Types Of Camping For Different Types Of Camper


Leaving outdoors in a tent for a recreational or vacation activity is what many people know as camping. This is a good way to take a break from the mundane office work or to find inner peace in the presence of nature. Your camping experience may have been an overnight or a weekend stay outdoors. It could as well be a day trip, depending on how you prefer to enjoy your camping.

Apart from the individual reason for camping which I have mentioned, it is a good way to have a family vacation. This allows you to create an intimate bond between the busy parents and kids, and even between the couple themselves.

However, it is not everyone that knows the types of camping available; knowing the different types of camping can help you try a different kind of adventure. Below are the types of camping you should know:

Adventure Camping

This type of camping is basically for people that love to explore new places and see the wild in addition to the nature surrounding it. Adventure camping usually comprises the day adventure and the night camping. For those who love the day adventure, you can travel during the day or even hike over a long distance as you come across new areas or various parts of the wild, and then at night you prepare your camp in an environment where you’re sure of total safety, so that you can have a good rest. The main reason for an adventure camping is to see the world in a different way, enjoy the bliss of the wilderness, and relish the excitement of being in accord with nature.

Tent Camping

This is by far the most common type of camping. This is because of the minimalistic way which it is done and the fact that you can go for this type of camping with your family or have a picnic with your friends during this camping. Tent camping is fun and the experience is worth it for both the parents and kids.

In this type of camping, you don’t really go into the wild because there are campsites made available for tent camping. These campsites can provide you with restrooms, showers, laundry rooms. Sometimes there could be a swimming pool, game room, and some other amenities to ensure that you derive the best from the campsite.

One thing about this type of camping is that some campsites may require you to make reservations, and this is common in the summer. You may want to make this reservation very early or rather get to the campsite very early so that you have a good spot for yourself. Also, tent camping can require you to spend some money on the campsite charges but it is worth it.

Survivalist Camping

This type of camping is and should be absolutely reserved for veteran campers because it is the most radical type of camping. It is essentially done as a test of survival as it requires the camper to be self-sufficient throughout the period of camping and then makes it out of the wild alive.

One aspect of this type of camping typically means that the camper would go to an isolated spot, make camp there and then fight for survival basically on the things that can be found in that environment. Campers who indulge in survivalist camping get their foods from the forest either by fishing, hunting or looking for fruits and edible plants. The environment for this form of survivalist camping is regarded as a base camp, and one very important thing campers should be wary of is the environment where wild animals lurk.

Another aspect of survivalist camping is the one the camper is dropped in a remote area in the wilderness and then the overall aim of the campers is to find his/her way and walk back to a habitable area. This is quite challenging because the camper must find a way to survive by looking for food and water day by day as he/she progresses to find a way out of the wild.

Survivalist camping is good for advanced campers who want to test vigorously their camping skill; this downside of this type of camping is the danger it poses, for example, rain and your body very cold.

RV Camping

The basic idea behind RV camping is to go camping while carrying your home features with you. This type of camping allows you to enjoy the pleasure and comfort of your home in the presence of nature. It is usually done by transport, with a van inside which the loads are kept. Some people are of the opinion that RV camping is not typically a type of camping but because this type of camping has its own suitability, it can be regarded as one.

RV camping is the best for old people who love to camp while also enjoy the luxury of being at home. Also, for someone who just loves to camp without discomfort, RV camping allows you to bring your bed, table, stove, refrigerator, oven, even TV and sound systems to the campsite. It’s like you’re in your house surrounded by the bliss of nature. In short, I call this type of camping two-in-one camping.

RV camping doesn’t necessarily require you to pay for a campsite. You only need to pack your stuff on a van and anywhere you park your van is literally your campsite. The downside of this type of camping is that your van cannot take you to a place where someone who travels by foot can go. However, if you enjoy weekend trips or even a longer road trip, RV camping offers you so much.

Bicycle Camping

If there is any type of camping that is now attracting campers, it is probably bicycle camping. Most bicycle campers love this type of camping for the flexibility of camping it provides as well as the economic advantage. Bicycle camping doesn’t require you to spend so much on camping. Unlike RV camping, you don’t need fuel to power your bicycle or a big space to park your bicycle.

Bicycle camping offers you the flexibility as you can camp in a hostel or even a hotel or wherever you want to go camp. More benefits of bicycle camping are that you can travel around all around to see the world beyond your immediate environment only by riding your bicycle. So if you are the type who loves to ride a bicycle, sees the world, loves adventure, as well as traveling, bicycle camping is the best for you.

Canoe Camping

If you like to enjoy the adventure of sailing upon water and the solitude of traveling on water, canoe camping is the best bet. It offers a sure way to relax and relieve yourself the stress of the city life.

Because you can travel farther and explore some areas which hiking or bicycle camping cannot permit, campers prefer canoe camping. But it is a form of camping that requires skill. You must be good with the paddles and the extent and location which you choose for your camping should be totally dependent on your skill. Your skill level should be measured by whether your canoe camping involves fishing, enjoying the anesthesia of the sea, or just taking a break from the congested city into a solitude.

Another good thing about canoe camping is that it permits you to take along with you some equipment since you can easily place them in your canoe. However, there is a disadvantage on the number of people that can take part in this camping because, of course, a canoe is not fit for many people. That’s why canoe camping is best for solitude, or just partners.

If you find the idea of canoe camping fascinating,  one thing should be very wary of is the weather condition. A calm stream of water can become an extremely frightening wave should there be a heavy downpour. So you may want to take note of the weather forecast as regard your camping location and prepare properly before you leave.

If you don’t desire hiking, RV or bicycle camping, you may want to try canoe water, especially if you enjoy the bliss of cool breeze while wading through the water.


You have seen the best type of camping for different campers. I’d like to tell you that there are still many more types of camping, but this six seems to be a fascinating camping in which campers find pleasure.

To summarize, the types of camping mentioned here are: adventure camping, tent camping, survivalist camping, RV camping, bicycle camping and canoe camping. I’ve done well to detail out what each of those camping entails and I hope you find the form of camping that appeals to you. However, whichever camping form you find suitable don’t forget to keep in mind the disadvantage that it possesses so that you can take care of it before even deciding to launch out for camping.

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