term refers to the edge of the board. Towards the top edge of the board, it is called chine while rail is towards the lower sections. The rails are in two configurations: the 60-40 and the 50-50. The former gives you maneuverability, while the latter provides higher speeds.

  • Wide Point

Under the design, you might also want to consider the wide point (widest distance from edge to edge). The closer the wide point is to the nose, the more stable the boogieboard is. The wider the wide point, the harder it is to turn but the more buoyant the board is.

  • Thickness 

Thickness affects performance too. Thinner boards will be less buoyant but are slower to allow for tricks and better control. Most of them are either 51 mm or 55 mm thick. Thicker ones are better suited for small waves.

  • Rocker 

If you look carefully, you will notice a difference in the upward curve angle at the front of the bodyboard. This angling is called rocker and it plays a vital role in the control of the board. Lesser angle means faster speeds, while a bigger rocker means better maneuverability and slower speeds.

Reviews of the Best Bodyboards

#1. Younger 33-inch Super Bodyboard

This bodyboard from Younger is made of an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core and an irradiation cross-linked polyethylene foam (IXPE) deck. These materials result in a lightweight, rigid, durable and high impact strength bodyboard.

It features the common crescent tail for increased maneuverability. Additionally, the bottom of the board is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to give it a slicker bottom that easily slides through waves.

For ease of control and maneuvering, it features a 60-40 rail configuration. When using this bodyboard, it stays water resistant irrespective of the size of the waves.  Measuring about 33”, this board is ideal for beginners and kids. For retrieval out of the water, a leash complete with a wristband is provided.


  • High maneuverability
  • Easy to control for beginners
  • Durable
  • Firm on waves
  • Size fits a good number of users
  • Appropriate weight
  • Suitable for beginners and kid.


  • The layer at the bottom tends to separate from the foam
  • The leash is a little fragile

#2. Lucky Bums Body Board for Kids and Adults

The lucky Bums Bodyboard has the high maneuverability 60-40 rails, high density polyethylene slick bottom and rear channels. These features are meant to give the board a good control, increased speeds and better maneuverability.

Alongside the HDPE, this board has its core made from engineered EPS. This construction makes it lightweight for buoyancy and strong enough for durability. When riding it, there is a leash which you can strap to your wrist to keep the board with you through any condition.

The crescent tail makes for great for stability and increased speeds since it is wider than a bat tail. This feature is a great one if you are a beginner looking for a boogie board you can keep in control. There are different sizes you can choose from when buying this bodyboard brand which include a 33, 37 or a 41-inch board.


  • Ready to use out of the box
  • The leash secures the board to you in case of a wipe out
  • Can be used by most family members (5 year old to adult)
  • 60-40 rails easy to maneuver
  • Sturdy construction
  • Light
  • Bright colored for aesthetics
  • Quality tether


  • Bends on occasions
  • The two halves separate on occasions

#3. Own the Wave Beach Attack Pack Bodyboard

This is another great bodyboard which measures about 43” x 24” x 2.75”. It is made for use by both beginner and advanced wave riders. What’s more, it also features a slick bottom surface which allows it to travel faster through water.

An engineered EPS core makes the board firmer for a more rigid ride while giving you full control of the bodyboard. With its crescent tail, you can expect to tear through waves no matter your skill levels.

Also included in the package is a board bag, a set of fin tethers, and a leash. The leash itself is made to be comfortable while attached to you and at the same time keeping the board with you at all times. There are three options of these to choose from: the 33, 37, and 41-inch bodyboards.


  • Water resistant EPS core
  • Can be ridden by both kids and adults
  • Free fin tethers and coiled leash
  • Fit for both stand-up and drop knee bodyboarding styles
  • Instructions are provided for first timers


  • Finds it hard to ride bigger waves
  • Bubbles at times

#4. Younger 41-inch Body Board

At 41 inches, this bodyboard is slightly larger than the previous one. It features a heat lamination technology to fuse together the two layers. The deck is made from Irradiation Cross-linked Polyethylene form, while the core is made form Extended Polystyrene.

These two combine to make the board sturdy, light and resistant to impacts. On the other hand, the bottom is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), finished in a crescent tail and fitted with channels. These make it slicker through water as well as being able to be turned with relative ease.

If you like performing tricks when bodyboarding, then the 60-40 rails will come in handy for a fun afternoon in the sun. In case of a wipe out when on a wave then the leash which you attached to your wristband keeps it on you.


  • Large enough for stability
  • High quality foam used in its construction
  • High impact strength
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Versatile
  • Great weight to strength ratio
  • Suitable for small wave


  • Not suitable for big waves
  • Only for beginners

#5. BPS STORM Bodyboard

Available is a range of four bright colors to choose from, the BPS bodyboard is another great choice for your bodyboarding needs. And if you usually go bodyboarding with swim fins, there are two fin tethers in the package to keep them in place in the wave.

It has a PE bottom that gives it a slick profile with a low co-efficient of friction. This feature boosts the boogie board’s speeds through the water while also reducing its weight. At the same time, it makes for a stronger board.

A crescent tail increases the riding styles you can perform on this bodyboard. With its durable core and deck, you can be sure that this product will serve for a good duration of time. It also features a water resistant core and a sleek bottom that make it ideal to be used to ride the waves.


  • Water resistant core
  • Detailed usage instructions emailed to you
  • Durable core and deck
  • Sleek bottom
  • Great warranty
  • High quality freebies included


  • Some products are poorly made

#6. Morey 44" Big Kahuna Bodyboard

This bodyboard features a blend of foam materials that balances between stiffness and weight reduction. Due to the fact that it features a wide point of about 42 inches, this bodyboard is meant for large intermediate wave riders.

It is made for riders measuring about 5 feet 10 inches and/or weighing about 185 pounds and above. You need to be within these to enjoy the benefits of the boogieboard. Great craftsmanship is used to create a slicked bottom, laminated, and sealed layers which prevent the deterioration of the board after several uses.

What’s more, this bodyboard will allow you to enjoy a wide range of riding styles with a lot of ease. It is also very strong because of the dual composite carbon that provides it with better strength. This bodyboard also has channels that provide better control when riding it in the water.


  • Wide range of riding styles
  • Dual composite carbon provides adequate strength
  • 50-50 rails are great for high speeds
  • Great for advanced users
  • Channels provide better control
  • Suitable for big guys and heavy guys


  • Leash sometimes not provided
  • Only for the specified users

#7. Younger 37-inch Super Bodyboard

For smaller sized riders and kids, this 37-inch bodyboard is a great option. The relatively small size gives beginner riders better control, or if you are experienced, then you can easily tackle large sized waves.

An IXPE deck that is comfortable to use, an EPS core, and an HDPE slick bottom provide for some of the great features about this bodyboard. It has high impact strength, is lightweight, is rigid and has low coefficient of friction for slicking through the water.

What’s more, this bodyboard is waterproof and will, therefore, not delaminate. It is also hot resistant and this will prevent it from melting. Another good feature that you will love about this bodyboard is that it works great under almost all conditions. It is also versatile and highly maneuverable.


  • Waterproof so that it doesn’t delaminate
  • Hot resistant to prevent melting
  • Can be used by a number of users
  • Works great under any condition
  • Sturdy structure to last you a while
  • Highly maneuverable


  • Only for the small-sized riders
  • The glue sometimes does not hold the layers


The best bodyboards will provide you with a fun way of spending your free time on the beach. In as much as riding waves is full of fun, it is also a great way of cooling off more so in the summer when temperatures soar. If you are looking for a newer boogieboard, we hope this guide has been helpful as you shop around for one.

The Own the Wave Beach Attack Pack Bodyboard tops our list of the best bodyboards. It features amazing foam materials for a lightweight, yet durable structure. Rear channels and a crescent tail improve performance as well as allowing for a variety of riding styles.

Have you ever used any of the body boards that we discussed above? If yes, which is it and how can you describe the general experience while you were using it? If there a particular brand that you are thinking of buying next time?