What Food Should You Take Along To The Camp? Sure Tips To Choosing The Right Camping Food List


Do you really know the foods you should choose for your next camping trip? A complete camping food list is something you cannot do without when preparing for camping, and since space for your camping items may not be something you have in luxury, it is better you choose wisely the perfect foods. As you know meals that are high in calories help retain the heat inside.

The foods I have selected for you in this article range from little snacks to spicy meals, and I have done this because from experience I know what it means to pack foods you’ll eventually not eat, which may become wasteful or longing for foods you like but they’re not within your reach.

Hence, I have put this article together as a token of my own contribution to your camping adventure.

The following are the foods I have come to believe are very essential for a camping trip, and I have explored a few of them in details for solid understanding to show you why I chose them.


Fruits (Bananas, apples, strawberries, etc)

One of the sources of nutrients for our body is by taking the right kinds of fruits. And guess what, these fruits are much better taken when they are fresh and at room temperature, although sometimes we may consider chilling them, so as to lower the temperature in our body while we enjoy them chilled.

Since you wouldn’t want your camping to mean lack of access to nutrients, it is good you consider packing some fruits along. My own camping favorite fruit is banana. The reason is simple: bananas contain high potassium and other nutrients that ensure your body system is kept in proper condition.

More so, bananas are quick when you need something fast with which you can fill your belly and also, bananas are easy to transport. A large bunch of bananas doesn’t take much space than necessary.

Another reason why banana seems to be my favorite is that it makes a quick breakfast. Bread with peanut spread on it; putting bananas on this bread makes a very good meal to start your day with. Apart from banana, there are peaches, strawberries, pears, avocado, apple, pineapple and many more.

The vitamins provided by these fruits are also very essential for your body.

Egg (Scrambled or Boiled)

Either in the scrambled form or boiled form, you can actually eat an egg with a variety of pastries. This makes egg one important item that should be included in your list. Apart from the fact that it can be eaten with various foods, it also serves as a source of protein for you while you are camping.

However, carrying crates of eggs may not be so easy, in fact, apart from the space it will occupy, the eggs can get broken easily before you even get to the camp and they may eventually become waste.

One trick you can use when taking eggs for camping may be to scramble them into a container like a liquid, mix it properly so that the yokes dissolve totally, add the appropriate salts and then freeze it for preservation. This way, you can transport the egg easily while also preserve it.


I have included cheese on this list because of its versatility. This is what I mean, you can actually grate it over your morning meal, spread it on your afternoon dish, eat with apple or even add it to any dinner delicacy, which may be chicken, pasta and so on. All of these only require a single block of cheese.

Apart from this, you can use it in its pungent form to make juice. All you need is to heat it up. Cheese can be eaten with almost whatever you’ve got lying around.

Chunks of Meat (chicken, fowls, turkey, etc)

When someone mentions chicken as a food item for camping, the first thing that comes to my mind is a barbeque chicken. When you prepare your chicken very well, it can be a delicious and wonderful meal that you feel like you’re at your dining table at home.

Chicken can be prepared in many ways: it could be shredded to spice up another dish, chopped, or cubed. In fact, you can tuck a shredded piece in between slices of bread or spice with sausage to get a yummier meal.

It can also be boiled in a soup to eat some other meals. In addition, chicken provides protein that will give you the energy needed to continue your adventure. Other alternatives to chicken are fowl, turkey. Apart from all this, you can hunt for some animals that will provide you as good a meal as chicken or more.


Another all-around food you should include in your list is beef. You can eat the beef alone while you grab some drinks, or even grind it and spice it up with spaghetti, salads, or with any other food that would have been bare and ordinary in your mouth. It is not only the ground beef that works wonder, you can also dry your beef and spice it up in another dimension to make some nice delicacies.


Apart from filling your belly with foods, snacks also help you get some crunchy foods you can eat from time to time, especially if you like to keep your mouth busy. For more nutrients, you can infuse some nutritious food in your snacks.

A few carrots, a package of cookies, crunchy-creamy snacks made with milk, peanuts, healthy carbs and some vitamins contained foods are good for making snacks at the camp. 

You can watch this video here  that shows a guy shopping for easy car camping meals

Other foods that will make a good camping food or food condiments are:

  • Milk
  • Bread
  • Lettuce
  • Hot sauce
  • Noodles
  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Bread
  • Butter
  • Salt
  • Coffee
  • Marshmallow
  • Carrots
  • Oil
  • Yogurt
  • Chocolate
  • Condiments
  • Sugar
  • Cereal
  • Beans
  • Potatoes
  • Nuts
  • Garlic
  • Multi-tools
  • For more easy camping food recipes, this video above might help.


    • check
      A good camping food should not be perishable
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      It should be compression-resistant enough to prevent being squished into the food storage
    • check
      A good camping food should provide nutrients, and
    • check
      It has to be filling and satisfactory



    One of the pleasurable things people derive from a camping experience is cooking. You can quickly make some good food with the campfire and have a nice dinner and even with your friends.This is very common among people who have made cooking a hobby. Now, combining camping or rather cooking in the presence of nature with what you consider a hobby gives much more pleasure.

    If you don’t get this, perhaps because you have not been involved in it before, you can imagine making fire and cooking under an umbrella of trees, or cooking just directly opposite a picturesque or aesthetic view of nature, such as beautiful columns of trees or even waterfall. In fact, you may want to do this again and again.

    The only downside of cooking at the camp is that it may require you to carry more items, so you will need to check each item you’re taking along for the purpose of cooking and be sure you’ll be needing them.



    You may want to make your breakfast something that is easy to cook or make such as quick oatmeal, breakfast bread, eggs, sausage, or cold cereals with milk. Apart from this, fresh fruits also do wonders in the morning.

    Now, to make it easy to decide, if you have included perhaps cold cereals with milk as your breakfast on the first camping day, you may need to estimate the number of people that are going to camp with you and then you will need to pack the precise amount that will be enough to prepare for the number of people going to camp with you to avoid excesses.


    If you are going to pack any food at all, you will need to include foods that contain carbohydrates and protein. These are the kinds of food that give the energy you will need for the day, especially you’re your morning freshness has been sapped out.

    These foods should not necessarily be something much to make; sandwiches, burgers, baked chips, cheeses, or bun are enough to supply you the energy you need to carry on the days’ activities. This can be like a few packets of baked chips for each person.


    I can say that dinner is where you reserve all the chunky items in your food list for. Of course, after you have spent the whole day swimming, hiking, boating, all you may want is a very nice and spicy meal. This will be easier if you have stocked your cooler with chunks of cooked chicken, which you can then grill or just warm it up with your campfire.

    You may also consider making some barbeque or grill some corns. Other foods that fit into this category are salad, potatoes, grilled burgers, fresh fish or even macaroni. The important things you may need before getting some of these foods is a campfire, hunting, fishing. Hunting and fishing will help you capture some fresh meat you can the grill with your campfire.

    I’ll be recommending the following items for you; they might come handy if you consider cooking at the camp:

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    You don’t need to pack any unnecessary food items or even pack food you’ll not need eventually. It is even more important to take this point seriously if you don’t have much food storage. So the following points will help you make the best use of this list.

    Remove the items you don’t need

    Having gone through the list of foods you will like to take along to the camp, you should then begin to remove those you know you’re likely not going to need or you’re likely not going to eat. There is no point packing food neither you or any of your family members will eat to the camp.

    Add only essential items

    If you have ever gone camping, there are foods you must have craved that are not available. These are the kinds of food you’ll likely be needing at the camp and these are the essential ones you should first include in your list.

    So apart from the list of foods here, you may also add your choice of snacks and meals. Also, perhaps you or your child usually prefer to add brown sugar to some oat, this means that brown sugar is also an important item you should consider taking along.

    Use the list to crosscheck the items on your list

    To follow this point properly, it is more effective to gather all your foods in a particular spot and check everything you have included all along. This may help you remove some and add some others. Your dining table may be a good spot for this.

    Or better still, you can estimate the number of foods you will need for the entire period you’ll be spending at the camp, and then pick out the foods you’ll be eating each day. This can also help you avoid packing excess foods. However, you shouldn’t pack exactly the amount of foods you’ll be needing, especially if your camping includes your family or friends; and also to prepare for any unforeseen occurrences.

    Another important point as regards this is that you may change your mind when it is time to eat the meal you have planned for that time, and having more than enough foods means you’re not restricted to that particular food. Create options for yourself.


    After all, you now have a broad overview of what a camping food list should contain, the kinds of food you should consider for your next camping trip and also how to maximize the use of this camping food list. This is not a definite solution to a camping food list; you can either add or remove, still depending on your choice. However, this article is detailed enough to provide for you the basis of foods that will help ignite your camping experience.

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