Top 9 Campfire Tools That You Can’t Do Without In The Camp


The importance of making fire when in a camp cannot be undermined. This is because it serves many purposes: it is highly needed when you want to make food in the camp when there’s a need to signal for help, or perhaps when you need fire to keep you warm when the night cold is becoming unbearable.

To make a fire in the camp there are three essential things, that is oxygen, the source of fuel and heat and to keep the fire burning after you have ignited it, you will need dry woods. These dry woods can be found in the camp; even if it is during a heavy rain, you can still find some dry woods in the dead trees. All you will have to do is get an ax to cut down the woods into sizable length required for the campfire you intend making.

Another source that helps keep the fire burning apart from dry woods is tinder. Tinder can be acquired from dry grasses, which are also available in the camp. These are some of the basic ways to start a campfire. You should consider placing the driest part of the woods or dry grasses into the center of the fire and then those parts that seem wet should be placed at an angle where they can get dried easily and also catch fire.

At first, you may want to start with many kinds of wood so that the fire can stand for a long while and then keep adding woods gradually to keep the fire burning. With practice, you’ll get to know very well when and how to add the woods to make it more effective.

However, with all this said I’ll like to inform you that to make a campfire you will need some tools and I’m going to make it easier for you by listing out the tools necessary for making a good campfire. I’ve narrowed down the list to the 9 most essential campfire tools you cannot do without. These are:


The use of bellow to boost fire has been in existence for a very long time and it’s been used by a blacksmith and the likes. But technological advancement has also extended to the development of bellow from the ancient model to the modern telescopic hand tool. 

Bellow helps you increase the fire and keep it burning while you are able to keep your distance from the fire as you add oxygen.

The bellow I want to recommend for you is Epiphany Outdoor Gear Pocket Bellow Collapsible Fire Tool

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Epiphany Outdoor Gear is a collapsible fire tool which has received a great accolade from the users for any reasons involving its ability to supply an incredible amount of oxygen into the fire and it does this to a specific area to which you direct the bellow. Epiphany bellow is an ultra-light backpacker that makes it easy to carry around.

Why is this bellow an important campfire tool:

  • It helps you keep the fire burning
  • It saves you from the stress of using your mouth to billow oxygen into the fire
  • It is easier to you than the primitive mode of increasing fire

There’s also a video showing a customer’s review of the product.


After an interest day full of camping activities, just like every other person, I usually long for something really nice to eat. And this is why I cannot go to camp without a grill. A portable grill is really helpful when you need to make some food for yourself. With a few recipes that I’ve taken along and some cooking ingredients, I can easily turn them into nice delicacies using my grill. Since I know that you also will surely desire to eat after a hiking or swimming day, that’s why I included grill as an essential tool for campfire.

If you want to make a campfire that helps you prepare your food, grill is what you need.

This grill I’m going to recommend for you in this article is Texsport Heavy Duty Over Fire Camp Grill

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Texsport grill is made of high quality welded steel that is spread over a campfire. This grill is quite a necessary cooking accessory. It makes it easier for you to grill your ingredients while camping and as a result, you get some very tasty and yummy food. Because this grill is designed for cooking over an open fire, it is not necessarily too big for you to carry since you can fold the legs and make it compact for easy storage and transport.

Why is this grill an important campfire tool:

  • It helps you get your food done
  • It makes camping life more interesting
  • When in a company, it can be used for a picnic


When I was talking about the reasons why you need a grill, I mention that you may need it for a picnic. Now considering you want to have a more lively and remarkable camping experience, perhaps with a partner or among friends, cosmic flames is another campfire tool that adds colors and vivacity to your camping experience.

COSMIC Magic Flames For Woodburning Fires

Now let’s say you go camping with friends and you don’t just want to make a campfire for keeping you warm, you need something dazzling and brilliant that will spur your environment into life. That is when cosmic flames come in. Only by tossing an unopened packet into the fire, the next thing you see are colors. Cosmic flames produce magically bright blue colors, dazzling green, radiating purples. Other than having a boring yellow light or fire, you can dance around a rainbow of colorful flames.

Why cosmic flames are an important campfire tool:

  • It adds life and beauty to your camping experience
  • It is good for a picnic evening with a partner or friends
  • Brilliant colors have a way of making you excited


I particularly included this because it occurred to me that I had once wanted to start a campfire when it began to rain. But then I had a pocket below to continue but it was not weatherproofed, this is what makes me include this kit in this article.

I’ll like to recommend another Epiphany product and that’s Epiphany Outdoor Gear Bellows Weatherproof Fire Starting Kit.

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Whether it is rainy or the whole environment is in total wet condition, you cannot be stopped from making a campfire.  With Epiphany weatherproof fire starting, you can increase the fire ignition. You will only have to do this at higher elevation since the ground may be too wet to allow the fire to blaze. More so, the case in which this fire starting kit is kept is water resistant. So you can see that this is safer and more productive than the ordinary bellow.

Why is this weatherproof bellow an important campfire tool:

  • It helps you make fire even in wet condition
  • It is more productive since not even rain can stop you from making campfire
  • It is light in weight


When you immerse these cotton balls in Vaseline for a while, they become a great tool for increasing fire. Don’t forget that vaseline is flammable because they contain some organic compounds that are petroleum-like. Cotton itself catches fire easily, so the combination of cotton balls and the Vaseline in contact with a small spark of light will turn into a big fire.

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Why is this cotton balls an important campfire tool:

  • They also keep the campfire burning
  • They indirectly serve as a tool to set small sparks afire
  • They are easy to use
  • Apart from campfire you can use them for other purposes like cleansers, nail polish


You cannot just make fire and keep it there, sooner or later it will burn out, so it is necessary you also consider camping firewood as some of the essential tools that aids the sustenance of campfire. To do this you can either use a complete log of wood or split the log into smaller pieces, perhaps depending on the kind of fire you intend to make.

It’s important I mention that you shouldn’t break off trees because you want to make fire. This is quite destructive to the camp as you are killing the trees at your campsite. Also, I don’t think you need to spend money to acquire this since you can easily walk around and pick of the fallen branches of trees, chop them into sizes you can carry and then you’re ready to make fire.

Why is this firewood an important campfire tool:

  • It helps sustain the fire after ignition
  • It serves as a source of fuel for the fire
  • It reduces the amount you will have spent acquire some other sources that help keep your fire burning

I will only advice you look for some good firewood at the campsite and also be sure that they are dry for fast and effective use.


SOG Tomahawk Axe Camping Axe – “Survival Hawk” SK1001-CP Survival Axe and Full Tang Axe w/ 3” Chopping Camping Axe Blade + Fire Starter Survival Rod

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I earlier mentioned that you’ll need lots of wood to keep your campfire blazing, but you’ll also need something to get the log of woods. This is why I have included a camping axe among the necessary campfire tools. When you find the fallen branches of trees that are good for making a fire, you cannot start carrying heavy logs of wood now and then. In short, big logs of wood cannot be arranged easily to roar the fire, so you will need an axe to chop the logs into the sizes that fit the campfire you’re making.

Apart from chopping of woods, a camping axe can come handy during some other activities such as hunting, hiking, fishing to mention but a few.

Why is this camping axe an important campfire tool:

  • It helps you acquire the correct sizes of wood needed to make the desired campfire
  • It makes it easier for you to transport woods and tinder
  • It serves some other important purposes including hunting

I have researched an effective camping axe that will fit your need and this is 14” Travol camping Axe, made of forged steel and fiberglass handle. If you want to read more about Tarvol Camping Axe. Some other people have used this Travol axe basically for camping and you can read their opinions about the axe here.


This is obviously a campfire tool that you will need to arm yourself with. Of course, all of the woods, grills, and any other campfire tool that I have mentioned are nothing when there’s nothing to start the fire itself. There are many sources of starting a fire, one of which is fire matches. But matches are not the best when it comes to camping or making a campfire, so I’ll recommend a nice campfire starter for you.

JAJA ProStart Campfire Starter

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Why is this campfire starter an important campfire tool:

  • check
    It is the most important tool for igniting a fire
  • check
    It is easy and fast to use and also very safe
  • check
    It has an adjustable valve for controlling the flame
  • check
    It can be used for igniting a backyard fire

 Also, if you want to see how a fire pit is built using a fire starter, watch it here..


Roasting fork is not needed at all when you need to make a campfire but you cannot neglect the use of these sticks. You’ll surely need to eat at camp and that’s why I’ve included grill in this list but when grilling your recipes you cannot use your fingers to start turning your foods on fire. This is where the use of roasting forks come in.

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I have selected Wilcor Campfire Hot Dog and Marshmallow Roasting Forks Sticks for you based on the features and quality exuded by this roasting fork. The sticks are 33 inches long, which means that your fingers will not be anywhere close to the fire while you bake your foods and make your hot dogs quickly. Roasting forks are quite necessary for a great outdoor campfire cooking

Why is this roasting fork an important campfire tool:

  • It helps roast your recipes on fire
  • It is safe and easy to use
  • You can clean it easily and reuse


There are no ways I’d have provided you with an extensive information about campfire tools which will make your camping life and experience better without including some tools that will help you get your food done. Or else, of what use is a campfire that cannot be used to make some delicious delicacies?

Since I have included the necessary tools to ignite a campfire, tools to sustain the fire, as well as what to add to the fire to make it more colorful and lively without neglecting the tools that contribute to the need of your belly, I strongly believe that you will find this article detailed enough to equip you with campfire tools. Whether you’re just launching a camping life and of course want the entire benefits a camping experience can offer, or you’re already a camping veteran, all of these tools are very important part of camping and you’ll need them.

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