How To Kneeboard Like A Pro?


Kneeboarding is a popular water sports activity many love performing in the flat water surface. Also, it remains an alternative to water skiing and even wakeboarding. Kneeboarding is performed by sitting down on your knees on a board at the same time you have to hold to a rope as a boat drag you throughout the sea.

For beginners, the most difficult part of performing kneeboarding remains to find difficulty getting up on the board. How to kneeboard like a maestro depends on how much you practice regularly. Once you learn the tricks of getting up and positioning your body, you can become an expert in kneeboarding like a pro.

Kneeboard kinds you should be aware of!

If you are a beginner, there is a rotary moulded board available that remains soft, robust with wider edges. The design helps a starter to control the board smoothly while surfing. It reduces the risk of falling and even if you fall, it lessens the possibility of injury.

There is advanced kneeboard available specifically crafted for experts. The light-weight boards remain lean with sharp edges. The boards will allow the rider to create more speed producing turns and move.

Major safety rules you must strictly follow!

  • Wear fitted flotation all the time. The jacket will snugly fit your body covering your chest, abdomen, and back preventing you from slipping on the body when you fall.
  • Make sure the equipment is in good condition. Your safety depends on the equipment you use.
  • Give starting signal to the boat driver only when you are ready.
  • Never ski near to pilings, docks, swimmers and other boats. Check your surroundings where you are planning to ride to avoid a collision.
  • Don’t sky in shallow water or area where there can be obstruction beneath the surface. 

Now let’s have a look how to kneeboard like an expert.

Techniques to improve your kneeboard riding

1. Strengthen your body and stretch

You can perform various yoga poses to stretch and strengthen your body. This would make your body flexible and ready enough to hit the water. A triangular pose remains greatly to stretch your back. Focus exercising those muscles as it remains for those who perform water sports activities regularly.

2. Pick up the right board

You should pick the right board that suits your skill level. Compression moulded boards remain slender, flimsy and more responsive. They are good for wake jumping and moves. Roto-moulded boards remain thick made of plastic. Youngsters can use them as they remain stable and inexpensive. The new sandwich construction boards are in greater demand due to its performance and ride-ability. They are strongly built, responsive boards for a faster movement.

3. Choose the correct rope

There are two types of ropes accessible: no stretch and low stretch. No-stretch ropes provide solid, consistent pull, and they remain safer to aim wake tricks. Low stretch ropes are great for kids. Also, look into the rope length. You may start short with 40 feet and if you can leap the wake effortlessly, extend the rope further. The rope length for top-level riders varies from 45 to 85 feet.

4. Position your body

When you are on land, lie down on the board placing your elbows where your knees end up. Firmly hold the handle and pull the rope slightly to stimulate the pull of the boat. Move your knees slowly up to the board and make sure your knees touch your elbows. Now you can put your weight back on your heels holding the handle near to your body. While boarding makes sure, you keep your arms straight by pushing the handle down.

Position your body


5. Kneeboard deep water start

Maintain the proper body position on the kneeboard is essential. You can start by lying down on your stomach in water, top of the kneeboard. Hold your weight back and keep the board straight facing the boat. Hold the handle on the front with your both thumbs and place your elbows near to your knees. Using your elbow balance the board and once you are ready, ask the driver to start moving slowly.

Now, slowly move your knees to your elbow keeping the tip off the board straight and make sure you balance your weight back properly. Now once your knees start touching your elbows, move on back keeping your arms straight and push the handle slightly low. Maintain your body position on the board for 20 seconds. Slowly you can position your shoulder back keeping your arms straight and low.

6. Steer the board

You can steer the board by hastily changing directions. If looking to steer the board towards the wake, try out each cut by simply angling your head and shoulders using your knees and by placing the tip off the board to the direction you wish to move on. While cutting, make sure you keep your shoulders back and initiate the handle to the opposed hip of cutting direction.

7. Be familiar with kneeboard tricks

Once you can change kneeboard positions effortlessly, you can try out some kneeboard tricks to have fun deep-water. You may try side slides for 5 seconds. The process involves turning the board sideways to the boat. You may use your knees to spin the board 90 degrees towards the boat. Hold the handle near to your hip and entirely turn yourself sideways.

kneeboard tricks


Turning the kneeboard front to back position is a trick you can try out through the waves. You should turn 180 degrees to reverse position keeping the tip of the board pointing away from the boat. Make use of knees, hips, and head to turn the board 180 degrees to the boat. Simultaneously you can release the handle using hand towards the direction you travel. Once you gain confidence in kneeboarding, you can try out a few other board tricks like double wake crossing, backward steering, and backward wake crossing.

8. Never look down

When you are performing water sports activities, one thing you should keep in mind, never look down or else, you will fall. Keep your eyes straight ahead to have fun and to stay safe. When trying boarding tricks, don’t leave the handle. If you do so suddenly, it would eradicate forward and rotational movement. Even if you doubt it’s difficult for you to make it out, hold on until you land safely.

Initially, you may find the water sports activity very stressful but never give up. Keep on trying and try out different tricks to succeed. Remember, kneeboarding is fun and make sure you ride with your friends to enjoy the game at the fullest. You will progress slowly and become a pro in kneeboarding with no time.

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