How to Get in Shape By Swimming: Best Things You Can Do


Swimming is known as one of the best cardio exercises. More than just being good for the heart and the lungs, this physical activity has also made a reputation for being effective in having a better physique. If you want to get in better shape, swimming is the solution. Whether you would like to tone your arms, strengthen your legs, or sculpt your abs, among other things, swimming is promising in more ways than one.

In this short article, we’ll talk about how to get in shape by swimming. This may not be easy as it will require hard work, dedication, time, and effort. This is not something that you can do overnight. If you take it seriously, however, you might find it impossible to believe how astonishing the outcomes can be.

Things to Do on How to Get In Shape by Swimming

Here are some of the things that will help you to get a toned body from regular swimming exercises.

1. Master Breathing Techniques

Swimming is all about proper techniques. You need to master these to do things right and build your body. That said, one of the most important is that you learn how to breathe properly when you are in the water. Start by getting comfortable with your head or face in the water, which will allow you to breathe properly.

Practice the fundamentals of rhythmic breathing. As soon as you finish breathing in, you should exhale through the nose or mouth. Exhaling should be done when your face is in the water. You should learn how to find your rhythm so that you won’t end up being short of breath.

Without proper breathing techniques, buoyancy, balance, comfort, and propulsion will all be negatively affected.

2. Work On Your Strokes

If you are going to resort to swimming as your main exercise to get in shape, it is crucial that you also learn how to do the right strokes. This is important not only to propel yourself efficiently in the water but also to avoid injuries and body pain. If you are unaware of how to carry out the strokes properly, you will be prone to body aches. Whether it is backstroke, breaststroke, or freestyle, you need to master the techniques to do it like a pro and build your arm muscles.

3. Learn How to Relax

Especially if you are new to swimming, one of the first things that you need to learn is how to relax. Earlier, we talked about proper breathing techniques. This is one of the first things that you need to do to stay calmed and composed. Otherwise, it will be more difficult to concentrate and you won’t be able to swim right. By learning how to relax in every stroke, you are giving your arm muscles to rest. This avoids exerting too much pressure. Otherwise, you will easily feel tired when you are swimming.

4. Build a Lap Swimming Routine

Intensity, resistance, and design are three of the most important things that are crucial in lap swimming to get in shape. The key is to add more resistance to your routine. This forces your body to exert more force and make bigger movements, which increases the intensity of the exercise. One of the best ways to do this is to use swimming paddles. This gives more resistance to every stroke that you generate in the water.

5. Try Aquarobics

If you are looking for low-impact exercises that will help to build your body or your muscles, aquatic aerobics or aquarobics can be a big help. It is easy on the joints, so even for people with mobility issues, this is a good water exercise. Often, it is done as a group exercise, which makes it fun. This is unlike swimming on your own that can often end up being boring. However, take note that it is not as intense as other exercises, so doing this alone may end up being insufficient if you want to build muscles.

6. Try Water Polo

Aside from water aerobics, water polo is another great way to improve muscular strength and build your body. This is also done in groups. More than being fun, it is an excellent way to develop your competitive spirit. Power, speed, and strength are some of the main factors that are improved in water polo training, which are also all crucial in improving your physical shape.

7. Include Kickboard Exercises in Your Routine

By adding a kickboard in your swimming routine, you are more inventive in your workout, which is a great way to take your workout to the next level. This is one of the best exercises in the water, making it a great way to improve your core. It works your core muscles, which will be more effective if you combine it with land-based exercises that will give you well-toned abs.

8. Practice Swimming Intervals

Interval training is used even by endurance athletes to quickly get in shape. Consider your skills to decide what is the best interval to incorporate in your workout. One thing that you can do is to swim fast at intervals of at least 50 meters. When you get to the edge of the pool, rest for at least 30 seconds. Through having intervals, you are giving your body the chance to rest and your breath to catch up, which allows you to work out more.

Pro Tips

Before we conclude this short post, allow us to leave you with some tips on how to make the most out of swimming to build your body.

  • Swimming alone is not enough. You should complement it with land-based exercises that will allow you to target the different parts of the body you would like to get in shape.
  • Maintain a regular schedule. Discipline and consistency are important in having a swimming exercise routine that will get your body in shape.
  • When you are training, make sure to equip yourself with the right gear. From your swimming cap to your goggles, dress for the water. This is crucial for your comfort and safety. Otherwise, you might hate training and you won’t look forward to the next time you are doing it again.
  • Find yourself a trainer or a coach, especially if you are a novice. It is nice to have someone provide the motivation that you need. This will also help to instill self-discipline.


Without a doubt, swimming is one of the best exercises. It strengthens your heart and lungs. More importantly, it makes you physically fit. So, pay attention to the things that have been discussed above about how to get in shape by swimming. Things won’t be easy, but if you keep in mind those tips, it won’t take long before you can reap the fruits of your hard work.

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