20 Must-Carry Kayaking Equipment To Carry For Your New Outing!


Do you get crazy when it comes to the outing? Well, you should be! We all become super busy in our lives that we forgot that there is a child within us who wants to explore the world now and then. We all should plan a trip to make ourselves refresh. It not only brings a change in our routine but also relaxes you. Are you planning for a kayaking trip?

There are so many things to take up with you. To help you out here is a little help from my side. Below down there is a tally of top 20 kayaking things that you should forget to pack. Here is the rundown of it:

1. Clothing

Whenever you go for an outing especially for water rides, make sure you have enough clothing stuff with you. Clothing is one of those things that shouldn’t be compromised at any cost. Your clothes will only protect you from the changing weather and other situations.

2. Personal items

Your personal stuff includes all the items like sunscreen, sunglasses, identity proof, mobile phones, money whether in cash or card, shelter. You should also carry enough food and water with you as per the requirement. These all items can be carried in a bag that can be carried on your shoulder so that they can be taken into use whenever necessary.

3. Fishing bag

If you’re fond of fishing and is planning for the same, don’t forget to put all the items related to that in a separate bag. The first and most important thing to keep is a fishing license. Without it, all other things will be in vain. Other than this, fishing rod, water shoes, paddle, the jacket should make up their place.

4. Sea things

If you’re planning to make your trip wet, be very cautious while packing for it. Even if you leave one thing, your whole planning will be useless. Pack up the compass, life jacket, sea kayak, shoes compatible in water, skirt to make your sea experience a beautiful one.

5. Seat

While kayaking, you’ll be badly in need of a seat that can support your back and can provide you comfort. For this, carrying a seat can be a good option for you. It’ll ease you at every point in time while kayaking. Always go for the seat that supports you well and creates good compatibility with you.

6. Protective gear

When you step out from your home, be prepared for the worse. You should make yourself fully packed with all the necessary items that can be needed in case of emergency. Protective gear will protect you and your body from bad situations and keeps you safe.

7. Footwear


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Your footwear plays an important role here. It is very necessary to keep your feet dry as well as warm. Be very careful about the quality and comfort of the shoes. The footwear should be highly comfortable, and the height of the shoes should be enough to protect. The sole of the shoes should be sturdy and should be properly fit in your legs.

8. Tools for navigation

At the time of diving or floating, you have to see in which are you going ahead. These should be proper navigation tools available to help you out. It should be highly easy to use, and inside water, you’ll not be able to operate much. You should also see that the device is highly waterproof. Otherwise, it’ll be useless.

9. Dry bag

There will be present many valuable things like your wallet, cell phones that you can keep at the time you will go for floating or sea diving. The dry bag will resist water to enter into it and thus will keep all your things dry as well as safe. Therefore a dry bag is a must to carry anywhere you go.

10. Compass

At the various point of time you’ll be in need to know the direction where you’re going. Compass will be the only device to help you out there. Make sure you have a good quality compass that tells you the correct direction always.

11. Defensive helmet

A helmet protects your head from the harsh water waves sideways. You should carry a good quality helmet that is designed especially for kayaking. These helmets are made rustproof, and the ratings from the safety point of view are always kept high.

12. Dry top

Dry top

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There should be available a dry top which you can wear while floating. It’ll not let water enter your body, and you’ll remain dry always. This will avoid a cough and cold in any situation and will keep you fit for further traveling. Therefore you can enjoy your trip to the utmost.

13. Gloves

Protect your hand from the cool conditions with the warm gloves. A glove should be easy to be adjusted and fit in your hands. The fabric of the glove should always be soft.

14. Emergency kit

There should always be present an emergency kit which can be taken into use at any point in time. Small first aid box, emergency flares, headlamp with extra batteries, VHF radio. These things come into use quite often and should be there as soon as you step out of your comfort zone.

15. Floating items

If you’re a floating king or queen, make sure you have all types of equipment required of it. This includes live jacket, gloves, paddle, emergency instruments etc.

16. Beginners touring kayak

If you want to travel for a long distance and is also a beginner for this, touring kayak is a must. It has a tracking system fit into it and is also very stable to keep you safe and secured. The material with which it is made up of is solid and sturdy.

17. Hat

To protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun, you should carry a hat with you. You should look up a hat that is comfortable to be worn and also should protect your face, neck as well as your shoulder. You should also be able to breathe properly through that.

18. Paddle

Paddle kayak

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Being a water lover, a must-carry thing comes out to be paddled. It helps the kayak to float in water properly. You should always look up for a paddle that is made up of sturdy and strong material to withstand the salty water and its rigidity.

19. Live jacket

If you are a floater, the live jacket will act as oxygen for you. Try your jacket before packing as it should be the fit body and comforts you in every way. Also if you’re buying a new one, do see a US coast guard certification on it that assures its quality.

20. Roof rack

Transport your kayak from the car or other destinations with the roof rack. It is easily compatible with the car or other vehicles and is extremely easy to use. There can be easy as well as quick loading and unloading into it.

Don’t compromise at all with the quality of the equipment in any case. Some of you might think about your pocket before actually buying your things. Kayaking equipment can be a little expensive but the experience it’ll give you will be for the lifetime. What do you think? Happy kayaking!

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