Kayak Touring – How to Plan for a Kayaking Trip


For adventure and outdoor enthusiast, there are things that are as fun, exciting, and enjoyable as going to outdoor excursions. Probably it is because the very idea of camping out and getting away from the electronic world that is too exhausting that people want to be overwhelmed by the sense of peace, serenity, and adventure, all at the same time. With this, planning for a kayaking trip with your friends or family might just be the greatest idea you can have this summer.

Kayak paddlers are very unique, especially in terms of how they interact with the outdoor environment. With kayaks, paddlers are able to go to places even when they are just inches above the water’s surface. That already is something that our feet cannot do. So, if you are planning to have a kayaking trip, it is better to be prepared. If you are curious about what preparations you can plan ahead, then keep on reading this post.

How to Plan for a Kayaking Trip

The process of figuring out the details of your kayaking trip makes the actual trip a lot more fun, as it builds anticipation and excitement. In addition, if you are going with a group, it could also be a fun bonding moment with your friends, along with meaningful debates and interesting discussions. The actual research alone about the places you can go to with your kayak is already a fun activity to do.

There could be several factors that may come into play when planning a kayaking trip. Beginners and more experienced paddlers alike must consider the following items before attempting to go out on a kayaking trip. A word of advice, start planning early so that you have ample time to prepare for your gear and buy those that you lack. Here are some of the things you should consider:

Camping Availability

If you are going on a kayaking trip, you first need to research where you can camp out, in case you are not thinking of going home by nightfall. However, picking the right place to set camp would limit the lakes and rivers that you can kayak in. What’s great is that there is readily available information about overnight camping. You can also ask the experts, as well as park rangers about their recommendations. We do advise that you plan ahead so you can go and check websites to find out the best campsites to go to when you all get tired of paddling. Just remember to always be respectful of private property, along with public land, when you are out on a kayaking trip.

Lake and River Information

Once you have carried out a list of the locations where you can set camp and paddle away, it is now time to think about which is the best location for you to kayak. When choosing, be mindful of the lake or river’s features and see if it is somewhere that you can explore. You can also ask and debate over the kind of river you all want, how strong the current is, or if the water’s temperature is a considerable factor. In addition, ask questions like if the river or lake is going to be crowded on certain dates or if the river or lake has enough water to paddle at the time and date of your trip.

Kayaking Shuttle

Often overlooked, this factor is among the most important ones to consider when planning a kayaking trip with your friends. With this, you always need to consider what type of car you all are bringing; taking into consideration the number of people and kayaks that the vehicle can carry to the site. It is always wise to arrange the rides for your friends because it makes planning a lot simpler. In case you are leaving your vehicle unattended, make sure that you store all your valuables in a safe and secure place.


Before you set out on your kayaking trip, make sure that you have discussed the distance you are all going to travel with your mates. It is very important to make a mutual agreement about each member’s limitations. In addition, it would also be in your best interests to leave off some time for safety, rest, and a little bit of exploring.

Safety and Weather

It is vital that you check the weather information at least a week ahead of your kayaking trip. It is very common that rivers and lakes rise, due to heavy rainfall. In addition, you also need to factor in the temperature at night, in case you are planning an overnight kayaking trip. With this, you can also plan what kind of apparel you are going to bring to the trip.

Gear and Equipment

Planning a kayaking trip is already a lot of fun, as you get to prepare all the gear and equipment that you are going to bring to the trip. You also get to experience the feel of using your new gadgets and the anticipation should be very exciting for all of you. What you can do is to prepare a checklist of the things that are necessary and those that may not be at all important and can be considered ‘extra baggage’.

Hydration and Nutrition

It is also vital that you plan ahead of schedule the food and drinks you will consume on the kayaking trip. In most cases, you will be out in the wild, with no access to food and drinking water. To add, you most likely will not be able to communicate with the online world for food deliveries. Therefore, you need to bring loads of food and drinks to keep you healthy and hydrated during your trip.

The Number of People Going

The number of people you are going with is actually a very important detail that should never be overlooked. In case you are going with an even number of people, you can simply paddle with two-person kayaks. If there is an odd number, on the other hand, someone is going to have to go alone.


Before you set out on your kayaking trip, we do advise that you print out a copy of your itinerary and send one to a family member or a friend. With this, you need to detail out your plan, including the places you are going to, the date when you will be back, among other important details. This would certainly come in handy, in case there is an emergency. Hopefully, this post will be of great help, especially if you are planning a great and fun kayaking trip in the next few weeks.

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