Beginner’s Tips for Kayak Fishing: Get Better in No Time


Kayak fishing is such a great way to spend a weekend on, away from all the hustle of city life. It’s also a fantastic way to spend your time on the water and to get as close to fishes as possible. However, you should know that kayak fishing isn’t as easy as it appears to be. Most of all, your doubts could be centered on the kayak’s overall stability, if it ever allows you to fish at all.

So, how do you make kayak fishing a lot more successful and enjoyable? In this post, we’ve compiled some of the best tips you should definitely consider when you’ve decided to come out for a kayak fishing trip. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayak fisher, we still do recommend a quick read of the following tips, which we assure you would help you in the future. Now, let’s get on with the discussions.

Tips for Kayak Fishing

Finding the right fishing kayak for you

To start, finding the right kayak for fishing could make or break your whole trip. When searching for one, you need to consider the kayak’s overall stability. A stable kayak provides you with a more secure platform, which you’ll use for angling, allowing you to successfully cast your line, and eventually, reel in your fresh catch.

Kayaks that are created for fishing have proven to be a lot more stable than those that are not. Some also allow you to stand up while fishing, which, in our opinion, is a very rare kind. You might also want to consider those fishing kayaks that have additional features including storage for your fishing gear and those that have built-in rod holders.

Fishing kayaks are also likely to offer a lot more spacious seating area, and of course, a more comfortable seat. These features are vital for kayak fishers, as it allows you to stay on the water for a longer period while giving you enough space to shift your position or even move around.

Checking out the local fishing forecast

Before heading out, it’s a good measure to always research about the peak fishing times for a particular fishing spot. You may find this information at your local bait shops, which would also be very helpful when you want to learn about the water levels, currents, and tides. There are even mobile applications that you can use, giving you information like the best and worst times to go kayak fishing.

Investing in a fish finder and GPS unit

You might also want to consider investing in a fish finder, just so you won’t be fishing blind. Most of the time, it wouldn’t be possible to know where the fishes are but using this device, you can receive alerts about the fishes’ locations via SONAR technology. In addition, using a fish finder has proven to help you catch a lot more than if you went without using one. Besides helping you find fish, it also informs you about the water’s depth, including any potential obstacles you might encounter along the way.

GPS units, on the other hand, helps to prevent you from getting lost while you’re kayaking in the water. A great feature of the GPS unit is that it has the capability to save waypoints, where you previously caught plenty of fishes. You’ll never be lost using a GPS unit and you’ll easily find your way home.

Packing food and water

If you’re planning to go on a whole day kayak fishing trip, it only makes sense that you have packed enough food and water to keep you energized and hydrated. It’s also better if you can pack additional food and water, in case of emergencies. You might want to consider food that doesn’t spoil easily like dried fruit, nuts, and energy bars.

Wearing sun protection

Kayak fishing would entail you to be under the sun for a long period, posing a higher risk of sun exposure. Sunscreen is a vital addition to your kit, as it can effectively prevent sunburn; thus, allowing you to enjoy your kayak fishing trip for a longer period. Sunglasses and hats are also advisable because they prevent you from enduring the sun’s harmful effects.

Checking weather forecasts before your trip

Planning ahead has always been the norm when it comes to weekend activities. Planning for a kayak fishing trip shouldn’t be any different. If possible, check the weather forecast before heading out. This will allow you to be more prepared with the things you might require for your trip. In case you’re planning to fish in an area where the weather is likely to change without warning, then, you might want to pack clothing and items appropriate for these types of weather.

Preparing clothes and footwear

No matter what kayak you’re using, you should always be prepared for when the boat capsizes. With this, you need to be wearing waterproof clothing or at least those that can dry quickly. For safety, it would be better if you wear clothes that you’ll be comfortable swimming in. For day trips, it’s always a good idea to bring extra clothing, just so you can change out of your already wet clothes.

While it’s not really required that you purchase high-end water shoes, you must still think about wearing a comfortable pair, even if it gets wet. Make sure that you’re wearing shoes that can handle any water condition and ideally, those that feature a sturdy and strong sole, allowing you to get a good grip even on wet surfaces.

Waterproofing your gear and other valuables

Nowadays, your trip isn’t complete if you don’t bring your mobile phones and action cameras. Before you head out, ensure that your valuables are inside a secured case or waterproof bag. Doing so makes them safe from water damage. To add, it will protect your gadgets in case the boat capsizes. Lastly, you might want to purchase one that has the capability to float. After all, the last thing you want would be a waterproof bag that sinks.

Knowing what fish type you want to catch

As you may already know, fishes are lured by different baits, as well as fishing techniques. There are also bodies of water that are proven to be more abundant on a certain type of fish than the other. Before heading out, you might want to take some time to research on a particular river or lake where you’re planning to go kayak fishing. If you have this information, you are likely to come prepared with the accurate gear and bait.


If ever you feel lost about what you’re doing, you just need to refer to this very informative post about the tips you might want to consider. These are especially helpful for beginners but experienced kayak fishers are also welcome to try one of these suggestions. Hopefully, you’ll be able to make use of this information when you go out on your next kayak fishing adventure.

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