Surf Tips – How to Pop Up for Women


If you getting serious about surfing, then you certainly need to perfect your pop up action. Knowing you can land on your surfboard in the right moment not only gives you confidence, but it sets you up for the whole ride on your board. For women, getting the pop up action right would take a lot of practice, on land and in the water. If you’re using your knees to get up, then you need to change that mindset, as we believe that this one is a hard habit to break.

In this post, we will be discussing everything that you need to know about how to pop for women. Body coordination is essential, in which you can improve by being flexible on your hips, as well as developing strength, especially in your core muscles. Doing so allows you to make a smooth transition from the paddling position up to your standing position. Keep on reading if you want to know more.

The Excellent Pop Up

You’re reading this post because you’re either confused about what pop up is, you’re interested to know what it is, or you’re struggling with it. If you’re confused, then we’re happy to tell you that there are several ways to stand on your feet during the pop up action. However, you should also be aware that there really isn’t a ‘right’ way because the feeling that comes along with surfing is what we are after. For that matter, all of us want to learn a quick yet consistent way to get our feet in the right places when surfing. As you may already know, different surfers have developed varying levels of flexibility, fitness, and more importantly, body shapes. So, if there needs to be an alteration, then you may try to see if it works out for you.

How to Pop Up for Women

For women, doing the pop up action can be a bit challenging. However, we have compiled a guide that would be very easy to follow, allowing you to perform this challenge with ease. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Once you have stopped paddling, start by placing your hands on your surfboard. You may do this action as if you’re getting ready to do a press up.
  • Then, slide to your knees while you keep your hands on your surfboard.
  • Now, try getting your feet up, starting on your most comfortable foot.
  • After, use both of your hands to push off the board while you’re bringing your foot up and placing it flatly on your surfboard.
  • This time around, your back foot needs to come forward. Doing the same routine as with the first foot, push your hands against the surfboard and then place your foot down.
  • Release both of your hands while you bring your arms up for additional balance.
  • Lastly, bend both of your knees and keep your eyes up.

For women who don’t want to use their knees and whose main goal is to perform the jump up method instead, here’s what you need to do:

  • Once you’re in the wave and when you feel the wave pushing you in a forward position, this is now the perfect time to press up, mimicking the plank position.
  • At the same time you’re pressing up, you also need to bring your foot forward while you place it onto the surfboard.
  • Then, as you’re still in a lunge on the surfboard, your back foot should be in its place, ready to do the next step. Some women find it easier to slide their foot back in its place. However, some also find this one very challenging due to the wetsuit boots.
  • After, release both of your hands while bending your knees.
  • Finally, keep your eyes forward and get moving.

Tips on How to Pop Up

  • You don’t want to get up too early. You need to make sure that you’re waiting until you feel the wave as it starts to push you forward. This is the best time to perform the pop up.
  • You don’t need your feet to perfectly positioned. You can even shuffle them once you feel confident about the pop up. Doing so allows you know which suits you better – which foot hits the right spot at the accurate angle.
  • While some surfers prefer putting one hand forward, in which they claim that this motion helps them ensure that they twist to land in a sideways manner. Interestingly, experienced surfers also use this technique, especially when they start to take off beginning from the backhand.
  • You need not worry when you’re unable to put your foot down if you’re not lifting your hands at the same time. This is perfectly normal for beginners. However, make sure that you are keeping your weight at its lowest while doing so.
  • Try not to rock your surfboard. In case you’re not familiar, the surfboard’s overall position as it lies in the water is almost the same as when it’s lying on you. For instance, the nose shouldn’t be sticking up too high or underwater.
  • When you’re beginning to learn how to stand, keep in mind that you also need to be careful not to rock your surfboard while keeping your weight at the center.
  • Try lowering your shoulders while you push your weight using your chest. This comes in handy, especially when you’ve reached your increased paddle speed with the wave right behind you.
  • When paddling, all you need to do is to look over your shoulder and check for yourself how the wave is forming behind you.
  • If you see that the forming wave might be too steep for you, try to slow down your paddling while you prepare yourself to pop up.
  • Once you’ve learned the techniques on how to study and assess the wave, the quicker you’ll be able to learn how to pop up.
  • As with any kind of surfing maneuvers, it is essential that you keep your focus towards where you’re headed.


For women, learning how to pop up might not come as easy as for men. With this, we have written a very detailed guide to help you do this basic maneuver when surfing. When in doubt, you only need to refer to this guide and we hope that we’ve been of great help, especially if you’re only a beginner. Popping up might be challenging for women, we admit, but with practice, we’re sure that you’ll be able to do this eventually.

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