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The Leatherman Surge Vs Wave Battle (As Recommended By Experts)


As far as sibling rivalry goes, it does not get any better with the Leatherman siblings. The Leatherman Surge and the Wave are some of the most popular multi-tool choices that rarely disappoint users.

For this reason, choosing between either of them (if you don’t want both) is, therefore, a tough prospect for many. In today's, article, I am going to do a Leatherman Surge Vs Wave review so that you can decide on which one works best for your needs.

I will look into their pros, weight, featuring tools, the material of construction and their overall design.

Featuring Tools

The major difference between the Leatherman Surge and Wave is in their featuring tools. As a multi-tool, the number of tools determines how useful it is to you when you cannot conveniently reach your toolbox. You could be hiking or backpacking.

Leatherman Surge

Of the two tools, the Surge is the larger one with a total of 21 tools. Each of these 21 tools serve different purposes. All these tools are contained in a heavy-duty casing that is easy to manipulate and allows for one-handed access.

The 21 tools include:

  • A needlenose pliers
  • Regular pliers
  • 154 CM replaceable wire cutters
  • 154 CM replaceable hard-wire cutters
  • Stranded wire cutters
  • Electrical Crimper
  • Wire stripper
  • 420 HC knife
  • 420 HC serrated knife
  • Saw blade
  • Spring action scissors
  • Can opener
  • Awl with thread loop
  • 19 centimeters/8 inches ruler
  • Bottle opener
  • Metal/wood file
  • Diamond coated file
  • Blade Exchanger
  • Large bit driver
  • Large screwdriver
  • Small screwdriver

This variety offers you great flexibility if you are a heavy user. The tools are also made from high-quality materials meaning that they will not easily bend when in use.

Leatherman Wave

The Wave is slightly smaller than the Surge and has 4 tools less. Therefore, it makes for a great tool for light users who rarely use the missing tools. Here are some of the tools you can expect to find on the Wave.

  • Needlenose pliers
  • Regular pliers
  • Hard wire cutters
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire stripper
  • 420 HC knife
  • 420 HC serrated knife
  • Saw
  • Spring action scissors
  • 19 cm/8 inches ruler
  • Can opener
  • Bottle opener
  • Metal/wood file
  • Diamond coated file
  • Large bit screwdriver
  • Small bit screwdriver
  • Medium bit screwdriver

I have used both of these tools and just like the Surge, these too are not any flimsy either. They offer you an amazing performance worth any of the money you spend on them. From the list of featured tools, you can notice that the Wave lacks a wire crimper, blade exchanger, awl with thread loop, and the strand wire cutters  


Weight considerations are essential in cases where you need to keep your gear light such as when going hiking. A bulky tool in your pocket isn’t what you need. Fortunately, the Leatherman Surge and Wave are quite lightweight with a slight weight difference between them. This is expected, as the Surge has more tools than the Wave.

As the heavier of the two, the Surge weighs 1 pound (12.5 ounces) only. It may not be much, but it still feels solid on your hand or pocket. But when using a belt pouch, then you won't even notice its presence.

On the other hand, the Wave is the lighter option. It weighs about 4 ounces lighter than the Surge. It weighs 8.5 ounces with all of its contents. If your preference is weight with a slightly reduced tool count, then the Wave is an ideal choice.

Size and Dimensions

Besides the weight, sizes and the dimensions are other aspects in which the Surge and Wave multi-tools differ in. It is one of the considerations some people make when bringing any of these along on a trip.

At this point, it is evident that the Surge is the larger of the two. It measures about 4 x 2 x 2 inches in dimensions when fully folded. All these are taken from its longest, widest and thickest points. On its part, the Wave measures 4 x 1 x 1 inches at its longest and widest parts.

When opened, the lengths differ depending on the tool(s) being used.


The Leatherman Surge and wave are made from the same material, which is one of the areas where the two are even in this contest. Both are made from 420 High Carbon stainless steel. This middle ground stainless steel imparts strength and longevity to these tools.

Since they lack chromium in their structure, these multi-tools are slightly susceptible to corrosion than a standard 420 with a chromium alloy. Nonetheless, the tools are great for hardcore outdoor uses and DIY projects.


Unlike in the past when you would be limited in the colour choice of any Leatherman multi-tool, the current designs feature a range of colours. You are no longer just limited to the usual plain stainless steel appearance you had been used to.

However, color-wise, both the Surge and the Wave come in either a sleek black oxide finish or the usual shiny stainless steel. It is a stylish design that is not too loud, keeping a low profile. This colour is great for some purposes such as in your garage since wiping dirt off it is a breeze.


Both the Surge and the Wave excel in their ways but are almost similar performance wise. To bring the two into perspective, let's look at where each one excels.

Leatherman Surge Pros

  • Has more tools (21)
  • Robust performance
  • Slightly longer for larger tools
  • Highly versatile

Leatherman Wave Pros

  • Cheaper than the Surge
  • Lightweight
  • Easier to use


From the above descriptions, you notice that the Surge offers you more capabilities than the Wave, although it is more expensive. With 21 tools compared to the 17 on the wave, the additional cost might be justified.

Both of these tools will provide you with a good range of standard tools options. Screwdrivers, pliers, wire stripper, can/bottle openers, etc. Choosing between the two is dependent on what exactly you intend on using them for.

For common round the clock uses, then I would suggest you go with the cheaper Wave option. It gets the job done. However, for increased capabilities, you should instead choose the Surge. I have it, so my opinion might be biased.

For the additional cost, you get four more high-quality tools. Plus, it can do everything the Wave does and four more additions. This is because when camping, hiking or in your workshop, you never know when you might need the extra tools.

Best 5 Tent Heaters Pertect For A Camping Tent Guide And Review (2018)


If you are camping during the summer, it is necessary for you to warm to keep cool and one good thing about camping during this season is that no matter how hot the weather could be, you can always find a place to go and keep yourself cool. This is hardly the case during the winter and this is because it is hard to go elsewhere to keep yourself warm. In this case, you must find a way to generate heat for yourself. An extremely cold day cannot be overlooked because it may be deadly and this is why it is very necessary to generate heat. There are many ways to do this including building of fire, using reinforced sleeping bag or camping cot. However, there are times when these methods may be out of question. You may want to learn to heat a tent safely. 

Benfit of tent heater

How would you get yourself warm on a cold night when there’s no chance to build a fire? The answer to this is: tent heater. Imagine you not wanting to signify anyone, perhaps for some personal reasons, with the smoke that come out of fire, and yet you want to keep yourself warm, how can you get through this? Tent heater is the solution to this.

Keeping a camping heater with you at all time is a good idea as it can be the only way to stay warm when temperature has dropped drastically to the freezing level. Before I come to this resolution about carrying a tent heater with me at all times, I have experienced the danger of not having a source to generate apart from making fire when at the camp. And because I do not want you to have a similar experience, that’s why I have decided to write this article for you.

There are types of tent heaters which I will like you to know

Electric Tent Heater

This type of heater has a great energy and high efficiency and, of course, it costs more to use that the gas type. But the advantage of an electric tent heater is that it can be used in a closed space since they do not require you to vent a passage for the poisonous carbon monoxide that leaves the combustion chamber. In addition, electric tent heaters are mostly light and easier to carry as it is otherwise in the case of a gas tent heater, which has a separate compartment for fuel.

The downside of using an electric heater is that it may take longer time to warm up your tent but it will eventually get it warm. Also, there could be a problem of power outage at your campsite especially during a bad weather. However, there are some electric heater which can be powered by batteries, so you can safe on this side.

Gas heater

This type of tent heater often costs much less to run when compared to the electric heater unless the campsite provides free electrical use. Gas tent heaters costs more than the electric heaters at the initial purchase but on the long run, they require less to operate.

More so, a gas heater can heat up your tent far much faster than an electric heater but here, you need to create a good ventilation for the unit so that you don’t risk being choked by polluted air. They can also be a little bit noisy than the electric type but one thing is good about gas heater—you will never have to worry about power.


Power Consumption

Like I’ve said earlier, electric heaters require more to run than a gas heater but the two types, however, add some expenses to your camping fee because you will need both fuel and electricity to run either type of heater. In the case of a gas heater, you have to consider the number of cylinders the gas heater has and you must ensure that the heater consumes less gas even while giving higher output efficiency. As for an electric heater, you will need to calculate the unit of electricity required and determine if it will consume much less electric energy while proving high power output.

When it comes to a tent heater, the best heater is the one that costs less and offers more. So it’s very important to note the power consumption rate and the output of the heater.

Thermal Output

In fact, I feel this is the most important feature of a camping heater, for this is the overall function desire of a heater. The heat or thermal output is the amount of heat that a heater supplies to another body or give out to provide warmth for a particular space. This can be very confusing when buying a tent heater, but it’s important to estimate the probable amount that you’ll be needing so that you can purchase a tent heater that will provide same amount of heat. The BTU rating of the heater tells you all about the thermal output and you can easily estimate the BTU required by your tent by considering the size of your tent and the temperature of your camping area. If you can get this right, you can acquire the best tent heater which will supply heat and warm up your tent no sooner you turn it on.

Weight Of The Tent Heater

The weight of a tent heater is what you will like to consider. For instance, if you are the type that goes to camp often you’ll need to carry the tent heater more often and supposing your camping area is inaccessible by your car, that means you’ll need to carry the tent heater by hand. And don’t forget—there are also important things you will have to carry along to the camp. So you must consider the weight of your tent heater to be ensured that it’s not too heavy for you to carry if need be. So it is best to select a tent heater that is light and portable.

Size of the Tent Heater

Another important feature of a tent heater that you want to overlook is the size of the heater. Size is a very crucial factor when transporting yourself to the camp and you must ensure that the size of the tent heater is portable enough to carry around or to store among other gadgets without taking so much space. This requires you to go for a model that will occupy less of your storage space. For more info about the size read it here on Rainer.

Best 5 Tent Heaters For Camping 

#1.Mr. Heater Buddy Portable Radiant Heater

For high thermal output, this portable radiant heater has between 4,000 and 9000 BTU and it can warm a space up to about 225 square feet. This tent heater is not only good for camping and other outdoor activities, it is also very good for indoor purposes. This means that you can maximize the use of your heater, especially with the 100% efficiency that it has. The heater doesn’t emit any polluted and it is safe and easy to use.

The most powerful of this heater is to detect low oxygen level and then activate the auto shut-off, so as to prevent any danger posed by a surrounding with low oxygen.


  • Two heat settings
  • Fold-down handle
  • High temperature wire guard
  • Large durable porcelain coated heating surface
  • Low oxygen safety shut off
  • Ceramic burner


  • It has high thermal output efficiency and quite easy to operate
  • There’s a regulator to control the use of the propane gas
  • It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Designed to prevent danger using the oxygen depletion sensor


  • It requires you to always refill the propane tank

Basically designed with stainless material, the heater provides up to 2,890 BTU. Perfect for camping, hunting and generally outdoor activities during the winter, the heater features an auto shut-off fuel valve which controls the heater should the flame goes out. This is to enhance the safety guard of the heater. It is easy to use and carry out as it is light in weight.

The most powerful of this heater is to detect low oxygen level and then activate the auto shut-off, so as to prevent any danger posed by a surrounding with low oxygen.


  • Durable stainless steel
  • Safety valve
  • Aluminum reflector
  • Wattage: 847 watts
  • Large paddle foot plastic base
  • Disposable propane tank


  • It has good thermal output efficiency
  • There’s an enhanced safety mechanism
  • The fuel cylinder is disposable
  • It is quite easy to operate and very durable


  • It requires you to vent your tent for safety purpose

With the positive pressure feature, this heater helps you keep carbon monoxide outside of your tent so that inside of your tent you have clean and very safe heat. Featuring a stainless steel that is sealed with heat exchanger, compact 12 volt inline fan, flexible four feet air hoses, the heater is perfect to provide you with warmth on a very cold day.

Being a well-designed metal constructed heater, it can be set up within a few seconds. You only need to connect it to the volt power and the propane tank. The most powerful feature of this heater is that it provides up to about 40,000 BTU. You can see how high the thermal output is?


  • Heat exchanger
  • Flexible four feet air hose
  • Storage bag
  • 12 volt power
  • Propane tank
  • 4.4 Amps


  • An extremely high thermal output
  • Very durable and rugged
  • It is quite safe and clean, forces the fume out of the tent
  • It is of compact size and can be transported easily
  • Designed to prevent danger using the oxygen depletion sensor


  • It is not good for children because they can get choked up

With the 200 watts, this heater can provide quick warmth for your own personal space.  One good thing about this tent heater is that it is concentrated on a particular spot, just exactly where you want the warmth. You will like the heater because the ceramic element offers overheat protection and the exterior of the heater is cool to touch.

Because it is designed for versatility, you can use this heater wherever and whenever you want. It lowers the power used so as to save the energy bill required and also helps eliminate the fluctuations of the circuit breaker.


  • Thermostat
  • Ceramic Element
  • Automatic overheat protection
  • Safety regulator
  • Low oxygen safety shut off
  • Ceramic burner


  • The heater doesn’t overheat
  • There’s a safety regulator
  • It is good for tent because it is concentrated
  • There’s elimination of fluctuations of circuit breaker
  • The heat released by the heater doesn’t affect the heater body


  • It is designed to warm only you and not the entire space

Among the exquisite heater developed by Mr. Heater, this heater is one of the best. It can heat up to 3,800 BTU/hr and has a wide range of use—camp, workshops, garages—and can heat up to about 95 square feet. By control the heat setting, you can let the heater provide just exactly the about of warmth that fits your surroundings.

Although the thermal output is not as high as the aforementioned, the 3800 thermal output is more than enough to make you comfortable. This heater also has the oxygen depletion sensor that detects low oxygen level and then activate the auto shut-off, so as to prevent any danger posed by a surrounding with low oxygen.


  • Two heat settings
  • 3800 BTU
  • Fold-down handle
  • High temperature wire guard
  • Large durable porcelain coated heating surface
  • Low oxygen safety shut off
  • Ceramic burner


  • It is lightweight and easy to use
  • There’s a regulator to control the use of the propane gas
  • It can cover about 95 square feet space
  • Very portable and easy to carry
  • Designed to prevent danger using the oxygen depletion sensor


  • It requires you to always refill the propane tank


Since a tent heater is almost an equipment you cannot do without at the camp as it can be a great companion and a lifesaver on a cold night, it is essential for you to carefully choose a tent heater for your camping. However, choosing this tent heater is not as important as choosing the best one among the tent heaters available at the market. Or else, what will you do with a tent heater cannot provide enough warmth you need to stay well and agile under your tent? A tent heater that consumes more fuel than the thermal output it supplies is also not so good because it means you gain less from your investment.  This is why I have painstakingly  researched thoroughly the best tent heaters out of which I have recommended for you.

I strongly believe that this guide will do you enough good and help you make better decision. Should the kinds of the things you want to do are not met by the tent heaters reviewed here, I hope the guide is detailed enough to open your eyes to see the most important things to consider when choosing a tent heater for your tent

Overall, the best tent heaters offer the required warmth needed under your tent and this warmth must be clean so as to prevent the threat of being suffocated by carbon monoxide.

Best 10 Camping Blankets For Easy Use To Gain Comfort Zone (Guide and Review 2018)


And don’t think a sleeping bag is alone to prevent you from catching the night cold, you’ll need a sleeping blanket to keep you warm, especially during the winter period. You should not undermine the importance of a camping blanket as it can make a difference between a comfortable camping night and a miserable one. The blankets support your sleeping bags to offer you maximum.

On the other hand, camping blanket may be a necessity when the sleeping bag provides more warmth than needed and whereas you still need a little cover for you. To see why you should seriously consider a camping blanket, Montemlife ranks a blanket the most important gear to bring on a camping trip. You can read what the author says here.

To make your search easier I’ll recommend the best 10 camping blankets perfect for a cold night. This is borne out of research rather than random selections It is heavy which means it may not be so suitable for some purposes.


As a serious camper, you should do anything to get a camping blanket and not just that you must get a good one. But for some of us who literally don’t know how to select the best camping blanket among the many lots, I’ll highlight the things you should keep in mind when choosing one.

The material of the blanket

Before any other thing, the first thing you should know and consider is the material from which the blanket is made. For instance, if you only need a blanket for a non-camping environment where you’ll be using it frequently, it is prudent to consider a fabric with high tear resistance. Otherwise, for camping the best kinds of blanket you should pick is a wooden one. This is because it will protect you from the cold on a windy night. More so, woolen blankets are designed to be fire resistant because there’s a likelihood of making a fire in the camp.

Versatility of the blanket

Now, I decide to mention versatility because it is normal to desire one thing that will serve several other purposes. For example, if you will like to use your blanket at the beach, or for outdoor activity at home while at the same time, you need it for camping, you should consider a blanket that have sand pockets and corner holes that work best for the beach, tear resistant because of the use at home as well as wool material for safety at the camp. Do you get it?

Portability of the blanket

Now you cannot say because you want a camping blanket and then become burdensome with one. That’s why you have to consider the size of the blanket and the ease of mobility. A camping blanket should fit well into a travel bag or even sometimes your pocket. Some blankets are made for pockets though. This, however, doesn’t mean you only can use. A portable blanket can be nice for two or even three persons.

So you should consider the dimension of a camping blanket before purchasing one.


This, however, is not as important as the ones mentioned above, but it’s essential I mention it so that you acquire a camping blanket that is worth your money. You should first make a budget for the camping blanket you want and then check the features to see if they match what we have discussed here. Nevertheless, you may want to increase your budget if you desire an exceptional camping blanket.


Available in three different sizes, you can choose any among large, medium and small sizes. OutdoorMaster uses a waterproof material to design the blanket in a way that it provides warmth on a cold night of camping. Besides camping, it is a companion at the beach and also makes a good cover on a rainy day.

With the loopholes in the blanket, you can use it with the stakes to peg it so that it does not get affected by the weather. In addition, this blanket is fit for may purposes including hiking, picnic and travel. Don’t’ worry if the blanket gets dirty because it is quite easy to clean.


  • Loopholes
  • Stakes
  • Built-in storage
  • Ultra compact
  • Foldable


  • Product is waterproofed
  • Perfect for use on a rainy day
  • It is multifunctional
  • It is quite easy to clean


  • It is a little bit stick when it gets too hot

Westore camping blanket is big but compact. When unfolded it is 55” X 60” in size and 5.5” X 4.3” when compressed. You see the variation, so it is easy to carry around even in your pocket. Even with the big size it is light in weight. More so, it is sand and dust proof as well as washable.

More than just for camping purpose, it can be used on grassland, for hiking, picnic and the likes. 


  • Waterproof
  • Soundproof
  • 4 blanket stakes
  • 100% quick dry nylon


  • It is big enough to serve you well but compact to keep
  • It is dust and sand proof so that it doesn’t get dirty easily
  • Serves various purposes
  • Very light in weight


  • It may not be suitable enough for people who are chubby

TheCozy pocket blanket is made of a strong parachute nylon that easily sheds away sand, dirt and even dries very fast when you wash. Even on a hot summer period this blanket remains cool as it is able to regulate temperature.

With its extremely light and thin design, you will not have to worry about carrying this blanket around. It is soundproofed and waterproofed.

Having corner loops at each edge of the blanket, you can easily fix the blanket and not worry about the weather. It has gathered highly commendable reviews from users and you know what? It’s a good deal!


  • Thin design
  • Corner loops
  • Trendy color design
  • 4 corner loops
  • 4 stakes
  • High-quality polyester


  • It is foldable and can be stored easily
  • You can easily wipe off dirt away to save you the stress of having to wash the blanket every now and then
  • Very versatile
  • Can easily fit into your pocket


  • There are clear markings for folding

The best feature I feel this blanket has is the fact that it can accommodate up to 7 adults. Yes, it is that big. If you have a music festival coming up, want to go for camping, an exceptional mat for a picnic. It is huge and about 9’ X 10’ in size; this is like 40% larger than an average camping blanket.

Because it comes with a personal travel pouch, this camping blanket can easily be carried around, so comfortable and fashionable. This is because it compresses to 4’ X 8’ when you fold it. It has 4 good anchors to secure properly the blanket. So there’s no need to take off your blanket when it is windy.


  • 100% parachute nylon
  • Dry nylon fabric
  • 9’ X 10’ when unfolding
  • Anti-heat material
  • Foldable


  • It is oversized but very compact to store
  • Good for a large outdoor activity
  • Amazingly soft, strong and highly durable
  • It is heat resistant and also water repellent


  • It is not so small that it can fit your pocket

If you need a camping blanket that offers maximum and exceptional warmth, this woolen blanket is quite perfect for you. It is loom woven and has fine edges on every side so that it is able to prevent fraying. This is best camping blanket for winter and best wool blanket for camping. In addition, the blanket is very rugged and thick as well as high durability.

Furthermore, the blanket doesn’t scratch the body ad it’s soft so that it provides comfort. Apart from this, it is designed to be very versatile as it can be used for travel, hunting, boating and majorly camping.


  • 90% wool blanket
  • 10% synthetic blanket
  • Fire retardant
  • Natural Insulator
  • 4.4 pounds


  • It provides much warmth
  • It can effectively regulate the temperature of your body
  • Easy to wash, either with hands or machineOdour free and non-scratchy
  • Odour free and non-scratchy
  • The blanket can resist fire
  • Good for emergency purpose


  • It is heavy which means it may not be so suitable for some purposes

Matador pocket blanket is quite a good choice because of its portability. But it doesn’t end there. It is also versatile—it can be used for picnic, beach, hiking and camping. Also, it is very water resistant and has some built-in ground stakes. Matador blanket doesn’t get punctured easily and has sand pocket corners to ensure that it is perfect for us at the beach.

Featuring built-in ground stakes the blanket can be kept flat and secured in the wind. This is one unique feature that makes it good for camping as well as the dryness and comfort it provides.


  • Integrated storage pouch
  • Satin fabric
  • Sand pocket corners
  • Easy pack pattern


  • It is very versatile and doesn’t stick to the skin
  • Very lightweight and water resistant
  • You can fold it easily and store
  • It is quite comfortable and protects from twigs, rocks, dirt, water and even sand


  • It is light and wind has the tendency of swaying the blanket

This is one pocket blanket that can accommodate even a family of five. However, it is lightweight but quite big even though it weighs only 0.44 pounds. Made of improved materials, it is water resistant, easy to clean and dry and also it cannot be punctured easily.

With the attachment of a rain hood this pocket blanket can be turned into a raincoat and protects you when the rain comes suddenly. It can easily be secured to the ground using the 4 steel stakes and 4 sand holders.


  • Attached Rain Hood
  • 4 Steel Stakes and 4 Sand Holders
  • Advanced polyester material
  • Foldable


  • Very water repellent and light in weight
  • It is quite easy to clean, very soft and offers much comfort
  • Very versatile


  • It is not so cool for a washing machine because the agitator can tear it if the machine has one.

Having a rectangular shape and reinforced corners with tie-down loops, this pocket blanket is great for not only camping but also for several outdoor activities involving hiking, picnic, beach, and even yoga. Beyond that it can be used as a table cover or a cat seat cover. So why not consider a camping blanket that offers more than just camping?

Featuring a built-in metal ground stakes, which is also very corrosion resistant, you can use this camping blanket in spite of a terrible wind. Even when at the beach it is perfect for you as it has sand pocket corners and water resistant


  • Reinforced corners
  • Tie down loops
  • Waterproofed ripstop nylon
  • Advanced polyester material
  • Foldable
  • 48” X 28” when folds out


  • It is foldable and can be stored easily
  • It keeps you warm, comfortable and dry.
  • Very versatile
  • Can be used to cover two people when lying and four when seated


  • It may not be suitable enough for people who are chubby

Looking for a perfect camping blanket that meets almost all you desire in a blanket? This camping blanket is the best fit. Apart from amassing maximum rating from the users, it has a large versatile use. Designed with a lightweight parachute nylon, the sand beach cannot find a way to stay inside it. Also, grass doesn’t cling to the blanket and any dirt on it can easily be brushed away.

It is easy to fold and can be used comfortably by 2 persons. But in a case where you need the blanket to cover more people, it can extend to cover up to four persons. The pocket loops at the corners of the blanket can be used to fasten it to the stake.


  • Corner loops
  • Lightweight parachute nylon
  • Palm size
  • 55” X 60” size


  • It is a favorite of those who have purchased the blanket
  • It is sand proofed and can be cleaned only by brushing
  • Serves various purposes
  • Very light in weight


  • It may be 100% dry in an extremely wet environment

It is when you fold out this blanket that you’ll actually see how big it is. It looks so small and compact when you fold in fact to about the size of a mobile phone, and yet it can accommodate 2 or 3 people. It is useful for every outdoor activities you may want to engage in.

While keeping you comfortable and warm, it can protect you from undesirable materials that are present during an outdoor adventure such as twigs, rocks or sand. This pocket blanket can serve as a rain cover as well as a beach mat.


  • 100% woven ripstop polyester
  • Corner pocket
  • Storage pouch
  • 55” X 60” size
  • Foldable


  • It is very versatile, lightweight and water resistant
  • It is quite comfortable and protects from twigs and sand
  • This product is very small that it can fit into your pocket like a phone
  • You can fold it easily and store


  • No specific markings that will help you refold it


Overall, I have informed you about each of the ten camping blankets and I have done well to give you the information that will help you decide on which to acquire. You can see that all of the blankets here are accorded high rating as well as good customers review.

Furthermore, some of them meet all of the things I advise you consider before purchasing a camping blanket. However, some that don’t compensate for the features in another way. So whatever features you feel are most appealing to you, you’ll surely find a camping blanket that meets that. Good luck!

Best 7 Tent Stakes Perfect For Every Surface (Review and Buying Guide 2018)


One tool that helps your tent withstand strong wind or any other bad weather is the tent stakes. Tent stakes help to secure your tent. That’s why you’ll need a very good one and this tent stake should be light in weight, strong enough to withstand bad weather, durable to function for a long time, and while you consider the flexibility of use, they must easily penetrate the ground.

A good tent stake should give you the leverage to dive it into the ground using your hand and in some cases where the ground is hard, by using a hammer you should be able to drive the stake into the ground easily. There are different types of tent stakes and they serve various purposes. Some stakes are aluminum, some are ultra-light, some are for snow, some for sand while some others are for hard ground. On whatever surface you intend to pin your tent, the tent stakes that will be reviewed here will definitely offer your needs.

These are the best tent stakes that are perfect for use either on hard ground, sand, beach sand, gravel, rocky ground, sandy soil, soft ground, snow, rocky soil :

This tent stake is perfect for anchoring tents, tightening and securing the tent against any weather condition. The rods are galvanized so that the stake will not corrode and are also heavy duty 4mm diameter. However, each of the stakes doesn’t weigh more than 1 ounce but yet the pegs are unbreakable. They are 9 inches long and a non-slip 1 inch rope for fastening.

Apart from camping purposes this tent stake can be used for garden nettings, tarps and protecting flowers or vegetables. So if you need a multifunctional tent stake that can also be used as a fence equipment for your chicken coop, this galvanized steel tent pegs is just fine.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It is very strong and durable
  • It is corrosion resistant
  • It has multifunctional purposes
  • The pegs are quite unbreakable
  • Suitable for soft ground

For this tent stake to be a top best selling stake, you should know that there’s something unique about it. Not only is this tent stake corrosion resistant, it will hold your tent strong against various bad conditions like heavy winds, in sand, grass and even on rocky soil. It’s also very good for sporting events, canopies or for a picnic with friends, in short whenever you need to secure any covering overhead, this tent stake will work perfectly.

Featuring milled points as well as large heads for good hammering, the stake can easily be driven into hard soil. There’s a PVC stopper for an effectiveness fastening.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It is very strong against all kinds of terrain
  • It can be used for some other outdoor events like sport
  • It has features for easy driving into hard soil

Made of forged steel with sharp point, the slim design of this tent stake allows you to easily drive the stake into the ground. And if you want to loop the tie down the plastic top portion allows you to do that. The tent stake is of 8mm diameter and 10 inches in length.

Being like metal spike nails, you can drive the stake into almost anything and they can be removed easily as well.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It is designed for easy driving and removal
  • It can be used on almost all terrains: hard ground, sand, beach sand, gravel, rocky ground, sandy soil, soft ground, snow and rocky soil
  • The steel is very strong and durable

Explomo is truly a special tent stake which is designed as a multi-functional use tools, long and large enough for nailing large tent, big canopies and they provide maximum security for the tent. The head is optimally designed with hook and hole and cannot be hammered out of shape.

Made of forged steel and heavy duty material, this tent stake will remain in perfect condition even after a long period of use and cannot be affected by rust. This tent stake has features that have made it gather perfect rating from users.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It can be used for multi-purpose and hold large tent ,tarps and canopies
  • It is very strong and durable

If you need an unbreakable and inflexible tent stakes, I’ve made this BareFour available for that. This tent stake is so strong that you can hammer it into rocky ground with less effort because of the toughness of its tip. More so, the head is made flat and big to reduce the amount of slipping that can be experienced.

Featuring a hole on the hook you can easily pull out this stake. The stake is of 12 inches length and 0.4 inches diameter and made of high-quality forged steel, which ensures that the stake doesn’t snap or bend. The hook also prevents the stake from entering too deep so that the overall use of the stake will be with ease.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • There is no snapping and bending of the stake
  • It is designed for easy use
  • It can be penetrated into rocky surface, hard ground and gravel

One unique and enticing feature of this tent stake is its ability to glow some hours after dark. This is made possible by the phosphorescent resin heads which also have a hook and hole and for tying it down. This HTS is made of galvanized stainless steel to prevent rust from eating it.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It adds it own brightness to the tent and highly corrosion resistant
  • It can be used on both rocky or soft soil, sand, and soft ground

If there is one tent stake that is designed with extremely high quality materials, it will be this. Using Kungix Tent Stakes 7" Aluminum Alloy this stake has a very high tensile strength so that there won’t be any fear of the stake being broken. Apart from this strength the tent stake is ultra-light making it a good stake to carry around without burden. It can easily be penetrated into the soil and will stand firmly in the ground regardless of the weather condition.

Why I choose this product for you:
  • It is very strong and firm in the ground
  • It can withstand any weather condition
  • It is made of highly durable material
  • It is easy to fasten and loosen


Tent stakes are essential part of camping equipment because they help secure your tent and offer resistance to bad weather such as strong winds. So it is important to select the tent stakes you will use to secure your tent and I’ve done well to help  research the best tent stakes that are perfect for you whether on a rocky ground or soft one.

The tent stakes reviewed here offer maximum benefit and this has been proven by the ratings they have gathered from users’ experience. You can also find out the little shortcomings these stakes have. However, I hope that this article has provided you with enough information and has made it easy for you make decision. Go for the best!

Top 9 Campfire Tools That You Can’t Do Without In The Camp


The importance of making fire when in a camp cannot be undermined. This is because it serves many purposes: it is highly needed when you want to make food in the camp when there’s a need to signal for help, or perhaps when you need fire to keep you warm when the night cold is becoming unbearable.

To make a fire in the camp there are three essential things, that is oxygen, the source of fuel and heat and to keep the fire burning after you have ignited it, you will need dry woods. These dry woods can be found in the camp; even if it is during a heavy rain, you can still find some dry woods in the dead trees. All you will have to do is get an ax to cut down the woods into sizable length required for the campfire you intend making.

Another source that helps keep the fire burning apart from dry woods is tinder. Tinder can be acquired from dry grasses, which are also available in the camp. These are some of the basic ways to start a campfire. You should consider placing the driest part of the woods or dry grasses into the center of the fire and then those parts that seem wet should be placed at an angle where they can get dried easily and also catch fire.

At first, you may want to start with many kinds of wood so that the fire can stand for a long while and then keep adding woods gradually to keep the fire burning. With practice, you’ll get to know very well when and how to add the woods to make it more effective.

However, with all this said I’ll like to inform you that to make a campfire you will need some tools and I’m going to make it easier for you by listing out the tools necessary for making a good campfire. I’ve narrowed down the list to the 9 most essential campfire tools you cannot do without. These are:


The use of bellow to boost fire has been in existence for a very long time and it’s been used by a blacksmith and the likes. But technological advancement has also extended to the development of bellow from the ancient model to the modern telescopic hand tool. 

Bellow helps you increase the fire and keep it burning while you are able to keep your distance from the fire as you add oxygen.

The bellow I want to recommend for you is Epiphany Outdoor Gear Pocket Bellow Collapsible Fire Tool

Editor Rating

Epiphany Outdoor Gear is a collapsible fire tool which has received a great accolade from the users for any reasons involving its ability to supply an incredible amount of oxygen into the fire and it does this to a specific area to which you direct the bellow. Epiphany bellow is an ultra-light backpacker that makes it easy to carry around.

Why is this bellow an important campfire tool:

  • It helps you keep the fire burning
  • It saves you from the stress of using your mouth to billow oxygen into the fire
  • It is easier to you than the primitive mode of increasing fire

There’s also a video showing a customer’s review of the product.


After an interest day full of camping activities, just like every other person, I usually long for something really nice to eat. And this is why I cannot go to camp without a grill. A portable grill is really helpful when you need to make some food for yourself. With a few recipes that I’ve taken along and some cooking ingredients, I can easily turn them into nice delicacies using my grill. Since I know that you also will surely desire to eat after a hiking or swimming day, that’s why I included grill as an essential tool for campfire.

If you want to make a campfire that helps you prepare your food, grill is what you need.

This grill I’m going to recommend for you in this article is Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill

Editor Rating

Texsport grill is made of high quality welded steel that is spread over a campfire. This grill is quite a necessary cooking accessory. It makes it easier for you to grill your ingredients while camping and as a result, you get some very tasty and yummy food. Because this grill is designed for cooking over an open fire, it is not necessarily too big for you to carry since you can fold the legs and make it compact for easy storage and transport.

Why is this grill an important campfire tool:

  • It helps you get your food done
  • It makes camping life more interesting
  • When in a company, it can be used for a picnic


When I was talking about the reasons why you need a grill, I mention that you may need it for a picnic. Now considering you want to have a more lively and remarkable camping experience, perhaps with a partner or among friends, cosmic flames is another campfire tool that adds colors and vivacity to your camping experience.

COSMIC Magic Flames For Woodburning Fires

Now let’s say you go camping with friends and you don’t just want to make a campfire for keeping you warm, you need something dazzling and brilliant that will spur your environment into life. That is when cosmic flames come in. Only by tossing an unopened packet into the fire, the next thing you see are colors. Cosmic flames produce magically bright blue colors, dazzling green, radiating purples. Other than having a boring yellow light or fire, you can dance around a rainbow of colorful flames.

Why cosmic flames are an important campfire tool:

  • It adds life and beauty to your camping experience
  • It is good for a picnic evening with a partner or friends
  • Brilliant colors have a way of making you excited


I particularly included this because it occurred to me that I had once wanted to start a campfire when it began to rain. But then I had a pocket below to continue but it was not weatherproofed, this is what makes me include this kit in this article.

I’ll like to recommend another Epiphany product and that’s Epiphany Outdoor Gear Bellows Weatherproof Fire Starting Kit.

Editor Rating

Whether it is rainy or the whole environment is in total wet condition, you cannot be stopped from making a campfire.  With Epiphany weatherproof fire starting, you can increase the fire ignition. You will only have to do this at higher elevation since the ground may be too wet to allow the fire to blaze. More so, the case in which this fire starting kit is kept is water resistant. So you can see that this is safer and more productive than the ordinary bellow.

Why is this weatherproof bellow an important campfire tool:

  • It helps you make fire even in wet condition
  • It is more productive since not even rain can stop you from making campfire
  • It is light in weight


When you immerse these cotton balls in Vaseline for a while, they become a great tool for increasing fire. Don’t forget that vaseline is flammable because they contain some organic compounds that are petroleum-like. Cotton itself catches fire easily, so the combination of cotton balls and the Vaseline in contact with a small spark of light will turn into a big fire.

Editor Rating

Why is this cotton balls an important campfire tool:

  • They also keep the campfire burning
  • They indirectly serve as a tool to set small sparks afire
  • They are easy to use
  • Apart from campfire you can use them for other purposes like cleansers, nail polish


You cannot just make fire and keep it there, sooner or later it will burn out, so it is necessary you also consider camping firewood as some of the essential tools that aids the sustenance of campfire. To do this you can either use a complete log of wood or split the log into smaller pieces, perhaps depending on the kind of fire you intend to make.

It’s important I mention that you shouldn’t break off trees because you want to make fire. This is quite destructive to the camp as you are killing the trees at your campsite. Also, I don’t think you need to spend money to acquire this since you can easily walk around and pick of the fallen branches of trees, chop them into sizes you can carry and then you’re ready to make fire.

Why is this firewood an important campfire tool:

  • It helps sustain the fire after ignition
  • It serves as a source of fuel for the fire
  • It reduces the amount you will have spent acquire some other sources that help keep your fire burning

I will only advice you look for some good firewood at the campsite and also be sure that they are dry for fast and effective use.


SOG Tomahawk Axe Camping Axe – “Survival Hawk” SK1001-CP Survival Axe and Full Tang Axe w/ 3” Chopping Camping Axe Blade + Fire Starter Survival Rod

Editor Rating

I earlier mentioned that you’ll need lots of wood to keep your campfire blazing, but you’ll also need something to get the log of woods. This is why I have included a camping axe among the necessary campfire tools. When you find the fallen branches of trees that are good for making a fire, you cannot start carrying heavy logs of wood now and then. In short, big logs of wood cannot be arranged easily to roar the fire, so you will need an axe to chop the logs into the sizes that fit the campfire you’re making.

Apart from chopping of woods, a camping axe can come handy during some other activities such as hunting, hiking, fishing to mention but a few.

Why is this camping axe an important campfire tool:

  • It helps you acquire the correct sizes of wood needed to make the desired campfire
  • It makes it easier for you to transport woods and tinder
  • It serves some other important purposes including hunting

I have researched an effective camping axe that will fit your need and this is 14” Travol camping Axe, made of forged steel and fiberglass handle. If you want to read more about Tarvol Camping Axe. Some other people have used this Travol axe basically for camping and you can read their opinions about the axe here.


This is obviously a campfire tool that you will need to arm yourself with. Of course, all of the woods, grills, and any other campfire tool that I have mentioned are nothing when there’s nothing to start the fire itself. There are many sources of starting a fire, one of which is fire matches. But matches are not the best when it comes to camping or making a campfire, so I’ll recommend a nice campfire starter for you.

JAJA ProStart Campfire Starter

Editor Rating

Why is this campfire starter an important campfire tool:

  • check
    It is the most important tool for igniting a fire
  • check
    It is easy and fast to use and also very safe
  • check
    It has an adjustable valve for controlling the flame
  • check
    It can be used for igniting a backyard fire

 Also, if you want to see how a fire pit is built using a fire starter, watch it here..


Roasting fork is not needed at all when you need to make a campfire but you cannot neglect the use of these sticks. You’ll surely need to eat at camp and that’s why I’ve included grill in this list but when grilling your recipes you cannot use your fingers to start turning your foods on fire. This is where the use of roasting forks come in.

Editor Rating

I have selected Wilcor Campfire Hot Dog and Marshmallow Roasting Forks Sticks for you based on the features and quality exuded by this roasting fork. The sticks are 33 inches long, which means that your fingers will not be anywhere close to the fire while you bake your foods and make your hot dogs quickly. Roasting forks are quite necessary for a great outdoor campfire cooking

Why is this roasting fork an important campfire tool:

  • It helps roast your recipes on fire
  • It is safe and easy to use
  • You can clean it easily and reuse


There are no ways I’d have provided you with an extensive information about campfire tools which will make your camping life and experience better without including some tools that will help you get your food done. Or else, of what use is a campfire that cannot be used to make some delicious delicacies?

Since I have included the necessary tools to ignite a campfire, tools to sustain the fire, as well as what to add to the fire to make it more colorful and lively without neglecting the tools that contribute to the need of your belly, I strongly believe that you will find this article detailed enough to equip you with campfire tools. Whether you’re just launching a camping life and of course want the entire benefits a camping experience can offer, or you’re already a camping veteran, all of these tools are very important part of camping and you’ll need them.

Best 5 Camping Fans For Good Vetilation (Buying Guide And Review 2018)


No matter how interesting your camping trip seems to be, you shouldn’t hesitate to take a camping fan along to keep you cool on a hot day or at night. This is because the best solution employed when you need to cool tent is a camping fan. The most common camping fans are the ones that are operated by battery—some of them use a rechargeable battery with a power adaptor while some others use non-rechargeable that you can use and dispose and then buy another battery. Also, there are those that use solar energy but the disadvantage of such is that you will be required to charge it during the day, which may be the time you will need the fan.

Camping helps us relax as we take a break from the hectic work life. However, the weather could be very warm that you will find it unpleasant to camp and even the heat inside the tent could become very unbearable. This is something I have experienced and I know how uncomfortable it could be. In fact, I came to the realization that camping fan is one of the essential tools for camping after I experienced it. Ever since when I tell people who desire to camp about the things they will need, I usually add a camping fan.

I have researched thoroughly and formed a basis on which the fans I’ll mention here are chosen and it’s mostly based on the users’ experience of the camping fans. Follow this review in this article and discover the best camping fan for good ventilation. In addition to a beginner’s guide to camping gear, you may want to read an article on Lifehacker.

Features to consider before choosing a camping fan

Weight of the fan

Camping fan should be as light as possible so that you can easily store and transport it without feeling that you’re involved with something heavy. As a matter of fact, most lightweight table fans that are used in office can also be considered as camping fans.

Battery component

The battery component should also be considered—camping fans that have 3 to 4 batteries are sure to last longer than those with one. The number of batteries mostly depend on the runtime of the fan as well as the ventilation power. So the battery consumption rate is something you should consider because you don’t want to get a camping fan that runs down as soon as you switch it on. The different types of battery available are the alkaline battery (dead battery), rechargeable battery, and solar energy.

Airflow rate of the fan

You may also like to consider the fan airflow. There are a variety of settings for this. Some camping fans have good ventilation power and faster airflow rate. However, this may be dependent on the settings of the fan. You may decide to choose the maximum airflow which is about 4.2m/s for an extremely hot period or the lowest airflow for a moderate day. It’s not only on the hot days that a camping fan is necessary; it’s good on a cooler month to lower the condensation rate within the tent.

Noise level

You surely don’t want to discomfort yourself with a camping fan which is meant to serve otherwise. But when thinking of the noise level of the fan, you should go for something quiet. A fan blade that doesn’t make too much noise could be fine.

LED lights

Some of the new innovative camping fans use LED lights for brightening the environment. You may want to consider this, too, when choosing a camping fan. It comes with internal and external light that provides illumination,bring feel the warm your tent and especially when it’s dark.

Fan size

There are a whole lot of sizes of camping fans, from the smallest to the big ones. The smallest fans have only the fan blades open without any barricade to cover the blades. But I don’t think it’s appropriate to bring such a fan along for camping. Obviously, it is dangerous and you don’t want to hurt yourself when you’re supposed to enjoy the camping life.

I personally prefer a medium fan with some good features because I’d not have to carry a heavy load around while still getting all I need out of a camping fan. The big fans that run on the lead battery are also fine. In short they provide good airflow just like those fans used at homes but they can be sturdy and heavy.

Read what others are saying about fan sizes with respect to the tent: Size of fan for a tent.

Type of fan

The types of camping fans available are not that numerous, so from the few available I feel it should be easier for you to select your choice. Some camping fans have a base or a stand on which the fans are meant to lean. They are good for use both inside the tent and outside. You can place them on the table during dinner or just beside you while you lie to relax.

Best 5 camping fans that will provide proper ventilation for your tent

This camping fan is a perfect fit for you even when power goes out. It has energy efficiency that ensures that the battery life lasts long while releasing maximum airflow. In addition the fan has a handle that makes it easy for you to carry the fan and store it.

Featuring LED lights with 3 different settings, which are high, low and nightlight, the LED lights provide an option for you whether you intend to use the lights direct or indirect. This is done by the rotating feature of the light.

Apart from camping this fan can serve some other outdoor activities like a picnic. In short you can also use the fan in your office. Watch the video review here


  • check
  • check
    LED lights
  • check
    Dual power source
  • check
    Built-in handle
  • check
    Polaroid D Batteries
  • check
    AC adapter
  • check
    Multiple power sources option



  • It’s quiet
  • There is light in case of night camping
  • It is easy to fold, carry and store
  • There’s built-in handle for moving it around
  • The base has a good stability, even on an uneven surface it will stand
  • Good for other activities like traveling and office use
  • No holes for attaching it to the wall

Innobay is one of the most powerful and highly engineered USB fan you can see. In fact it makes life easier and better, not only when you go camping but also when in a hot bus. This fan provides a maximum speed of about 13.0mph, 10.5mph and 8.4mph depending on the setting you tune the fan too.

By holding it with just one hand, you can work with the fan anywhere and anytime. There is 1 LED light to guide you in the night.  If you want to know what users are saying please read more.


  • check
    Handheld outdoor
  • check
    LED lights
  • check
    Multiple fan speed setting
  • check
    USB port
  • check
    Pure copper brushless motor
  • check
    AC adapter
  • check
    2600mAh lithium battery



  • It is compatible with various power sources whether it is power bank, AC adapter or USB port
  • It is more environmentally friendly than that of disposable battery
  • It is easy to fold, carry and store
  • It is easy to fold, carry and store
  • It is safe and efficient
  • It can be charged using different sources
  • Good for other activities like traveling and office use
  • The battery is rechargeable

With the help of Coleman tent fan, you can overcome the threat of heat and also get yourself a comfortable night or day under your tent. The airflow of this fan ensures that air circulates all around the tent and the lighting system of the fan also supports the overall performance of the camping fan.

Apart from the stand that this fan has, it has a magnetic base which helps you attach the fan to the ceiling. The fan is quiet and durable and you can adjust the setting just as you prefer whether high or low. At night the bright light changes to a kind of light perfect for the night to ensure that you’re safe when out there camping.


  • check
    CPX system compatibility
  • check
    CPX 6 rechargeable power cartridge
  • check
    Four D-cell batteries
  • check
    CPX 6 A/C Adapter
  • check
    Foam blades
  • check
    Runtime: 10 hours on high; 30 hours on low
  • check
    Four lifetimes 5-mm LED lights



  • It’s quiet and durable
  • It is perfect for both adult and kids
  • It can be put on a stand as well as on the ceiling
  • For various outdoor activities including a picnic
  • Light can be switched from day to nightlight
  • The LED lights produce up to 99 lumens
  • The stand can’t withstand much vibration

This fan is one of the most unique camping fans you can ever get. With just one D battery the fan can work for as long as five hours in the high speed while in low speed setting the fan can run for about 15 hours. In addition to this good run time the led light which is referred to as lantern can run for as long as 20 hours.

 You want to know more? Watch the video review here.


  • check
    Camping Lantern
  • check
    D battery​​​​
  • check
    14.5cm fan diameter
  • check
    18.4cm height
  • check
    Adjustable speed setting



  • It is very portable to use
  • It is easy to use
  • You can easily control the speed
  • There is LED light for night camping
  • Battery is not included so you’ve got to install one in the top case

If you need a camping fan with function as that of a power bank, I’ve carefully selected this fan for that. The fan has 3600mAh power function and two built-in 1800mAh Lithium batteries. More so, it has a hook that helps you hang the fan on the most preferable position on your tent.

Featuring extremely bright 10 LED lights, this fan can make the dark night turn into day. There are also two gears for adjusting the fan speed. The most fascinating feature of this camping fan is its multifunctional purpose. You can use it either as a fan or as a lamp.


  • check
    Hook for hanging
  • check
    3600mAh power
  • check
    1800mAh Li batteries
  • check
    USB charging
  • check
    Speed setting



  • It is easy to fix on your tent
  • It has a high power function
  • It has a multifunctional purpose
  • It is rechargeable
  • You can use the fan as a lamp
  • The LED is very bright, about 100lumens
  • It has only one single power source which is a rechargeable battery


I have researched well on the best camping fan out there and I have selected and reviewed these best five based on my research. I strongly believe that you’ll find this guide of high importance when purchasing a camping fan. But however it’s going to be, DO NOT FORGET! You need a camping fan.

Good luck!