Top 10 Easy And Essential Water Sports For Kids!


Holidays are comings; kids love to enjoy water sports very much. Are you planning a vacation for your holidays? Parents all love watching kids playing outside rather than playing games on phones and tabs all day.

Do you know by keeping the kids active, it helps them in their growth? Especially aquatic sports for kids give them great benefits that are important for their development. Watersports improve strength and endurance of children among other skills. When kids get to learn something new, they develop self-confidence. By learning swimming, they become more comfortable staying in the water.

To know more about the water sports for kids, here we bring some of the easiest and topwater sports available for children.

Top 10 Water Sports For Kids

1. Swimming

Swimming is a basic water activity that kids should learn first. If they know swimming, then all other water activities will become easier for them. If your kids do not like extreme water sports or they are young means you can give them a swimming lesson. From the age of 6 weeks, they can do swimming under the supervision of special teacher and parents. Parents can also attend swimming class with kids.

2. Surfing

If your kid loves playing in all water activities, then they love during surfing. They may feel excited about learning surfing. The best part is the challenge they face with a surfboard as long as they can. And they never give up. During the holidays the perfect amusement for children is surfing. Moreover, surfing lessons are there for children at any age at many destinations.

3. Snorkelling

Take your children for snorkelling to enjoy and explore marine life. Many tour packages come with supervised snorkelling programs. Kids from the age of 5 can participate in it. There are snorkelling kits available at a very affordable price, buy it and let them see the beautiful underwater creatures.

4. Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding


If your kids love surfing means they will love doing paddle boarding also. They can get on the board first, try to stand on it and keep floating. In such a case, no need to worry about little bit wind and waves comes. It is a fun water sport and children above eight years enjoy doing it. But kids should try this under the supervision of parents or a professional.

5. Sailing

Many kids love to dream like a sailor because of the shows on TV. If your kids love swimming and enjoy being in the water, then they must learn sailing a boat. Better it is to learn swimming first due to safety reason and also help them to become comfortable in the water. You can rent a boat to take them for the ride and show them different bodies found in water, about the weather, and marine life. Do not forget to teach them the necessary safety measures first. Before taking your kids for sailing a boat, you can put them in sailing clubs. From the age of 8 years, kids can do sailing.

6. Kayaking

One of the other most fun water sports for kids, as well as adults, is kayaking. For kayaking, the boat used is same as the canoe. Moreover, you can use a paddle with blades on both sides for moving forward. Kayaking is mainly recommended for kids above the age of 8. They should not be scared of swimming, otherwise they won’t enjoy it perfectly. Do not forget to wear lifejacket during kayaking. It can be done in rivers or sea or lake where the water looks somewhat deeper.

7. Scuba Diving

There is a scuba diving school where kids from the age of 5 can enrol. Your kid can get certified by learning scuba diving under the supervision of a trainer and finish the course. A lot of resorts and water parks are offering scuba diving in their holiday packages.

8. Windsurfing



Many have noticed that one of the top water sports for kids is surfing. If your kids are above ten years old or more and they love more challenges, then windsurfing is the perfect activity for them. Apart from finding the right balance on their board, they must ensure to do sailing on the sea with the wind. For that requires control, but if your kids love the sea, then this is the right activity for them.

9. Water Skiing

It is not that only adults can ski during the winter season. Kid love skiing on the piste and they enjoy this water sport as well. Not much effort is required, but it can be hilarious to see the children sliding through the water and controlling themselves from getting fall. Furthermore, also they can use wakeboards instead of skis for more challenges. Apart from that one thing is important for both waterboarding and skiing is carried out using a boat. There are drives with cables and also pulleys to make the activity easy accessible not possible without a boat.

10. Canoeing

Another water sport for kids and family is canoeing. There are many canoe clubs where kids from the age of 8 years cab learn canoeing and can be able to swim a minimum 50 meters distance to join the club. You can take them for canoeing adventure trips. Apart from enjoying the trip, canoeing camp for kids provide great social opportunities and unlimited chances to get wet on hot and summer days. When the kids go out on their canoe, they can see how the natural beauty of camp is shining and enjoy them.

Surfing is one of the best and ideal water sports for kids to enjoy. There are some great options in surfing like windsurfing, kite surfing, and SUP. Surfing is beneficial for the physical health of kids may all now, but it also works for mental health too. Surfing teaches children certain valuable skill which is essential for their growth and well-being. Here are some of the other reasons why kids should learn surfing is perfect for all children.

Why kids should learn surfing is perfect for all children.

learn surfing


1. It teaches kids to coordinate and balance

If your little one surf properly means he or she has a right sense of balance as well as coordination. This coordination is not only the important component in surfing, but it helps in leading an organized life. Therefore with regular surfing sessions, your children learn the actual art of coordination. They can use it while walking on any narrow pathway or in other sports.

2. Full Body Workout

Those who do surfing regularly can know this. Surfing is the best cardiovascular workout which improves your general health issues of young ones. When the kids do paddling and kick out with their board on the ocean, they get an immense workout on the back, legs, and upper body.

3. Relives stress and anxiety disorder

Surfing helps in releasing endorphins, an element which is used for giving natural euphoria. In surfing your children can also enjoy the magnificent scenery along with a healthy dose of some vitamin D. If your kids have mood swings, they will love surfing.

Whatever kind of water sport your kids enjoy, do not forget about their safety. Make sure children are using proper water sports equipment, and they wear appropriate cloth with life jackets on it. So enjoy this summer with your kids favourite water sports this year.

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