How to Replace Suunto Dive Computer Batteries


There have been several technological advances in diving equipment in the last decade, making diving a water sport that is accessible to every enthusiast. One of the innovations in recent years is the dive computer, which is the main reason why diving has been made easier and safer for everyone. To define, a dive computer is an electronic device used by the diver to measure the depth and time, allowing him to accurately calculate the ascent profile. In addition, it also prevents the diver from experiencing decompression sickness.

We’re sure you’ve encountered the name Suunto when searching for the best dive computers on the market. In fact, the brand’s got a good reputation in terms of diving equipment that offers accuracy and reliability. As with any other electronic device, dive computer batteries also run out of juice. With this, we will be discussing everything that you need to know about how to replace Suunto drive computer batteries in this post. Keep on reading this post if you’re curious.

Why Replacing Suunto Dive Computer Batteries Are Important

When diving, nitrogen is dissolved quickly into the body tissues, due to the increase in pressure as you descend deeper into the water. If that happens in excess, you may experience decompression sickness, as mentioned above.

Most of the time, this sickness only goes mild and does not present significant harm to the diver. However, other cases of decompression sickness potentially lead to paralysis, circulatory shock, and numbness. When you are able to keep the dissolved nitrogen level within the acceptable limit, you are also limiting your chances of being troubled by decompression sickness.

In order to prevent decompression sickness, replacing your Suunto dive computer batteries when needed is essential. Doing so ensures that your device is operating the way it should. Here’s are some other reasons why the process is very important:

Dive computers can provide you with a longer time at the bottom

As these handy devices calculate accurately how much time you’re allowed to be underwater, it is vital that you replace your batteries when it’s run out of juice. Dive computers consider the changing depths, especially when you’re diving on multiple levels. This is where dive computers are more reliable than dive tables, which does not let you take into account your time spend at shallow levels under the water.

Dive computers offer accurate depth and time information

Accurately determining the maximum depth and the bottom time are very challenging tasks to do when you’re diving. Using a dive computer eliminates the hassle of determining these aspects. Therefore, if you know that your dive computer’s batteries are in need of replacement, then you should proceed with it.

Dive computers provide you with an ascent rate gauge

If you’re a diver, you already know that it’s vital to ascend at a slow rate. Going faster only increases your chances of experiencing decompression sickness. Dive computers feature built-in monitors that calculate the ascent rate, alerting you if you’re ascending too quickly. This is a very useful feature, so you need to keep your dive computer batteries in its good operational state at all times.

Dive computers also have air integration features

Air integration features such as the amount of air supply and cylinder pressure are present in most dive computers. In case you don’t know, these features alone help you prevent emergency situations, in which you run out of air while at the bottom.

What You Need to Replace Your Suunto Dive Computer Battery

  • Suunto battery kit
  • Flat screwdriver
  • Torx TX screwdriver
  • Pincet

How to Replace Suunto Dive Computer Batteries

Replacing your Suunto dive computer battery is very easy and you won’t be needing any kind of professional assistance to do it. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Thoroughly clean your desk, as you’ll be working with tiny parts. Doing such also prevents hair and dust from infiltrating the housing of your Suunto dive computer.
  • Start unscrewing the three Torx screws you’ll find at the back of the Suunto dive computer.
  • After you have successfully unscrewed the Torx screws, you may now pop the lid open using a flat screwdriver.
  • Once you have opened the dive computer, you need to notice its inner components.
  • You’ll find sitting in the middle is the battery, which is likely protected by the o-ring. Take it out using a pincet and discard them. This would prevent you from making a mistake of mixing the old parts and the new.
  • Open your Suunto battery kit and take hold of the new o-ring provided.
  • Using the pincet, place it onto your Suunto dive computer.
  • You’ll notice that the o-ring already has already been greased, so there’ll be no need for you to apply more on it.
  • You might want to take further checks for dust and hair before you fully seal the o-ring.
  • Once the o-ring has been placed neatly, you may now place the new battery in using the pincet.
  • When you have successfully installed the new Suunto dive computer battery, as well as the o-ring, it’s now time to put the lid back on. You should also know that this only fits one way. This is very convenient, as you’ll never find a way to do it wrong.
  • You can also apply a bit of pressure when doing this – until you hear a clicking sound.
  • You may need to keep pressing on it until you’re sure that all the screws are perfectly sealed in.
  • You may also need to turn the screws up until they’re hand-tight. This would be more than enough when you’re sealing the lid in.


When you’re first buying your Suunto dive computer, inquire what type of battery it uses, as well as some information pertaining to its lifespan. If this is important to you, you need to make sure of this because it might make a significant difference in your diving experience.

Changing your Suunto dive computer battery is fairly easy, so easy that you won’t be needing professional assistance to get it done. While some of the models on the market now require that their products must be returned for battery replacement, it is such a relief that you no longer need to do that with the Suunto dive computer, and well, because of this guide.

Just be sure that if you choose to change the batteries yourself, that the case is not flooded, as the warranty might just be voided. Hopefully, you get to apply this new knowledge in case your Suunto dive computer battery needs to be replaced.

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