Are There Seasonal Campgrounds In Michigan?


During holidays or when holidays are approaching, the first thing on one’s mind is “Where do I go?” I have asked myself this question more times than I can recall. During such moments, you are only thinking of the next place to visit, the quiet yet beautifully landscaped location you crave to find yourself.

Do you wish to spend your next vacation in Michigan? How long would you love to stay? For people who have been to Michigan a few times, there is no doubt that the region has a lot to offer. However, if you are one of those who are yet to visit Michigan, you would definitely be thinking of various seasonal campgrounds in Michigan, looking for the perfect pair.

Michigan is the ideal location for a camping trip. This is the one place I will always recommend to people. There are several reasons I recommend Michigan as a camping ground. The first is that it has a mix of all the natural scenes you would love to see. Talk of a blue sky, waterfalls, rocks, lakes, beautiful sand, a forest encircled lake and more. The second is that the city itself is made for tourism and recreation.

Obviously, your question has been answered. Yes, there are seasonal campgrounds in Michigan. The question now is not even how many they are. The question is how many you can visit. In this article, I will be taking you through some of the finest seasonal campgrounds in Michigan.

Here in Michigan, you will appreciate Nature. Let’s take a look.

The Seasonal Campgrounds in Michigan

1. Tahquamenon Falls State Park

The Tahquamenon Falls State Park is located in the Eastern Upper Peninsula. This is one the United States’ largest waterfalls, found around Eastern Mississippi. The Upper part of the falls stretches up to 50 feet above the ground, having a width of 200 feet or more. These features have merited its status as one of the must-see attractions.

There is more to love about the Tahquamenon Falls as it also comprises hiking trails of up to 40 miles including thirteen inland lakes while approximating about 20,000 acres of land in the natural area. This is a location of exploration where you can have enough fun whether being passive under the tent, walking around the majestic Falls, or just anything. 

2. South Higgins Lake State Park

The Higgins Lake is a crystal-clear lake. You can head to this campground to cool off in the water before or after having a discussion under the tent warm. Also, you can get youself metal detectors which you can use to try out your luck while in search of hidden treasures located along the shores.

You will love the Higgins Lake as the wildlife offers diversity to the norm that is expected of water bodied campgrounds. The wildlife can be observed while you travel the camp’s trails.

3. Porcupine Mountains State Park

At the Porcupine Mountains, you can find tents right in the middle of a beautiful green area/garden. This park is located in the Upper Peninsula’s western part and it is the largest Mountains Park in the whole of Michigan. With over 60,000 acres, you should always switch to your mobile map when visiting the Porcupine. Here, there are several campsites you can choose from. Aside from the mountains, the waterfalls, hiking trails, make this park a worthwhile scene. 

4. Wilderness State Park

The Wilderness State Park comprises 10,500 acres of an extensive campground located in the Northwestern part of Michigan. Here, you can have a relaxing moment at the breathtaking Lake Michigan which stretches for about 26 miles.

This is where you will find pristine water and quality air that makes you feel like you are breathing premium air. You can as well participate in a number of recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, and biking. Irrespective of the season you are visiting, there will always be something fantastic about this campground.

5. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Northwest Michigan has a lot of beautiful scenes, and the Sleeping Bear Dunes is one of them. Explore the dunes escorted by the guide or just wander around by yourself. Relax under the tent. Swim at any of the multiple beaches of the park. Walk through the lush beech-maple forest. Inhale the sweet fragrance of maple syrup.

Are you going with a group or individually? Perhaps, you are going with some of your little cousins. You don’t have to worry. There is a big chance that your they are adventurous. The sleep Bear Dunes has a game of rescue mission billed for kids down at Maritime Museum where they get to rescue shipwreck survivors.

6. Lakeport State Park


This campground is located in East Central Michigan. This is the first campground I would recommend if you are visiting East Central Michigan. It comprises 250 campsites, making it more than enough for visitors and their family and friends. You can take recreational activities in several outdoor games including canoeing, shooting hoops, tossing horseshoes, and more.

At the Lakeport State Park, there is something amazing for everyone as you can never run out of recreational ideas or beautiful scenes. Stare into the lush sprays of the Lake Huron while enjoying the comfort of modern facilities offered at any of the 250 camps. 

7. Ludington State Park

Unlike some of the campgrounds listed above, this is where you can really have some active roles to play as a visitor. Do you love hiking? How about folk music? Do you love seeing animals do what they know how to do? Great! Pick up your boots for some hiking and head to the Ludington State Park located at Northwest Michigan to camp and have a wonderful weekend. Don’t forget to come with your bike and try out the 18-mile trail at Ludington Park.

This is where you can be sure to have get close and personal contact with wildlife of various types. The Lake Michigan is just by the Ludington Park. If you love sunbathing, you can lie by the shores of Hamlin Lake to soak yourself in the bright sun. for Folk music lovers, musical artiste Mark Dvorak comes here quite often, but you can be sure to catch up with him during July at the Ludington Park’s amphitheater.

8. Manistee National Forest

In the Manistee National Forest, you can both get lost and entranced at the same time. The stretch of miles of beautiful rivers and sparkling streams make this Forest another wonder of Northwest Michigan. Whether it is having a wonderful canoeing experience at the Pere Marquette or you want to go fishing at the Benton Lake, there are lots of delight to take in the Manistee Forest.

As part of the sighting, you can examine the forest’s incredible ecological features which includes the dry sand, coastal marshlands, oak savannahs, bogs, dunes, and more. Cottages are as well available here, and this campground is home to a fish cleaning station. You can join other campers in a round of volleyball activities or explore the network of biking trails.

9. Sleepy Hollow State Park

This is an East-Central Michigan location. The Hollow Park is an unspoiled beauty that has kept its natural habitat intact. The habitat is home to over 228 species which some of them are the Bald Eagle and Blue Jay. Here, you can take walks along the trails through to the prairie grasses, the lovely pine trees, and the hardwood forest.

10. Saginaw Country Park And Lake Of Dream

This campsite is home to 151 sites located near a small lake. The lake has several features that make it awesome for swimmers; one of them is the sandy beach. Some of the amazing activities you can engage in include hiking and hayrides.

At the Lake of Dreams, you will find two ponds specifically designed for catch-and-release fishing. This is one of the best locations for kids as they will enjoy the playground arena, the water park, as well as the weekend themed events.

11. Gateway Park Campground, Hillsdale

Located on the beautiful Hillsdale South-Sand Lake, this campground stretches over 135 acres of wooded land starting from the Irish Hills gateway. The campground offers clean and modern recreational facilities and is a good destination for a family time. There are 99 campsites in the Gateway Park. The park has undergone several renovations since inception. There are nightly and seasonal campsites in the Gateway Park.

Another fascinating reason why you would love this place is that it is just 40 minutes away from the Michigan International Speedway where the NASCAR race holds in June and August annually. There are also numerous golf courses within this area, and the 10 minutes distance from Lake Baw Bees could be the killer as you can visit the Lake Baw Bee for a larger and bigger swimming experience.


Michigan is the eighth most populous state in all of the U.S. It is as well the 11th largest in terms of land mass having 96,810 square miles. Michigan’s temperate climate means campers will always have something to explore during all four seasons. Be it a lake, forests, or just any manner of outdoor recreation, Michigan is always an ideal location.

Having outlined the various seasonal Michigan campgrounds, which one are you eyeing? You can voice your opinion in the comment section. You can as well ask any question bothering your mind. Let’s talk.

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