Best 5 Inflatable SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) For Cruising – Buying Guide and Review 2018


Choosing the best five inflatable stand-up paddle boards also same as best five inflatable air lounger is not something is easy to do. This is because there are many excellent paddle boards available in the market and in short there are many new great models being churned out at all time.

I have researched various paddleboard models and I’ve come up with the best 5 inflatable sup that is perfect for cruising the sea. These selected paddle boards will not only give you an excellent function and performance but will also not break your pocket.

Inflatable (SUP) stand-up paddle boards are growing in popularity as paddling freaks, kayak are finding them more convenient and beautiful to use. They are quite portable and durable and besides, they are not as expensive as most rigid paddle boards.

I’ll break down the basis on which we have selected 20 models as regards their features, users’ experience, research and tests before finally choosing 5. We’ve done this to make it easy for you to choose the best paddle board that is worth every penny you spend on it.

Comparison Table




Overall Rating

Best choice for beginner, for yoga and special you can bring your dog on the padding


Best choice for kid


Best choice for ocean, river and riding in the be wave.


Best choice for river. This product can suport your friends, kids or even your dogs can get along with you


Best choice for river

floats and for big guys




The first thing we had to consider during our research and test was the stability of the inflatable paddle boards we selected and we’re able to pick out the best.

We kept beginners and intermediate paddling enthusiasts in mind when evaluating the stability of the boards because it’s very crucial to them; they will need a paddle board that is as stable as possible. Even the experts are not left out as the stability of paddle boards help them paddle the board easier and even enjoy the adventure more.

You want to know what people are discussing on paddle board stability?

Ease of inflation

There is a standard for pumps that are used to inflate paddle boards and also there’s a way the pump must be attached to the board. The inflation of an inflatable paddle board doesn’t take more than 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the size of the board and how fast the board is being pumped. The recommended inflation PSI is between 12 and 15.

However, the ease of inflation doesn’t really contribute much to the selection process of the best paddle boards because it’s standardized.


The portability of an inflatable paddle board is one of the most significant features to consider when choosing a paddle board because it’s the portability that provides the ease of transporting the board. You can easily deflate the board and keep it in a duffle bag and store in any car. This is a big advantage of inflatable paddle board when compared to the traditional board which you will have to keep at the top of your car using a roof rack or inside the bed of a truck. You can deflate it within a few seconds. This also means that you can take your paddle board with you on a trip.

The reason you need a paddle board

This seems like an obvious point because, of course, you know what you need in a paddle board. However, you must take this point into consideration because it’s not all paddleboards that will meet your requirements. Therefore, you have to outline what you will like to do with your paddleboard and then keep them in mind when you’re selecting the paddleboard you want to purchase.

Paddle boards are for various purposes such as fishing, surfing, for a solo paddle around your immediate lake, or rather for the sake of tourism. Read about different things people do with their paddle board PADDLE BOARD RECREATIONAL A​CTIVITIES.

In that case, you must know what you want out of a paddleboard. What you want may not be among the ones I just mentioned but whatever reasons you have for getting a paddle board, the boards reviewed should be able to meet your needs or provide relevant information.


It is important to consider the weight of the inflatable paddle board when you are purchasing one. We considered both the weight of the paddle board and the weight the board can support. Some paddleboards are heavier than some others; the heavier paddle boards may be heavy because of the good quality of the materials or because of some extra parts. This is good but for someone who usually travels along with the paddle board, it may be a disadvantage.

So it is wise for such paddlers to consider light paddle boards that still possess almost the quality of the heavier one. However, if you desire a more durable paddle board or that you travel less with your board, you should consider the heavy one.

If you want to know how much weight affect paddling, read this article by Rob Harris How weight affect paddling

For the weight the paddle board can support, it’s necessary for you to consider this if you want take to some stuffs along with you on the board. For instance, if you want to fish while on the board, you must get a paddleboard that can support your own weight and the weight of your fishing equipment.

The best 5 inflatable sups I’ve selected here will never disappoint you

If you loosen this paddle board, the first you will notice is the deck at the front; this large deck pad that will provide so much comfort for anybody you take along with you. The pump enables you to inflate the board in a matter of minutes.

Its 33 inches width makes it very stable and easy to paddle. In addition to this, it provides a good tracking because of the 3 fins. If you feel you need a seat on board, the D-rings are attached to the board for that purpose, so you can see that this inflatable paddle board is very exceptional and comfortable.

This SUP is best for ocean, river and riding in the be wave.


  • Three piece aluminum paddle
  • A two-stage pressure pump
  • High quality hybrid ankle leash
  • Heavy duty 3 wheel travelling backpack with strap
  • 6” Ultra light large deck pad
  • 3 Tool less removable fins
  • 8 D-Rings for cargo
  • Leash and optional kayak seat
  • Board weight: 17 pounds
  • Rider weight support: 300 pounds
  • Large soft EVA with diamond groove
  • Length: 320cm; Width: 83,82cm; Thickness: 15.24cm


  • check
    It has high stiffness and durability
  • check
    It’s inflatable to 20 psi for super stability
  • check
    Perfect in any water condition
  • check
    Good for both beginners and experts


  • The adjustable paddle loosens frequently

Perfectly made for surfing on an ocean, Sea Eagle LongBoard 11 is thoroughly designed and developed for excellent cruising on water waves. This board is very safe and sturdy as you paddle across the waves. The board is 11 feet by length and 30 inches by width. It also has a thickness of 6 inches. It may seem that the 6 inches thickness isn’t so good; mind you, this paddle board is capable of controlling everything that comes at it. In case you don’t know, the thickness of this board adds to the stability when the waves get very tough. So think of the trouble you might face when gliding through serious waves and windy water.

Featuring a D-ring, you can also attach a seat to the board and paddle while sitting. The paddle board can support extra weight up to 250 pounds, which is one of the things to consider when choosing a paddle board.

This product is best for river floats and for big guys


  • A seat
  • Pump
  • Pressure gauge
  • Storage bag
  • Rider weight support: 250 pounds
  • Board weight: 20 pounds
  • D-Rings
  • Shock cords for securing gear
  • Skid resistant pad
  • Repair kit
  • Reinforced drop stitch inflatable construction
  • Quadruple overlap
  • Air valves


  • check
    You can sit or stand while you pad
  • check
    It has high skidding resistant
  • check
    It is very rigid


  • The paddle board is narrow at the end

With 11’ X 32” X 6” size of the paddle board, it has a huge support for riders’ weight and an extra gear storage for those who enjoy paddling off the beaten path. It is also very easy to inflate using the high pressure pump.

The paddle board is designed to function well on any type of water and is quite stable. More so, it’s very durable and comfortable to use. It also offers security, even while you go paddling with your dog on board. So this makes the board fun to use and adventurous. And you won’t even feel like you’re carrying a paddle board around because of its light weight and portability.

This product is best inflatable SUP for beginner, for yoga and special you can bring your dog on the padding


  • Board weight: 19.1 pounds
  • Rider weight support: 275 pounds
  • Extra gear storage
  • Military grade PVC
  • High pressure pump
  • Carry backpack


  • check
    Perfect for recreational activities
  • check
    It’s ultra durable
  • check
    No dings
  • check
    It has high stability
  • check
    Very easy to inflate
  • check
    It is lightweight and portable


  • An advanced rider will not something better

Airhead paddleboard is developed to suit paddlers between 30 and 120 pounds. This makes the board good for both kids or light paddlers and adults. There’s a rocker both at the front and rear that provides smooth handling of the board.

Being a lightweight paddle board, kids can carry it on their own to the water. The size of the board is 7’ X 30” X 6” and the thruster fins help stabilize it against waves. Featuring a hi pressure hand pump, you can easily inflate the board.

Apart from the board’s suitability for kids, it’s also good for those who are learning to paddle as it gives them the pace required to learn.


  • 4 fixed thruster fins
  • EVA traction pad with tail kicker
  • Mesh backpack
  • Stainless steel tow ring
  • Hi pressure hand pump
  • Pressure gauge
  • Valve wrench
  • Board strap
  • Repair kit


  • check
    Perfect for both kids and adult
  • check
    Easy for kids to carry and use
  • check
    It is very light in weight
  • check
    Provides smooth gliding
  • check
    Easy to inflate for kids


  • The board is not so fast, which means adults will have to go a little slower than kids
  • Can't not bring a cooler

When this paddle board is fully inflated, it works very similar to the hard board. This is achieved without compromising the stability of the paddle board as well as the performance. Using this board you will never have to worry about dings or that your board will get cracked.

At 6” thick and improved rigidity, the paddle board is very comfortable to ride for adult. The weight support is also excellent for rider who will like to have companies. The added benefits of this tower paddle board is that it’s great for beginners—easy enough for them to learn.

In addition, you can use the board on a variety of waters from flat water to white water waves. If you want to learn or want to improve your skills, this paddle board is a perfect fit. Don’t forget the weight support; your friends, kids or even your dogs can get along with you. It’s quite rigid and won’t bend easily.


  • 3 piece fiberglass paddle
  • Fin and pump
  • Rider weight support: 350 pounds
  • Military grade PVC material
  • Drop stitch construction


  • check
    Easy to keep and transport
  • check
    It’s extremely rigid
  • check
    It’s great for beginners
  • check
    It has high durability


  • No bungee cords
  • No D-rings


It’s normal for you to desire to do a whole lot of things with your paddle board, but irrespective of what you want out of a paddle board, I strongly believe that this guide will do you enough good and help you make better decision. Should the kinds of the things you want to do are not met by the boards reviewed here, I hope the guide is detailed enough to open your eyes to see the most important things to consider when choosing a paddle board.

Overall, the best inflatable stand-up paddle boards offer a lot of excitement, fun and versatility. In that regard, you may want a paddle board that will meet all the aforementioned, give you perfect cruise across the water waves and yet still durable enough to last a long time. We’ve selected the best 5 inflatable paddle boards based on this and hopefully you will find the most suitable for you.

Top 5 Icredible Inflatable Air Loungers That Will Amaze You (Review and Guide 2018)


Before now, whenever I wanted to relax outdoor, perhaps reading a book or just soaking in the fresh air, it was always a necessity for me to take along a chair.

Obviously, that was not so comforting and soon I’d get tired of sitting and then go back in. But this changed sometimes last year when I eventually got an inflatable air lounger. It was what I had always dreamed of; now, I can stay longer reading books or sometimes at twilight invite my spouse to join me as we play chess.

That’s not all. Inflatable air lounger has a lot more to offer. If you are still stuck in the old method of lounging on a chair, it’s because of you that I’ve decided to write this post because I wish for you the pleasure of lounging on an inflatable air lounger.

Benefit of inflatable air lounger

You may be asking why this inflatable air lounger is very important, these are the reasons

  • It is very comfortable and easy to use.
  • You can pack the lounger and take it along with to you beach, concert, or even just outside of your living room.
  • You can share it with your partner.
  • Inflatable air lounger doesn’t stick to your body and make you feel sweaty.
  • You can take it to the pool and float on it, and also.
  • They don’t require an air pump.

Best Inflatable Air Loungers

Using this lounger there’s no complaint about the painful neck, which is one of the best features of this air lounger. It has a headrest that supports your neck and head. It is larger than most air loungers and provides more comfort than the common canoe shape. Besides this, it is designed to prevent air leakage and it could hold air for an amazing 5 to 6 hours.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • The headrest
  • You only need to whisk it through the air, then it begins to inflate​​​​
  • The weight is about 2.6 pounds; you can see that it’s very easy to carry around
  • Good leakage seal
  • It takes about 6 hours to need another inflation

There’s a video posted by a customer showing his satisfaction with this product.  You can watch it bellow.


Having used an air lounger for more than a year now, I can tell you that Anglink Outdoor Inflatable Lounger Air Lounger is worth every penny you spend purchasing it. I strongly recommend it. To make your decision to purchase the air lounger easier.

This inflatable air lounger is absolutely incredible for lasting more than 8 hours having fully inflated it once. It’s designed to withstand about 500 pounds weight and it has double locking buckle and high strength and thoroughly seamed to make it highly resistant to leakage. In addition to this, I can tell you that this lounger sucks in air very fast and as well easy to use. It’s your best companion on the beach, at camp, for leisure, anywhere.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It’s quite easy to fill with air
  • There’s a unique neck pillow design that prevents neck ache
  • It can support three people even if each person weighs 75kg
  • Perfect seal against leakage
  • Once inflated, you can use it for more than 8hours straight without the need to inflate it again.

I’ve also decided to help you with a video that will instigate you


If I were to make any choice of inflatable air lounger, I wouldn’t think twice before going for this. It’s perfectly made to fit all occasions. Ready to take action

The first time I saw someone lying on this air lounger, the first thing I said was this: what a beautiful air lounger! I then proceeded to research about the product to see if it’s not only beautiful but also have excellent features.

One of the fastest lounger to inflate is this. There are no liners inside and it has a single opening for air intake. It’s so lightweight that you can easily transport it. Mind you, it supports up to 440 pounds. In short, it is a perfect work of art for its incredible pattern and beautiful design.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It’s far too easy to inflate
  • It has a huge support force
  • It’s perfect for both dry land and water
  • Good against leakage
  • It’s big enough for you to play on with your kids


If you want a big size inflatable air lounger that doesn’t compromise all those brilliant features, I have carefully selected Chillbo because of you. So what are you waiting for

You want to hang out with friends and grab some drinks? With the premium design of Madhat Inflatable Air Lounger, you can do that, and it’s possible on any terrain, be it gravel, sand pool, or anywhere.

Or rather you can lay lazily lounging on it while you gaze at the sky. It is very convenient to use. It’s a very safe lounger. There are side pockets where you can keep your phones or tablets.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • Perfect for travelers and lovers of adventure like campers
  • It can be used anywhere
  • It’s perfect for both dry land and water
  • Good against leakage
  • It has high customers’ satisfaction

I’ve also included a video to illustrate the point


I strongly recommend this product and you should check out those links to see how the product is being used and what users are saying about it, and then do the needful. The purchase link is made available to you

This inflatable air lounger is an added product to this list because it’s an air lounge that I use and I can testify to the quality of the lounger.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • I am a witness to the quality of the product
  • It has two LED lights, 3 pockets and a bottle opener for beer
  • It’s waterproofed
  • It’s very comfortable
  • It takes me 2 swoops in air to inflate it

You can also watch the video here: it shows to inflate it and how to use watch here.


I recommend this product because I have the first-hand experience of its performance. I have found it very comfortable to use. It has good quality and the LED lights make it more attractive and environmentally friendly. I easily keep my stuffs inside the pocket when I’m out. In addition to this, I’ve found this air lounger where easy to inflate, use and keep.

If you want to benefit from this air lounger just as I have done, you can go ahead to purchase it here.


As a lover of adventure and outdoor activities, I have found an inflatable air lounger really helpful whenever I’m out at the beach, camping, or even with a couple of friends and I know there are people like me out there who also take pleasure in doing similar things. It’s this that motivated me to write this post. I’ve researched deeply to come up with the air loungers above and as you purchase, I hope you find the joy in one as I do.

All You Need To Know Why Your Air Mattress Deflates Overnight


If you wish to buy an air mattress (which is also referred to an air bed or an inflatable mattress) you would also wonder about the downside and benefits of owning one.

Like you may already know air mattresses deflate overnight. Why this can hardly be avoided the chances of waking up the next morning and finding yourself flat on the ground can greatly be reduced

Before we look at why air mattresses deflate overnight we would look at air mattresses and the pros and cons of owning one.

What are Air Mattresses?

The bed

This is usually made from high-grade vinyl, latex or foam to support all body size without discomfort to your lumbar or joints.

Air inflator

This is what pumps air into the air mattress and it is usually easy to use and operate (you do not require expert knowledge to use the air inflator)

Lock connector for mattress

This is to be used to tighten the lock on the air mattress to guard against air loss after the mattress has been inflated

​Now that we have examined the components of the air mattress we will look at the pros and cons of an air mattress.

What Makes This Air Mattresses Great

Allows for custom firmness

One of the advantages of an air mattress over other types of mattresses is that it can be inflated to suit any form you want either hard or soft by simply increasing or reducing the amount of air you pump into it. This makes the air mattress a good fit for the camping, hiking as every one of us like our mattresses differently. Simply pump in more air for a firm surface or reduce the air for a soft and plush finish.

Limits the Chances Of back pain when you wake up

Unlike the conventional mattresses which can easily hurt your back when you wake up in the morning. Using the air mattress greatly reduces the chances of getting a back pain and keep warm your body when you wake up in the morning. If you feel the bed is too firm you can deflate it at the lock connector to let out some air to suit how you wish to sleep for the night.

Completely Odor-free

The air mattress is odor free compared to the smell obtained from new memory foam. This odor-free attribute of the air mattress is simply because of the material used in its manufacture which is usually from PVC.

Doesn’t Sag

By sagging, I mean that the air mattress retains its shape and size even after years of usage, unlike the normal, memory foam whose surface gives away after using it for a long period of time. If you have used a normal mattress for years like me who used a mattress for more than 9 years while growing up you will understand what I am trying to say. You sink into the mattress and this making sleeping quite uncomfortable. But with the air mattress, all you need do is to inflate it with more air.

Fast Inflation

Depending on the size of mattress and the quality of the pump an air mattress can be inflated in a short period of time.  A small camping mattress takes about five minutes to be fully inflated while a twin size takes up to five minutes.

When you share a bed

Most full size and twin size air mattress come with two separate chambers which makes it possible to have one side softer or firmer to suit you or a partners preference. This eliminates the dispute that ensues as to whether the mattress is too soft or firm.

Highly durable

Most full size and twin size air mattress come with two separate chambers which makes it possible to have one side softer or firmer to suit you or a partners preference. This eliminates the dispute that ensues as to whether the mattress is too soft or firm.

Cheap Price

Popular brands like the Intex have twin air mattresses that can be purchased for as low as $35. Conventional twin memory mattress starts at $200 for a quality one this makes the air mattress a cheaper option when looking to purchase a mattress on a low budget.

Multipurpose use

An air mattress can serve different purposes. Depending on the size an air mattress can be used for an indoor or outdoor purpose, it can be rolled up and taken for a camping trip or a road trip or simply rolled out in the sitting room for a visitor should in case you don’t have a guest room.


Noisy Pumps

Owners of air mattress occasionally complain of a noisy pump whenever the mattress is inflated. Although this is mostly noticed with the cheaper brands of pumps if you can stand the noise it’s not much of a big deal as you won’t be using it all the time.

Replacing the pump

If the mattress is made from built-in pumps you would need to repair it whenever it is faulty. If it otherwise needs an external pump it can easily be replaced for as low as $20.

Lengthy Assembly time

A big size permanent air mattress can take between 30 to 50 minutes to set up and this usually requires two people but once it is assembled all that you will occasionally do is to inflate or deflate depending on your preference.

Shorter Warranty Period

The warranties on air mattresses are short compared to the conventional memory foam. Whenever you need to repair or change a part chances are you will have to make the necessary period as most times warranties won’t cover them.

After stating the pros and cons of the air mattress we will answer some very important questions, everyone, who is looking to buy or who already uses an air mattress asks.

Why Do Air Mattresses Deflate Overnight?

Whenever your air mattress deflates overnight you may ask yourself why this happens. The truth is this- your air mattress will deflate no matter what you do. This happens as a result of the temperature, the design and the pressure you exert on it when you lay on it. Air mattresses are made with a little breathing room and that’s why it loses air whenever you sleep on it.

You mostly lay on your air mattress during the day and at nights the temperature is colder compared to during the day. This temperature change is what makes your air mattress lose air when you wake up in the morning it’s not a magic trick it’s simply because the air takes up more space when the temperature rises in the morning ways to fix a leaking air mattress.

Is it all air mattresses that lose air overnight?

All air mattresses are designed differently but they will all lose some amount of air before daybreak. Your body weight still has a role to play in the amount of air the mattress loses. 

Mattresses that are used in colder areas or regions lose air faster as cold temperatures make the mattress loses air faster than normal temperature.  While all air mattresses will lose air some may perform better than others.

How can I prevent my air mattress from losing air?

You cannot completely stop your air mattress from losing air. It’s not possible as they were made to lose air if not they will burst when it cannot support your body weight. But there are some precautions you can take to reduce the rate at which your air mattress loses air

Do not sit or stand on your Air Mattress.

When you sit or stand on your air mattress you increase the pressure exerted on the air mattress and makes it lose air faster than normal. If you are used to sitting or standing on conventional memory foam then it will be difficult for you to stop doing it on an air mattress.

However, if you want to reduce the rate at which your air mattress loses air then you need to refrain from sitting or standing on them.

Inspect the Opening Nozzle

If you sleep on your air mattress regularly then the nozzle will get worn out quickly due to the repeated blowing in and out of the air. When the nozzle is worn out the mattress loses air quickly without having any visible leakages. A temporary fix will be to duct tape the area around the nozzle in the meantime before replacing it.

Fold Air Mattresses with care

It’s important to follow the instruction given in the package on how to properly fold your air mattress. Doing this properly increases the lifespan of your air bed. If holes and tear are already appearing on the bed, folding it the wrong way will increase them. While folding the mattress look out for tears and holes in the air mattress and try to fix them as quickly as possible before your next move.

Monitor the Temperature of where it’s been used

Air Mattresses also lose air through a leaking hole.  These air mattresses are not made from materials that are not susceptible to stretching, rupturing or tearing. Using it regularly greatly increases the chances of it losing air via a leaking hole. Although there are and increase the lifespan.

As stated earlier during cold weather or in cold areas the air mattress loses air quicker than in normal temperature. To reduce air lose use mattresses in areas of the room that are warm or close to a source of heat like the heater or employ a heating agent when using the air mattress outdoor you can use a portable heater close to the air mattress to raise the temperature close to it to help reduce air loss.

Mattresses with Inbuilt Pump

Some mattresses come with inbuilt technology that makes it impossible for it to lose air all through the night. Whenever the pump detects that the mattress has lost some air it silently pumps in some air without you noticing that the mattress is been pumped. 

This is by far the best way to guard your mattress against air loss. Although mattresses that come with this technology are expensive they are far worth the entire amount spent in purchasing them when you look at its advantages. 


The truth remains that all air mattresses lose air and you cannot stop it from losing air but if you follow the steps outlined above you can reduce the rate at which your mattress loses air. It also helps to ensure you take care of your air mattresses.

A long lasting and effective solution to preventing your air mattress from losing air will be to purchase one with inbuilt technology that comes with a pump that automatically pumps in the air when there is an air loss.

Although these mattresses are expensive you would agree that they are worth it as you don’t have to worry about finding yourself flat on the floor when its morning. You can go to bed and the rest assured that the mattress will remain the same when you wake up in the morning.

The 5 Best Full Face Snorkel Mask To Look Out For In 2018 (Review and Buying Guide)


If you are like me who enjoys bathing under the deep sea, then you will know how important a full face snorkel mask is. Not only is the gear important for protection from swallowing salty sea water, it also helps to protect your face and eyes against the numerous micro-organisms that are in the sea while also keeping your face and hair dry.

Whatever your decision on which snorkel mask you wish to buy it is important to of your snorkel mask after every snorkeling experience.

What to look for in a full face snorkel mask

Making a decision on which full face snorkel mask or Yeti cooler to buy can be a bit of a problem, given the multitude of brands available in the market but the fact remains that there are a quite a number of things to be on the lookout for in a full face snorkel mask.


When snorkeling you need to be able to find your way around. It’s difficult to see clearly while in the water without a mask on or goggles. But it will be more of a problem if you are using a full face snorkel mask with poor visibility. When looking to buy a full face snorkel mask products with designs that comes with a shatterproof lens with a 180° view (that is the lens extends beyond your eyes and you can easily view objects to your left and right-hand side without having to move your head) and Anti-fog capabilities are highly recommended to avoid difficulties in navigating your way under water.


It makes no sense having to wear a snorkel mask that is discomforting as this will greatly affect any water experience. A snorkel mask is supposed to make you comfortable and relaxed in the water and you shouldn’t compromise on this. Products that come with straps that are loose and can easily be adjusted are a better option than the ones with short straps

Water Proof Barrier

Before the introduction of full-face snorkel masks, people used the traditional snorkel to reduce the chances of breathing in or swallowing water while under water. With a good full face snorkel mask, you don’t have to worry about swallowing or inhaling salt water as they are designed to keep your face dry as you move under water. Masks equipped with a rear strap to hold the mask firmly on your head are a better option to guard against losing the mask as you move under water no matter how strong the wind or wave might be.

Ablitity Breath

Having to bite down on the traditional snorkel is not only discomforting to your jaw, the chances of swallowing water while trying to inhale are on the increase and even expert divers still swallow water and choke on air every now and then. With a good snorkel mask, you are more relaxed while in the water because they are equipped with a natural breathing mechanism that makes inhaling and exhaling comfortable and stress-free.

Benefits of using a full face snorkel mask as opposed to using the traditional snorkel

The benefit of using a full face snorkel mask greatly outweighs the traditional snorkel. The full face snorkel mask comes with components that help protect you in the water and you don’t have to worry about

Water getting into your eyes.

When using the traditional snorkel you bite down on a pipe and probably use transparent goggles that do not completely protect your eyes against strong winds and waves unlike when you use a snorkel mask which completely protects not just your eyes but you face and eliminates the discomfort of having to bite down on a snorkel for a long time.

Water getting into your nose

With a full face mask on your head, you can’t feel the water on your face. It’s like having your head in a sealed vacuum and being inside the water. The feeling is just amazing and another exciting point to note is that breathing is easy and stress-free as you don’t have to worry about inhaling salt water or choking under water.

Returning to the top to breath natural air

I can spend more than 60 minutes in the sea with the snorkel mask on while I take pictures and videos of the reef with the go pro attached to it, this is impossible to do with the traditional snorkel.

After clearly examining what to look for in a full face snorkel mask and how it outweighs the traditional snorkel tube we will look at the best products available in the market that you can easily choose from.


#1.Wild Horn Sea View 180°

Designed and manufactured by wild horn outfitters, the product combines a good design with features that will greatly improve your snookering experience. With the Sea View 180°, you can stay out at sea for a long time and view all the nooks and crannies of the sea. The mask is designed for everyone including toddler and adults

What Makes This SNORKEL Great

  • The sea view 180° comes equipped with a 180° full-face design that makes it easy to view a 180° area while snorkeling.
  • The mask is designed to make it easy to breathe through the nose or mouth while under water. This makes it impossible to get a shortage of air while snorkeling.
  • The sea view 180° is designed with a dry snorkel technology that prevents salt water from entering your mouth thereby preventing gaggling or choking.
  • Designed with a separate breathing chamber that distinguishes the air flow area from the main visor which helps to eliminate fogging and maintains clear visibility
  • Comes equipped with a GoPro mount which makes it possible to capture all the underwater moments with the aid of a GoPro.


  • The Mask doesn’t allow maneuver  like diving from a height into the sea or a Valsalva maneuver
  • In cold conditions, the visor may fog

The product is designed and manufactured by an Italian company that is known for producing a variety of scuba diving equipment. The mask is made to keep you comfortable while you enjoy snorkeling.

What Makes This SNORKEL Great

  • Comes equipped with a built-in snorkel that water cannot penetrate. This makes it easy to breathe in the water while moving around.
  • Comes equipped with a one way purge valve that helps expel CO2 making it impossible to breathe in expelled air.
  • Comes equipped with a large visual field making it easy to see objects to your right and left without having to completely move your head.
  • Air circulation around the masks greatly reduces fogging.
  • Comes equipped with a dry top that makes it impossible for water to get in even when you dive


  • You will need to pay extra for the camera mount.
  • The mask comes in only two sizes
  • There are only four colors available which make it difficult for making a choice if the available color doesn’t match your style

This snorkel mask is designed for clients on a budget looking to buy a snorkel mask that meets a high-quality standard and can easily compete with the best products available in the market.  The mask is made from materials that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic and also comfortable which will greatly improve any snorkeling experience.

What Makes This SNORKEL Great

  • The skirt of the mask is made from silicon material which is non toxic.
  • It comes in different sizes which makes it easy to fit any face irrespective of the shape or size.
  • The valve is equipped with a ball which closes when immersed in water. Making it impossible for water to penetrate while under the sea.
  • Designed with a 180° full face view which makes it easy to see objects to your left and right without having to move your face.


  • Product wasn’t designed for kids and may require adult supervision if kids wish to use it.
  • The mask does not support the use in scuba diving or free diving.
  • In cold weather, the visor can easily fog.

This snorkel mask is designed from high-quality materials which are highly environmentally friendly and non-toxic. This mask is made to withstand currents from waves or winds while keeping the face dry and water free throughout the underwater experience.

What Makes This SNORKEL Great

  • Mask is designed with a purge valve to purge water from entering into the mask.
  • Full face design makes it easy to breathe easily under water.
  • Comes equipped with a GoPro mount which makes it possible to attach a GoPro while under water to capture sea animals and plants.
  • Mask doesn’t fog easily in cold condition.
  • Comes in variety of sizes which makes it possible for children above the age of 8 to comfortably use without adult supervision.


  • Mask doesn’t support the use deep sea diving like scuba diving or free diving.
  • Heavily bearded males might find this product discomforting.

This snorkel mask is designed and manufactured by decathlon which happens to be the innovator and inventor of the full face snorkel mask. The product is designed from materials which are light on the head and friendly to the environment and nontoxic.

What Makes This SNORKEL Great

  • Designed with a full face 180° panoramic view which makes it possible to view object around you without moving your head.
  • Mask is equipped with a thin valve which makes it easy to breathe while in the water for a long period of time
  • Mask fits perfectly thereby making it impossible for water to penetrate​​​​
  • Comes equipped with a GoPro mount which makes it possible to attach a GoPro and capture amazing moments under water
  • Comes in different sizes and is a perfect fit for kids above the age of 8
  • Comes with a bag for safekeeping after every snorkeling experience.


  • The GoPro mount in most cases has to be worked on before it can firmly hold a GoPro.
  • Mask doesn’t support deep sea diving.


From the list above making a decision on the best snorkel mask wouldn’t be much of a problem.  If I was to select a snorkel mask for a loved one I would pick the wild Horn Sea View 180°  because compared to the rest it is designed with an air flow area that is separate from the main visor which makes it impossible to inhale expelled air. It also comes in different sizes and colors making available to all face size and it is possible to find a color that will match your style.

Whatever your decision on which snorkel mask you wish to buy it is important to take proper care of your snorkel mask after every snorkeling experience.


How To Keep A Tent Warm Without Building Fire


Do you like camping but held back by the chillness that bites your skin and make your upper teeth grate upon the lower ones?

Camping is one of the most popular recreations practiced all across the world. Statista studies show that in 2015 there was a large revenue of about $ 5.8 billion generated from campgrounds and RV parks. Further studies show that consumers spent about $2.5 billion on equipment used for camping.

However, according to The Lancet, 6.5% of deaths in Australia is caused by cold weather. This alarming rate of deaths by cold weather prevents some campers from going all out to enjoy camping.

In spite of this the former statistics show that a whole lot of people still camp and enjoy the bliss under a warm tent. It will interest you to know that I’m one of the few fortunate ones who has learnt the tricks or techniques of keeping a tent warm. Before I finally discovered the techniques that work well, I had tried the method of building small fire close to a hard rock at a distance to create something of a heat reflector.  But this method has been proven unsuccessful and disastrous.

“Fire is a good servant but a bad master.” So the saying goes. U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service (USDAFS) recorded that in 2000, one out of every five persons caused wildfire that resulted from campfire. Also, in 2002 more than 6.9 million acres of land were burnt from the same cause. 

Who says you can only keep a tent warm by making fire?

If you are like me (that you enjoy so much the adventures of camping), you wouldn’t want anything to interrupt your comfort. But if you don’t plan yourself well or you’re not skilled at keeping your tent warm, the cold in the night will deprive you of all the pleasure in camping.

I’ll like to tell you that there’s no easy way to keep a tent warm by fire. This is what I mean. When I used to make campfire, I just couldn’t sleep deeply. I was always awakened at intervals to watch the fire and check if everything was alright. The risk of fire burning my tent was greater than the pleasure of camping. But this came to an end when I eventually discovered some ways to keep my tent warm.

Today, I’ll like to share with you how I overcame the chillness that envelops me when I camp . I hope that you’ll find this guide worth your time and perhaps you’ll also conquer the cold that bites in the night. Read on to discover how to keep a tent warm.


I do not infer that the method of using fire to keep the tent warm is totally bad but there are far better techniques and materials you can use. Before I go further, I’ll like to highlight some materials you will need to stay warm when camping in cold.

  • A tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Extra blanket
  • Base layers
  • Hot water bottle

The above are some of the materials I always take along with me when I go camping and I can boldly say that they’ve really helped me a lot.

Tents can be very cold and when you are camping alone, it can be lonely too. My goal here is to help you enjoy camping out and derive maximum pleasure from the entire adventure, just like I do.

Now let’s go deeper. Without risking the possibility of disastrous wildfire, you will learn how to keep a tent warm. By insulating yourself against cold you can sleep warm at night. The following ways are what I have done when camping and I’m sure they will work for you as well.


If there was ever anyway I had defended myself against cold while camping, this would have been to keep my sleeping bag totally dry. It’s obvious that wet bag will also find a way to get dried and one of its ways is to draw out heat from any source. So, wet sleeping bag will draw heat out of your body and contribute to the cold that blasts you.

Another thing is that if you use down sleeping bag, as long as the bag is wet, it will loosen up, thereby give way for cold breeze to flow in. Alternative to a down sleeping bag is a synthetic bag. I have used it before. it is made to be waterproofed and doesn’t loosen up when wet while retaining the warmth inside the tent.

Why you need this dry sleeping bag:

  • It serves as thermal insulator
  • It lowers the cold that penetrates into your body
  • It serves as a sleeping pad
  • It disconnects your body from the cold ground

How to set it up:

  • Set your tent and ensure it is well fixed
  • Use a sleeping stand if you have one, so that there’s no direct contact between your body and the ground
  • Make sure the sleeping bag is dry and you should carefully place it under the tent

I shall recommend a few sleeping bags below:


What is the essence of a dry sleeping bag when the clothes you’re putting on are somewhat wet? Dry sleeping bag is not enough to keep you warm. Your clothes also contribute to the warmth in your tent.

If there’s one material I have avoided wearing when camping, it’s cotton. This is because cotton materials draw heat out of my body when I wore them. I have discovered that a good pair of socks is perfect and a head warmer that covers my ears. I have come to notice that some parts of our body are more prone to cold than some others and ears seem to be most prone. So wearing a hat that covers your ears a bit helps a lot.

And there’s nothing more infuriating than hearing the faint buzz of a fly or mosquito and not being able to find it. You can use pest reject to protect your camper.

Let me also add: from experience I came to know that using a set of base layers also matter a lot to the overall protection of yourself against cold. Base layers help me prevent numbness. You know that feeling as though there’s no blood flow through your body. So wearing base layers keep you warm.

Why you need these dry sleeping clothes:

What is the essence of a dry sleeping bag when the clothes you’re putting on are somewhat wet? Dry sleeping bag is not enough to keep you warm. Your clothes also contribute to the warmth in your tent.

If there’s one material I have avoided wearing when camping, it’s cotton. This is because cotton materials draw heat out of my body when I wore them. I have discovered that a good pair of socks is perfect and a head warmer that covers my ears. I have come to notice that some parts of our body are more prone to cold than some others and ears seem to be most prone. So wearing a hat that covers your ears a bit helps a lot.

And there’s nothing more infuriating than hearing the faint buzz of a fly or mosquito and not being able to find it. You can use pest reject to protect your camper.

Let me also add: from experience I came to know that using a set of base layers also matter a lot to the overall protection of yourself against cold. Base layers help me prevent numbness. You know that feeling as though there’s no blood flow through your body. So wearing base layers keep you warm.

Why you need these dry sleeping clothes:

  • It protects you as you wrap them around you
  • Wearing head warmers that cover your ears reduce cold
  • Socks keep your feet warm
  • It disconnects your body from the cold ground

How to set it up:

  • Make sure they are dry before wearing
  • Wear wool and avoid cotton
  • Tuck them in properly


As a camping enthusiast, I’ve camped out many a night and discovered that the layers between me and the ground play a crucial role in keeping my tent warm. Can you compare how warm you feel when you sleep on one mat to sleeping on two or three mats? No!

This is because the ground draws a lot of heat from you, so the need to increase the layers between you and the ground is very important. The following materials can be used to increase such layers:

  • Woll blankets
  • Foil blankets
  • Some spare clothes

Why you need to use many layers:

  • It reduces the heat drawn by the cold ground
  • It provides a thicker sleeping pad

How to set it up:

  • Arrange the materials you want to use one after the other
  • Use a lot of wool layers
  • Keep them tight under the tent


Like I said earlier that you don’t need to make fire before you keep your tent warm, you can generate a little heat by taking a hot water bottle along with you. You may be wondering how a hot water bottle can make you warm. Research by an expert, Philip Werner shows that keeping a hot water bottle at some cold places or close to that part of your body where arteries are close to the skin will keep you warm.

Research by OCR 21C Additional Science on the effect of cold on the blood vessel also shows that when we become too cold, there is constriction in the blood vessels that supply warm blood to our skin. This decreases the blood flow near the skin surface.  So keeping a bottle of hot water close to that part is necessary. Apart from this, it also helps to hydrate your body when you feel thirsty. However, you must ensure that the bottle cover is well tightened to avoid accidental spill of hot water.
Why you need hot water bottle:

  • To avoid the discomfort and risk of building fire, hot water bottle serves as an alternative.
  • It generates heat inside of the tent
  • It prevents your body from sickness that could be caused by lack of blood flow

How to set it up:

  • Warm some water and pour it inside a water bottle
  • Make sure the lid is well tightened
  • Wrap it around in a thin layer and keep it under your tent


There’s been a lot of discussion or controversy about this: whether campers should sleep naked or not. I have tried both and I can say that I’m in the best position to offer an advice.

Keeping a lot of base layers around me while I sleep naked inside the tent worked for me. Yes, it kept me warm until one night when I wanted to get up to pee. Before I could put on anything, I began to feel cold gnawing at my skin the way I had never felt before. Since then I’ve been sleeping with my clothes on using some clothing layers that allow me to breathe well as well as layers of blanket. I now even discovered that it was warmer than ever before.

However, if for one reason or the other, your clothes are wet (I hope you haven’t forgotten my second point in this article), it’s better to sleep naked and swaddle yourself in a lot of blankets

Why you need to avoid sleeping naked:

  • In case of the need to awaken in the night
  • It is warmer than sleeping naked

How to:

  • Wear the right amount of blankets


I can tell you boldly that your body is the greatest heat generator that you have when camping. But the question is this: how do you generate heat from your body?

The greatest way is through exercise. There are various ways to exercise when camping:

  • You can take a brisk walk around, somewhere near your tent
  • If you feel that will not generate enough heat, you can do light jugging

Why you need exercise:

  • Your body will generate heat
  • It will keep you warm before you enter your tent

How to:

  • Do some light exercise
  • Avoid sweating
  • Relax and go back to your tent
  • Change your wear before you sleep


  • The type of tent that you use
  • Camping location
  • The meal you consume

Type of Tent

As important as the above tips are, your success in keeping your tent warm largely depends on the type and size of tent you use. You don’t want to use a tent that only at the slightest breeze it will fall apart. So you must make sure that the tent can withstand wind to some extent and is well tightened and secured. A well tightened tent will prevent cold from penetrating. And a tent heater is a good idea if you want your tent always warm.

And for the size make sure you use a tent that is small enough to provide comfort. This will close you over and offer a kind of security.

I shall recommend a few tents below:

Camping location

I remember one night when I didn’t pay attention to my camping site before I made out my tent. By the time the cold breeze descends, everywhere was cold. As hard as I tried to prevent that cold, I still felt my body shivering intensely. Thanks to these techniques I had acquired before then.

So you should avoid setting up your tent where there is much exposure of cold like a hill or valleys. Places like under a robust tree where cold is shielded away a little are fine.

The meal you consume

I usually consider this before any other thing. I noticed how my body reacts to different meals before bedtime. Meals that are high in calories help retain the heat inside. So rather than eating a lot of doughnuts, you should consume meal that contains much proteins as this will prolong your metabolism rate and hence generate more heat.


Camping during the winter is very adventurous and fun. It’s something I love to do and I wish for you to derive as much pleasure as I do from it. But to enjoy this adventure as I do, I have taken my time to offer you the techniques I have been using effectively over the years.
My only hope now is that you should find this article worthy of your time and perhaps you can also contribute to the adventurous life of camping to make it much more fun for camping enthusiasts, just as I hope I’ve done.
Feel free to contribute your opinions in the comment section below. Cheers!

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