Top 20 Water Sports Activities You Must Try In A Lifetime!


Do you love spending vacation with your family and friends at beaches? If so, then surely you might love indulging in various water sports activities. You are gone the days spending time lazy on simply collecting seashells, sipping chilled drinks and getting your skin tanned.

You might be surprised to know there are so many sports activities accessible at the coast; you haven’t even heard about that can fresh up your mind and body, also can have pure fun with friends. Well, it feels simply awesome gliding across the sea surface on top of the waves.

Have a look of heart-pumping ultimate 20 water adventure you must try to have real fun during summer vacation.

1. Jet Skiing

Jet Ski is a motorbike that gives you a sense of freedom to accelerate through the sea. A jet engine powers the small motorcycle, and you can enjoy riding on the surface of the water with your friend. If planning to ride a jet ski, you should go for a trial with an expert because of their speed and power.

2. Scuba diving

Many love to discover what lies deep beneath the sea. Scuba diving makes it possible to swim underwater carrying an air tank on the back with a mouthpiece. If you are new to scuba, you need to take the help of a professional to swim undersea. Some countries need the diver to be certified to perform scuba. The course remains minimal expensive. So go ahead learning scuba as it remains exciting and rewarding.

3. Parasailing

Parasailing is becoming quite common along the coastline. The water sports activity is a boat thatt will drag the parachute-like canopy attached to a person through the air. A single ride allows adding two or three passengers at a time. The activity permits riders to experience flying through the air above the ocean like a bird.

4. Surfing

Board surfing is what many youngsters prefer performing through the waves. Even less skilled surfers can learn the activity within less time. The surfer rides on a moving wave forward towards the shore. The activity allows riders to enjoy the feeling of walking on water. Once you become an expert surfer, you can learn a different kind of riding styles and techniques.

5. Snorkelling

Snorkelling is to swim through the water, and you will be equipped with snorkel and mask. Using a snorkel, you can swim underwater and enjoy viewing the aquatic life. People of all age can snorkel, and it allows you to breathe normally through the tube. This activity is great for kids as it allows them to view a great variety of corals, sea animals and plants.

6. Kayaking



Kayaking is not the same as canoeing, but the water activity offers lots of fun. The activity is performed in a boat, moved swiftly through the water. Both men and women can easily perform the low impact water activity. Paddle in the water with your partner and enjoy close watching of aquatic species and fishes.

7. Paddleboarding

Standing up paddle boarding is an activity good for guys who are looking to burn out their extra calories. Boards are available in different shape and size allowing riders to navigate the water using the paddles. The board remains soft and limits to injuries, so the activity is becoming quite popular these days.

8. Cage diving

If you want to experience a close encounter of sea’s most fearsome aquatic species like shark, whale, and fishes, cage diving remains a great option to pick out. Divers have to wear scuba diving or snorkelling equipment’s and will be closed in a cage attached to a boat which will be immersed underwater to view the sharks and fishes. Diving with wild species like a shark is becoming quite popular activity these days among thrill seekers.

9. Canoeing

Canoeing is performed in a small boat called canoe which has pointed ends. Two or three people can sit inside the canoe and can enjoy paddling using the single bladed paddle. Many enjoy performing this sport in lakes, rivers, and even Water Park. Canoeing can be adventurous if you prefer paddling through rough water.

10. Rafting



if you are a team of around 5 to 12 adventurous and bold youngsters, rafting is the water sports activity you should pick up for fun. The sport includes a group of thrill-seekers drifting down a river swiftly in a boat guided by a trainer. You will be navigated the way down the waterway. It is an ideal vacation sport but slightly dangerous too.

11. Sea walking

Sea walking is a unique diving water sports activity and the most preferable choice for young ladies. You may experience diving down crystal clear water deep by wearing a large glass dome over your head. As you dip down to the sea-bed, air is fed through a tube. An experienced guide will accompany you to ensure safety. You need to know swimming skills to perform sea walking.

12. Underwater scooter

Underwater scooter driving deep under the sea is the best way to view marine life. Non-swimmers can explore the depth of coral reef. The sports activity is attracting more people as it doesn’t require wearing snorkelling or scuba diving equipment. Unlike other activities, the helmet will be fixed to the scooter, and you will be floating yourself underwater. The scooter will be fully motorised like a water bike.

13. Horse surfing

If you love horse riding, then you should try horse- surfing through the shore. The activity is just like surfing with the horses. The latest craze includes a lot of fun and excitement. The surfing doesn’t require a big wave, what you need are a tall horse and a calm bay. Experience is riding a horse through the water.

14. Cliff diving

Cliff diving


Cliff diving is a complicated water sports activity for adrenaline junkies. The complicated sport can be performed without a piece of equipment or special clothing. You have to jump from a dizzying height to the salt water or fresh water. You should be a good diver to jump off from the cliff or rock to the water. Avid cliff divers travel in search of exotic spot to experience the thrill.

15. Jet boating

If you love speed and racing, jet boating is the right water sports activity for you. You should be very cautious while racing power boat and make sure you are aware of the surrounding. Youngsters can have an enjoyable fun ride on jet boating.

16. Kite surfing

Kitesurfers use a small wakeboard to surf through the waves and will be pulled by a kite. Kite surfing is also called kiteboarding and when performing this activity; you need to undergo certain training to understand the movement of the kite. You should be able to control the direction of the kite while surfing through the sea. The sport is fun-filled if you strictly follow some rules and regulation.

17. Spearfishing

Spear fishing involves using sharpened sticks and slings to catch fish. These days’ professionals use spear guns with various diving equipment underwater to spear selective aquatic animals. Those who are expert in scuba or snorkelling can try out this activity with friends.

18. Water polo

Water polo


Water polo is an energetic aquatic sport that involves full body workout. You should know the basics of playing handball in water rather than polo. The game has lots of strategies and techniques involved, and it is a very old Olympic game as well. Playing football in the water with a group of friends can refresh both your mind and soul.

19. Skimboarding

Skim boarding again is a board sport which is performed a deeper part of the ocean. The board is a smaller version of a surfboard and to conduct skimboarding you need big waves. The fun sport has more potential than board surfing. You can do it closer to the shore. The ride begins across the film of water, and the skimmer has to follow the water as it recedes to the ocean. Then wait for the next wave to appear, riding back to the shore.

20. Windsurfing

The absolute new technique of surfing along with sailing is how windsurfing is performed. The combination of surfing with sailing is the ultimate way to have fun with friends on a sunny day. The surfboard is fixed to sail, and it moves at a leisurely pace through sea. The surface water activity is gaining popularity among youngsters. The surfer will be moving with the waves controlling the board and at the same time getting along with the sail.

Watersports is a fun packed holiday especially when you are with your friends. Remember, sometimes they can be extreme when other time it can be packed with full of excitement and thrills. Water sports offer a visual treat, and they can be enjoyed in, on or under water when there are wide ranges of water sports easily accessible to enjoy then why not experience each activity at least once in a lifetime.

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