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The Best Bodyboards That Money Can Buy In 2018 (Field Tested & Reviewed)


If bodyboarding or stand-up paddle boards in the beach isn’t your definition of a perfect summertime, then you are probably spending your summer time the wrong way. No matter your skill level or age, riding a wave is the best way of cooling off the intense heat at the beach.

But first of all, you are going to need the best bodyboard so that you can ride any wave like a pro. If finding one is proving troublesome, then this bodyboard buying guide will come in handy.

How to choose the Bodyboards

It is critical that you find a bodyboard that suits both your weight and height if you are to enjoy an outing in the water. We have, therefore, put together a buying guide to assist you choose the absolute best bodyboards to suit your personality and bodyboarding abilities.

Size of the Bodyboard

Getting the size of the bodyboard right is probably the most important factor when choosing one. First of all, if you buy one that is too big, then you will have problems controlling it. On the other hand, one that is too small forces you too close to the water as your legs and arms dangle in the water.

The size of bodyboard you buy depends on your size. Fortunately, this is a measurement that you can easily take. Simply take the measurement from the top of knee to your chin. The figure you get will correspond to the size of bodyboard that you will need.

Alternatively, try to carry the bodyboard under your arms while at the same time wrapping your fingers around the bottom of the board. If it’s a perfect fit, then that is the right size for you. If you need any help, then this sizing chart can come in handy.


The Wave Sizes You Will be Riding

If you happen to have a specific spot where you usually spend your summer, then the sizes of the waves there have a hand in the size of bodyboard that you should acquire. As a rule of thumbs, a smaller sized wave is best ridden with a relatively bigger bodyboard. It is the only way of having the stability you need.

For bigger waves, go for a smaller sized board since it gives you better control, great turning ability and stability on the big waves.

Bodyboard Construction

The materials from which the board is made determine how long it lasts and how it handles in water. So, you will be required to make a careful choice when it comes to these construction materials.

The two common materials you will find are Polyethylene foam (PE) and polypropylene foam (PP). Of these two, it is Polypropylene that is lighter, stronger and newer than the older polyethylene foam.

Although these boards cost more, the advantages in terms of stiffness and lightness makes up for the additional costs. A newer trend is developing where both materials are used by having them in layers. It makes for a cheaper, yet still responsive bodyboard.

For additional strength and flexibility, a tube made of either fiberglass or carbon fiber is made to run through the whole length of the bodyboard. This part is called a stringer. You should look for a bodyboard with it if you want a durable and better performing board, albeit at an extra cost.

Bodyboard Design

Bodyboards or boogieboards as they are called at times, come in a variety of styles. The rear end of the board, often referred to as the tail plays a key role in the performance of the board. On most of the boards, the traditional crescent design is used. High end boogieboards use the bat tail.

  • Tail

If you are a beginner, we would suggest you go for the crescent tail as it gives more speed and stability since it’s wider. For the experienced users, the bat tail provides better maneuverability, especially if you want to perform tricks in small-sized waves.

  • Rails

This term refers to the edge of the board. Towards the top edge of the board, it is called chine while rail is towards the lower sections. The rails are in two configurations: the 60-40 and the 50-50. The former gives you maneuverability, while the latter provides higher speeds.

  • Wide Point

Under the design, you might also want to consider the wide point (widest distance from edge to edge). The closer the wide point is to the nose, the more stable the boogieboard is. The wider the wide point, the harder it is to turn but the more buoyant the board is.

  • Thickness 

Thickness affects performance too. Thinner boards will be less buoyant but are slower to allow for tricks and better control. Most of them are either 51 mm or 55 mm thick. Thicker ones are better suited for small waves.

  • Rocker 

If you look carefully, you will notice a difference in the upward curve angle at the front of the bodyboard. This angling is called rocker and it plays a vital role in the control of the board. Lesser angle means faster speeds, while a bigger rocker means better maneuverability and slower speeds.

Reviews of the Best Bodyboards

#1. Younger 33-inch Super Bodyboard

This bodyboard from Younger is made of an Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) core and an irradiation cross-linked polyethylene foam (IXPE) deck. These materials result in a lightweight, rigid, durable and high impact strength bodyboard.

It features the common crescent tail for increased maneuverability. Additionally, the bottom of the board is made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) to give it a slicker bottom that easily slides through waves.

For ease of control and maneuvering, it features a 60-40 rail configuration. When using this bodyboard, it stays water resistant irrespective of the size of the waves.  Measuring about 33”, this board is ideal for beginners and kids. For retrieval out of the water, a leash complete with a wristband is provided.


  • High maneuverability
  • Easy to control for beginners
  • Durable
  • Firm on waves
  • Size fits a good number of users
  • Appropriate weight
  • Suitable for beginners and kid.


  • The layer at the bottom tends to separate from the foam
  • The leash is a little fragile

#2. Lucky Bums Body Board for Kids and Adults

The lucky Bums Bodyboard has the high maneuverability 60-40 rails, high density polyethylene slick bottom and rear channels. These features are meant to give the board a good control, increased speeds and better maneuverability.

Alongside the HDPE, this board has its core made from engineered EPS. This construction makes it lightweight for buoyancy and strong enough for durability. When riding it, there is a leash which you can strap to your wrist to keep the board with you through any condition.

The crescent tail makes for great for stability and increased speeds since it is wider than a bat tail. This feature is a great one if you are a beginner looking for a boogie board you can keep in control. There are different sizes you can choose from when buying this bodyboard brand which include a 33, 37 or a 41-inch board.


  • Ready to use out of the box
  • The leash secures the board to you in case of a wipe out
  • Can be used by most family members (5 year old to adult)
  • 60-40 rails easy to maneuver
  • Sturdy construction
  • Light
  • Bright colored for aesthetics
  • Quality tether


  • Bends on occasions
  • The two halves separate on occasions

#3. Own the Wave Beach Attack Pack Bodyboard

This is another great bodyboard which measures about 43” x 24” x 2.75”. It is made for use by both beginner and advanced wave riders. What’s more, it also features a slick bottom surface which allows it to travel faster through water.

An engineered EPS core makes the board firmer for a more rigid ride while giving you full control of the bodyboard. With its crescent tail, you can expect to tear through waves no matter your skill levels.

Also included in the package is a board bag, a set of fin tethers, and a leash. The leash itself is made to be comfortable while attached to you and at the same time keeping the board with you at all times. There are three options of these to choose from: the 33, 37, and 41-inch bodyboards.


  • Water resistant EPS core
  • Can be ridden by both kids and adults
  • Free fin tethers and coiled leash
  • Fit for both stand-up and drop knee bodyboarding styles
  • Instructions are provided for first timers


  • Finds it hard to ride bigger waves
  • Bubbles at times

#4. Younger 41-inch Body Board

At 41 inches, this bodyboard is slightly larger than the previous one. It features a heat lamination technology to fuse together the two layers. The deck is made from Irradiation Cross-linked Polyethylene form, while the core is made form Extended Polystyrene.

These two combine to make the board sturdy, light and resistant to impacts. On the other hand, the bottom is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), finished in a crescent tail and fitted with channels. These make it slicker through water as well as being able to be turned with relative ease.

If you like performing tricks when bodyboarding, then the 60-40 rails will come in handy for a fun afternoon in the sun. In case of a wipe out when on a wave then the leash which you attached to your wristband keeps it on you.


  • Large enough for stability
  • High quality foam used in its construction
  • High impact strength
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Versatile
  • Great weight to strength ratio
  • Suitable for small wave


  • Not suitable for big waves
  • Only for beginners

#5. BPS STORM Bodyboard

Available is a range of four bright colors to choose from, the BPS bodyboard is another great choice for your bodyboarding needs. And if you usually go bodyboarding with swim fins, there are two fin tethers in the package to keep them in place in the wave.

It has a PE bottom that gives it a slick profile with a low co-efficient of friction. This feature boosts the boogie board’s speeds through the water while also reducing its weight. At the same time, it makes for a stronger board.

A crescent tail increases the riding styles you can perform on this bodyboard. With its durable core and deck, you can be sure that this product will serve for a good duration of time. It also features a water resistant core and a sleek bottom that make it ideal to be used to ride the waves.


  • Water resistant core
  • Detailed usage instructions emailed to you
  • Durable core and deck
  • Sleek bottom
  • Great warranty
  • High quality freebies included


  • Some products are poorly made

#6. Morey 44" Big Kahuna Bodyboard

This bodyboard features a blend of foam materials that balances between stiffness and weight reduction. Due to the fact that it features a wide point of about 42 inches, this bodyboard is meant for large intermediate wave riders.

It is made for riders measuring about 5 feet 10 inches and/or weighing about 185 pounds and above. You need to be within these to enjoy the benefits of the boogieboard. Great craftsmanship is used to create a slicked bottom, laminated, and sealed layers which prevent the deterioration of the board after several uses.

What’s more, this bodyboard will allow you to enjoy a wide range of riding styles with a lot of ease. It is also very strong because of the dual composite carbon that provides it with better strength. This bodyboard also has channels that provide better control when riding it in the water.


  • Wide range of riding styles
  • Dual composite carbon provides adequate strength
  • 50-50 rails are great for high speeds
  • Great for advanced users
  • Channels provide better control
  • Suitable for big guys and heavy guys


  • Leash sometimes not provided
  • Only for the specified users

#7. Younger 37-inch Super Bodyboard

For smaller sized riders and kids, this 37-inch bodyboard is a great option. The relatively small size gives beginner riders better control, or if you are experienced, then you can easily tackle large sized waves.

An IXPE deck that is comfortable to use, an EPS core, and an HDPE slick bottom provide for some of the great features about this bodyboard. It has high impact strength, is lightweight, is rigid and has low coefficient of friction for slicking through the water.

What’s more, this bodyboard is waterproof and will, therefore, not delaminate. It is also hot resistant and this will prevent it from melting. Another good feature that you will love about this bodyboard is that it works great under almost all conditions. It is also versatile and highly maneuverable.


  • Waterproof so that it doesn’t delaminate
  • Hot resistant to prevent melting
  • Can be used by a number of users
  • Works great under any condition
  • Sturdy structure to last you a while
  • Highly maneuverable


  • Only for the small-sized riders
  • The glue sometimes does not hold the layers


The best bodyboards will provide you with a fun way of spending your free time on the beach. In as much as riding waves is full of fun, it is also a great way of cooling off more so in the summer when temperatures soar. If you are looking for a newer boogieboard, we hope this guide has been helpful as you shop around for one.

The Own the Wave Beach Attack Pack Bodyboard tops our list of the best bodyboards. It features amazing foam materials for a lightweight, yet durable structure. Rear channels and a crescent tail improve performance as well as allowing for a variety of riding styles.

Have you ever used any of the body boards that we discussed above? If yes, which is it and how can you describe the general experience while you were using it? If there a particular brand that you are thinking of buying next time?

The 5 Best Spearfishing Wetsuit To Buy In 2018 [Update]


When you are going to the depths of the sea to Spearfish, you need the best spearfishing wetsuit and best diving fins, not same as surf booties. Having one is the best way to keep yourself comfortable, warm and well camouflaged as you dive into the water. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an expert spearfishing enthusiast. This comprehensive review article has been created to guide you through the process of buying an ideal spearfishing wetsuit so that you may end up with the very best. 

Reviews of the Best Spearfishing Wetsuits

This wetsuit is made to be used specifically for spearfishing, more so in areas where you need to camouflage yourself from the fish. To create the wetsuit, a computer molding technique is used to produce the camouflaging property while retaining the material softness.

The wetsuit is made from an ultra-span Neoprene material which makes it comfortable, allows you a range of movements and provides proper ventilation. The calfskin and cap parts of the upper jacket feature nylon patches for improved flexibility.

To make wearing and taking off this wetsuit easy as well as improving wear and tear resistance, a black Metallite is used to coat the interior parts of the wetsuit. Both legs and arms of the wetsuit are ergonomically designed such that they naturally fit your body for the comfort you need.

With a thickness of 3.5 millimeters, this spearfishing wetsuit is great for slightly warm waters due to its well-balanced heat elimination and retention mechanisms. The 2-piece suit has a top jacket and a high waist trouser joined together by a watertight Smoothskin seal.


  • High wear and tear resistance
  • Ergonomically designed for a great fit
  • Smoothskin watertight seals
  • Ample support is provided when loading your rifle
  • Great camouflage from prey
  • Highly versatile for other wetsuit uses
  • Great hood


  • Easily tears at times
  • Requires lubrication before slipping into

Last but not least, here is the last product we are going to review. It has several good features that you would be looking for in an ideal spearfishing wetsuit. With an ergonomic hood, this wetsuit is a good option if you are looking for a 3mm thick spearfishing wetsuit. It is made from Neoprene material which is great for comfort, fit and thermal retention.

On the knee and chest areas, padded fabrics are sewn onto the suit to protect your knees and provide a pad for reloading a rifle respectively. The suit has the warmth-generating open cell design which works in hand with the 3mm thickness.

For extra convenience when spearfishing, the suit has a knife pocket integrated into the sides for your safety. To ensure durability, the seams stay glued and are blind stitched in place. If you want, you could also choose from either the 5mm or the 7mm wetsuit options.


  • You can bring along a pocket knife for safety
  • Chest loading pads are sewn and not glued
  • Strong seams for durability and comfort
  • Open cell style is great for warmth
  • 2-piece are watertight


  • Knee pads a little hard to clean after kneeling in mud
  • Pocket knife inconvenient at times

This is a 3 mm wetsuit that is meant to camouflage in the water body. It is colored green so that you can blend into areas with reefs. The one-piece design of the spearfishing wetsuit is a feature that’s great for beginners who do not want to fumble with a two-piece wetsuit.

In addition to the green camouflage design, the wetsuit has a back zipper that resists water elements to keep you warm and dry. Reinforced stitching adds to the overall durability and tear resistance of the wetsuit.

What’s more, its seam lines are well designed to make for a great comfortable fit. For ease of rifle loading, a chest loading pad is stitched into place. Your safety when using this wetsuit is enhanced by reinforcement of the knee pad with Kevlar and the inclusion of a coccyx pad.

When buying this wetsuit, you can choose from a wide range of sizes that fits you most. It is availed in sizes from small to xxx-large.


  • Knee pads are reinforced with Kevlar
  • Comfortable seam lines
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Great for warm waters
  • Stitches are reinforced for longevity
  • Relatively affordable
  • Fits perfect


  • Not great for cold waters
  • The back zipper is tricky to close by yourself

This is yet another wetsuit worth being considered. Due to the simple fact that it has been made from 80% Neoprene and 20% nylon, the Mounchain Spearfishing Wetsuit is great for providing comfort, warmth, and waterproofing when diving underwater. The 3 mm thick neoprene gives you adequate warmth in slightly cold waters.

Apart from spearfishing, you can as well use this wetsuit for a number of other watersports such as diving, surfing, and snorkeling. In addition to keeping the water out, the neoprene layer acts as a defense mechanism from sea lice, biological irritants, and jellyfish.

The spearfishing wetsuit is made to be stretchy which is great if you need to move comfortably when wearing the wetsuit. A nylon-neoprene combination further reduces drag when under water so that you can easily glide through the water. This will help you conserve energy in the process.

This wetsuit features a functional Sporty Skin base layer for increased warmth. In the process, this also makes it easy to put on by giving it a little lubrication. This step is crucial in preventing wear and tear.


  • Versatile
  • Offers protection form sea irritants
  • Great value for the price
  • Easy to clean and care for
  • Great flexibility
  • Pretty warm


  • Sometimes has a strong chemical smell
  • Can be too tight for some wearers

This wetsuit from Ivation is made for women and contains a base layer that protects you from the cold temperatures. The layer also functions as some form of protection from dangerous parasites in the water such as sea lice and jellyfish.

The wetsuit is made from a blend of nylon and spandex to make slipping in it an easy task. 80% of the material used to make it is nylon, while the remaining 20% is spandex. Built to cover your whole body, this wetsuit protects you from UV rays and minimizes sunburn.

Other than these features, there is also a long zipper on the front of the wetsuit. This zipper makes it easy to change into and out of the spearfishing wetsuit. At the feet, there are stirrups meant to keep the suit’s legs from rising when actively diving.

The base layer not only protects your external elements, but it also optimizes your performance when under water. In addition, the suit keeps you warm, affords you free range of motion, and adds flexibility to the wetsuit.


  • Protects you from sea parasites
  • Offers UV and sunburn shielding
  • Increased flexibility
  • Easy to slide into and out of
  • Suit legs have stirrups for preventing the legs from bunching up
  • Fits great


  • Feels more of a swimsuit than a wetsuit
  • Only for women
  • Thermal protection is poor

How to Choose the Best Spearfishing Wetsuit

Here are some of the features you could use to distinguish the spearfish wetsuit that fits you most from the rest.


When looking for the best spearfishing wetsuit, it is imperative that you select the most appropriate thickness. When it comes to thickness, there is always no definitive figure for everyone, but it rather depends on several external factors.

The thickness of the spearfishing wetsuits is dependent on the temperature of the water you will be diving in. As you already know, you will be spending quite some time in the water, hence the necessity of the wetsuit to keep you warm. But remember not to be too warm though.

Furthermore, the temperature of the water at the surface will vary as you continue to dive to harpoon for fish. With this in mind, the thickness should, therefore, be a key consideration.

7 mm (0.3”) Spearfishing Wetsuits

This type of suit is actually best for all year use in most of the places that you might want to go hunting in. However, it is best if you use it for water temperatures between 4 and 20 degrees (39F to 68F).

5 mm (0.2”) Spearfishing Wetsuit

This thickness is great for waters with temperatures of about 10 to 26 degrees (10F to 79F). These types are also good choices for an all year round use if you don’t stay in the water for too long, probably for up to an hour.

3 mm (0.12”) Spearfishing Wetsuit

If the water is above 260C, then a 3 mm wetsuit is the best choice for going spearfishing. In other instances, if the temperature is above the 260C, then you need a thinner spearfishing wetsuit.

Thicknesses of about 1-2.5 mm are your ideal choices as you risk overheating very quickly if you choose a thicker one. Also, note that a thicker wetsuit will also restrict your movements in the water.

Camouflaging Properties of the Wetsuit

Camouflage is not always given a priority when it comes to choosing a wetsuit for spearfishing. However, it is a critical feature which contributes to the success of your hunting activity. Whether its soldiers or predators, hiding from your prey is key.

For those who want to hide from the fish they are hunting, then you might prefer one which camouflages with the water. A black figure (probably with fins) might seem suspicious while in the water.

In open water, blue wetsuits are ideal. But if you are prowling in rocky terrains, a brown one should come in handy. Additionally, for hunting purposes between sea and reef, then we would suggest a green wetsuit.

Type of Spearfishing Wetsuit

As you shop around for a wetsuit, you will notice that they are available in a number of styles. There are variations that cover your whole body; then there are those consisting of a pant and its top, a jacket or a shorty style wetsuit.

The first type which covers the whole body are called steamers and are the best options for novice spearfishermen. If you decide to opt for these types, then ensure that the chest area is fitted with a loading pad to prevent skin irritation as you load your gun.

On the other hand, the two-piece types are great for the experienced spearfishermen. They consist of a top jacket that’s connected to the bottom pants through clips, zippers or Velcro. Others have the pieces overlapping on one another to keep them snug.

With 2-piece spearfishing wetsuits, you can expect to stay warmer and cozier than in a steamer.

Closed Cell Vs. Open Cell Wetsuits

Spearfishing wetsuits come in a variety of materials. However, among these materials, it is the neoprene (foamed material made of rubber) that is common and provides good durability and thermal protection. The neoprene wetsuits are divided into two: closed cell and open cell.

Closed cell wetsuits

Sea surfers mostly use these types of wetsuits. They are generally cheaper but more durable than their open cell counterparts. Sometimes these are called nylon lined wetsuits because of the thin liner of nylon present on the inside. You are then able to slide in and out of the wetsuit easily.

Open Cell Wetsuits

These are mostly in the two-piece as well as specialized wetsuits. They have air pockets that adhere to your skin as you put them on. This is the reason why they offer better thermal protection than closed cell wetsuits.

Getting into one is a little hard, we would advise you to rinse the inside with soapy water or use talc powder. Otherwise, you could damage the inner layer of the wetsuit.

How to maintain a Spearfishing Wetsuit

Contrary to popular opinion, a wetsuit is not like your typical laundry that you throw in a washer. It requires extra care and maintenance if you want it to serve you for a prolonged period of time. An appropriate care routine makes the investment a worthwhile one for you.

  • When putting it on, use your fingertips and not fingernails. A sharp object would pierce the wetsuit if extreme care is not taken. Also remember to put in on in slow steps.
  • After a spearfishing event, rinse the gear using fresh water. This process eliminates the salty water remaining in the suit that would otherwise cause degradation of the material.
  • Use only tepid water and not hot water. A suit made from neoprene would lose its flexibility. If you were intending to hop into your hot shower with the suit on, then desist from that.
  • Do not throw your wetsuit into the washing machine with your other laundry. Never use a harsh cleaner or any form of bleach on the suit.
  • After washing, do not air it in direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays from the sun would degrade the neoprene after continued exposure. Hang it out on a shade instead.
  • Use a wetsuit shampoo to clean the wetsuit on occasions for a more thorough cleaning power. It removes any extra residue left in the wetsuit.
  • Remember to take off all your jewelry before putting on your spearfishing wetsuit. It might sound obvious, but some people forget to take some of these off. It might lead to the puncturing of the jewelry. Leave these at home.
  • It is best to store the wetsuit lying flat. Incase that’s not possible, use a thick hanger to support the entire weight of the suit. If left for extended periods, the wetsuit may develop permanent creases.
  • Pull zippers at a straight path of travel. If you pull at an angle, it may back up. Ask your buddies for assistance with the zipper when you can’t pull it in a straight line.
  • Do not let the wetsuit come into contact with gasoline, oil, chemical solvents, and aerosols. These solvents degrade the plastic and rubber materials that make up your wetsuit.

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

Q: I am allergic to neoprene. What other wetsuit material can I choose?

A: A vast majority of modern day spearfishing wetsuits are made from neoprene. But if you develop skin problems when you wear these suits, then great alternatives would be stinger suits. Alternatively, you could wear rash vests under the wetsuit to prevent skin contact.

Q: Should I invest in a camouflage spearfishing wetsuit?

A: Yes. If you are looking to be a serious hunter, you need to be invisible to the prey. An ordinary wetsuit spooks fish at times before you can get to within a distance with which you can strike.

Q: How do I ensure I keep hold of the fish I strike?

A: When under water, keeping hold of the fish you have caught can be a tricky affair due to their slippery nature. Getting yourself a pair of gloves helps you get around this problem.

Q: Is a wetsuit hood helpful?

A: To some extent, yes. A hood helps keep you warm if you go for spearfishing in extremely cold waters. The hood keeps you cozy and warm, keeps your ears dry, and prevents your long hair from covering your face.

Q: In terms of cost, how much would a good spearfishing wetsuit cost me?

A: Just like any product, strive to spend only as much as you can. In as much as you shouldn’t go for cheap wetsuits, you can still find exceptional quality at reasonable prices. Expensive suits also do not guarantee you the flexibility and protection you need. However, the general rule is that a 3mm and above thickness should cost you at least $300.


With the best spearfishing wetsuit, you are set to explore the depths of the sea for fish. These products help in keeping you warm when underwater while also giving you a loading pad for the gun. We hope this comprehensive guide has provided you with the insight you needed to help you decide on your next/new spearfishing wetsuit.

In this review, the Cressi Tecnica Spearfishing Wetsuit is our favorite. With its hood and 3.5mm thickness, this wetsuit provides you with adequate warmth in most water conditions. Its interior is also coated with Metallite to ease the process of sliding into the wetsuit as well as reducing the likelihood of having it torn.

The two-piece design fits seamlessly with one another with nylon patches on the upper jacket. These features make it our choice for the best spearfishing wetsuit. Have you ever used any of the spearfishing wetsuits that we have reviewed above? If you yes, could you tell us which one you have used and your experience using it?

Why Are Yeti CooLers So Expensive? 3 Powerful Reasons That Will Change Your Mind


For someone like me enthuse outdoor activities as spearfishing with speargun and wetsuits for preserving fish. Of cause I need the cooler for fish chilled.

Having a cooler for any outdoor event is something I consider paramount. But because I want a very efficient cooler, I had to switch from using the regular coolers to using a Yeti cooler. Ever since I made this decision, I have been deriving more benefits from my cooler.

You may be asking: why are Yeti coolers so expensive? Since I have used one I know I have the right information to provide you with. A Premium cooler like Yeti cooler saves me so much on the ice and has helped me acquire maximum benefits from hunting and fishing.


A cooler has only one major purpose which is to cool stuff. It may be food, drinks or rather for preserving meat. However, it’s not all coolers that can offer you exactly what you need. So why should now go for something that can’t meet your demand, when it’s just as good as wasting your money?

Read a comparison between Yeti and a few others here Cooler On Sale.

Most outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing require you to stay outside of your home for some days. After you have hunted for animals and have prepared some or let’s say you have waded across the river and have caught a handful of fish, you will need a way to preserve this meat. Without this preservation, your stuff may get spoil before your return. So how do you preserve your meats? This answer is simple: A cooler.

Mind you, you should know that only a few coolers can cool your meats or drinks for as long as five days. ( You may watch the video showing the ice retention of Yeti coolers).

It is this demand for long ice retention that Yeti coolers meet because of their capability and durability which can be attributed to the excellent materials from which they are made.


Good Thermal Insulation

The manufacturer of Yeti coolers employs the high-grade polyurethane form in the making of this cooler. The foam is used in the lid and also the walls of the cooler. In addition to this the layer of the cooler is well hardened to maintain the heat outside and inside of the cooler.

This insulating material helps keep your stuff very cold and this is the overall function of a cooler. 

Long Ice retention

You can buy ice for your cooler and it will last for at least five good days or even the whole week. This means that you have been able to save so much money on ice and even the fact that your meat or food generally doesn’t get spoil. Spoilt food only amounts to waste of resources. This Yeti coolers Ice Melt Test video may interest you.

High Durability

The durability of Yeti coolers is a plus. With the sturdy plastic resin which is formed in shape, Yeti coolers are quite durable and the areas like corners and sides of the cooler which are prone to loss of heat are well covered by the material. However, this doesn’t make the cooler unnecessarily heavy.

Furthermore, Yeti coolers are so strong that they can survive any weather condition or environmental impact and even an attack from a violent animal cannot make the cooler spill the contents inside of them. If you are in doubt, watch this Yeti video bear vs yeti.

Apart from this, these coolers are well constructed that no fire outbreak or heavy loads can damage them. To confirm what you have just read, you may want to watch Yeti testing their products against all kinds of attack on video below.


Now that you are convinced of the exceptional quality of Yeti coolers, if you desire one, I have researched well and come up with the best Yeti coolers that are perfect for whatever reason you may want to get one.




Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler

Yeti Tundra 75 Cooler

Yeti Tundra 110 Cooler White

Yeti Tundra 105 Hard Cooler

Yeti Tundra 350 Cooler White


Why are Yeti coolers so expensive? You have just read three powerful reasons that provide an answer to your question. To summarize these reasons, they are high thermal insulation, long ice retention and high durability.

By now I’m sure that I have helped dissolve what has been holding you back from going for Yeti coolers because you now know what to stand to gain if you purchase one. Do you still have more questions you feel I don’t answer?

Or perhaps you have acquired Yeti coolers and want to make a contribution to the product your comment is highly appreciated. But remember this: A Yeti cooler will fetch you back the money you spend on it! 

Best 5 Inflatable SUP (Stand Up Paddle Board) For Cruising – Buying Guide and Review 2018


Choosing the best five inflatable stand-up paddle boards also same as best five inflatable air lounger is not something is easy to do. This is because there are many excellent paddle boards available in the market and in short there are many new great models being churned out at all time.

I have researched various paddleboard models and I’ve come up with the best 5 inflatable sup that is perfect for cruising the sea. These selected paddle boards will not only give you an excellent function and performance but will also not break your pocket.

Inflatable (SUP) stand-up paddle boards are growing in popularity as paddling freaks, kayak are finding them more convenient and beautiful to use. They are quite portable and durable and besides, they are not as expensive as most rigid paddle boards.

I’ll break down the basis on which we have selected 20 models as regards their features, users’ experience, research and tests before finally choosing 5. We’ve done this to make it easy for you to choose the best paddle board that is worth every penny you spend on it.

Comparison Table




Overall Rating

Best choice for beginner, for yoga and special you can bring your dog on the padding


Best choice for kid


Best choice for ocean, river and riding in the be wave.


Best choice for river. This product can suport your friends, kids or even your dogs can get along with you


Best choice for river

floats and for big guys




The first thing we had to consider during our research and test was the stability of the inflatable paddle boards we selected and we’re able to pick out the best.

We kept beginners and intermediate paddling enthusiasts in mind when evaluating the stability of the boards because it’s very crucial to them; they will need a paddle board that is as stable as possible. Even the experts are not left out as the stability of paddle boards help them paddle the board easier and even enjoy the adventure more.

You want to know what people are discussing on paddle board stability?

Ease of inflation

There is a standard for pumps that are used to inflate paddle boards and also there’s a way the pump must be attached to the board. The inflation of an inflatable paddle board doesn’t take more than 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the size of the board and how fast the board is being pumped. The recommended inflation PSI is between 12 and 15.

However, the ease of inflation doesn’t really contribute much to the selection process of the best paddle boards because it’s standardized.


The portability of an inflatable paddle board is one of the most significant features to consider when choosing a paddle board because it’s the portability that provides the ease of transporting the board. You can easily deflate the board and keep it in a duffle bag and store in any car. This is a big advantage of inflatable paddle board when compared to the traditional board which you will have to keep at the top of your car using a roof rack or inside the bed of a truck. You can deflate it within a few seconds. This also means that you can take your paddle board with you on a trip.

The reason you need a paddle board

This seems like an obvious point because, of course, you know what you need in a paddle board. However, you must take this point into consideration because it’s not all paddleboards that will meet your requirements. Therefore, you have to outline what you will like to do with your paddleboard and then keep them in mind when you’re selecting the paddleboard you want to purchase.

Paddle boards are for various purposes such as fishing, surfing, for a solo paddle around your immediate lake, or rather for the sake of tourism. Read about different things people do with their paddle board PADDLE BOARD RECREATIONAL A​CTIVITIES.

In that case, you must know what you want out of a paddleboard. What you want may not be among the ones I just mentioned but whatever reasons you have for getting a paddle board, the boards reviewed should be able to meet your needs or provide relevant information.


It is important to consider the weight of the inflatable paddle board when you are purchasing one. We considered both the weight of the paddle board and the weight the board can support. Some paddleboards are heavier than some others; the heavier paddle boards may be heavy because of the good quality of the materials or because of some extra parts. This is good but for someone who usually travels along with the paddle board, it may be a disadvantage.

So it is wise for such paddlers to consider light paddle boards that still possess almost the quality of the heavier one. However, if you desire a more durable paddle board or that you travel less with your board, you should consider the heavy one.

If you want to know how much weight affect paddling, read this article by Rob Harris How weight affect paddling

For the weight the paddle board can support, it’s necessary for you to consider this if you want take to some stuffs along with you on the board. For instance, if you want to fish while on the board, you must get a paddleboard that can support your own weight and the weight of your fishing equipment.

The best 5 inflatable sups I’ve selected here will never disappoint you

If you loosen this paddle board, the first you will notice is the deck at the front; this large deck pad that will provide so much comfort for anybody you take along with you. The pump enables you to inflate the board in a matter of minutes.

Its 33 inches width makes it very stable and easy to paddle. In addition to this, it provides a good tracking because of the 3 fins. If you feel you need a seat on board, the D-rings are attached to the board for that purpose, so you can see that this inflatable paddle board is very exceptional and comfortable.

This SUP is best for ocean, river and riding in the be wave.


  • Three piece aluminum paddle
  • A two-stage pressure pump
  • High quality hybrid ankle leash
  • Heavy duty 3 wheel travelling backpack with strap
  • 6” Ultra light large deck pad
  • 3 Tool less removable fins
  • 8 D-Rings for cargo
  • Leash and optional kayak seat
  • Board weight: 17 pounds
  • Rider weight support: 300 pounds
  • Large soft EVA with diamond groove
  • Length: 320cm; Width: 83,82cm; Thickness: 15.24cm


  • check
    It has high stiffness and durability
  • check
    It’s inflatable to 20 psi for super stability
  • check
    Perfect in any water condition
  • check
    Good for both beginners and experts


  • The adjustable paddle loosens frequently

Perfectly made for surfing on an ocean, Sea Eagle LongBoard 11 is thoroughly designed and developed for excellent cruising on water waves. This board is very safe and sturdy as you paddle across the waves. The board is 11 feet by length and 30 inches by width. It also has a thickness of 6 inches. It may seem that the 6 inches thickness isn’t so good; mind you, this paddle board is capable of controlling everything that comes at it. In case you don’t know, the thickness of this board adds to the stability when the waves get very tough. So think of the trouble you might face when gliding through serious waves and windy water.

Featuring a D-ring, you can also attach a seat to the board and paddle while sitting. The paddle board can support extra weight up to 250 pounds, which is one of the things to consider when choosing a paddle board.

This product is best for river floats and for big guys


  • A seat
  • Pump
  • Pressure gauge
  • Storage bag
  • Rider weight support: 250 pounds
  • Board weight: 20 pounds
  • D-Rings
  • Shock cords for securing gear
  • Skid resistant pad
  • Repair kit
  • Reinforced drop stitch inflatable construction
  • Quadruple overlap
  • Air valves


  • check
    You can sit or stand while you pad
  • check
    It has high skidding resistant
  • check
    It is very rigid


  • The paddle board is narrow at the end

With 11’ X 32” X 6” size of the paddle board, it has a huge support for riders’ weight and an extra gear storage for those who enjoy paddling off the beaten path. It is also very easy to inflate using the high pressure pump.

The paddle board is designed to function well on any type of water and is quite stable. More so, it’s very durable and comfortable to use. It also offers security, even while you go paddling with your dog on board. So this makes the board fun to use and adventurous. And you won’t even feel like you’re carrying a paddle board around because of its light weight and portability.

This product is best inflatable SUP for beginner, for yoga and special you can bring your dog on the padding


  • Board weight: 19.1 pounds
  • Rider weight support: 275 pounds
  • Extra gear storage
  • Military grade PVC
  • High pressure pump
  • Carry backpack


  • check
    Perfect for recreational activities
  • check
    It’s ultra durable
  • check
    No dings
  • check
    It has high stability
  • check
    Very easy to inflate
  • check
    It is lightweight and portable


  • An advanced rider will not something better

Airhead paddleboard is developed to suit paddlers between 30 and 120 pounds. This makes the board good for both kids or light paddlers and adults. There’s a rocker both at the front and rear that provides smooth handling of the board.

Being a lightweight paddle board, kids can carry it on their own to the water. The size of the board is 7’ X 30” X 6” and the thruster fins help stabilize it against waves. Featuring a hi pressure hand pump, you can easily inflate the board.

Apart from the board’s suitability for kids, it’s also good for those who are learning to paddle as it gives them the pace required to learn.


  • 4 fixed thruster fins
  • EVA traction pad with tail kicker
  • Mesh backpack
  • Stainless steel tow ring
  • Hi pressure hand pump
  • Pressure gauge
  • Valve wrench
  • Board strap
  • Repair kit


  • check
    Perfect for both kids and adult
  • check
    Easy for kids to carry and use
  • check
    It is very light in weight
  • check
    Provides smooth gliding
  • check
    Easy to inflate for kids


  • The board is not so fast, which means adults will have to go a little slower than kids
  • Can't not bring a cooler

When this paddle board is fully inflated, it works very similar to the hard board. This is achieved without compromising the stability of the paddle board as well as the performance. Using this board you will never have to worry about dings or that your board will get cracked.

At 6” thick and improved rigidity, the paddle board is very comfortable to ride for adult. The weight support is also excellent for rider who will like to have companies. The added benefits of this tower paddle board is that it’s great for beginners—easy enough for them to learn.

In addition, you can use the board on a variety of waters from flat water to white water waves. If you want to learn or want to improve your skills, this paddle board is a perfect fit. Don’t forget the weight support; your friends, kids or even your dogs can get along with you. It’s quite rigid and won’t bend easily.


  • 3 piece fiberglass paddle
  • Fin and pump
  • Rider weight support: 350 pounds
  • Military grade PVC material
  • Drop stitch construction


  • check
    Easy to keep and transport
  • check
    It’s extremely rigid
  • check
    It’s great for beginners
  • check
    It has high durability


  • No bungee cords
  • No D-rings


It’s normal for you to desire to do a whole lot of things with your paddle board, but irrespective of what you want out of a paddle board, I strongly believe that this guide will do you enough good and help you make better decision. Should the kinds of the things you want to do are not met by the boards reviewed here, I hope the guide is detailed enough to open your eyes to see the most important things to consider when choosing a paddle board.

Overall, the best inflatable stand-up paddle boards offer a lot of excitement, fun and versatility. In that regard, you may want a paddle board that will meet all the aforementioned, give you perfect cruise across the water waves and yet still durable enough to last a long time. We’ve selected the best 5 inflatable paddle boards based on this and hopefully you will find the most suitable for you.

Top 5 Icredible Inflatable Air Loungers That Will Amaze You (Review and Guide 2018)


Before now, whenever I wanted to relax outdoor, perhaps reading a book or just soaking in the fresh air, it was always a necessity for me to take along a chair.

Obviously, that was not so comforting and soon I’d get tired of sitting and then go back in. But this changed sometimes last year when I eventually got an inflatable air lounger. It was what I had always dreamed of; now, I can stay longer reading books or sometimes at twilight invite my spouse to join me as we play chess.

That’s not all. Inflatable air lounger has a lot more to offer. If you are still stuck in the old method of lounging on a chair, it’s because of you that I’ve decided to write this post because I wish for you the pleasure of lounging on an inflatable air lounger.

Benefit of inflatable air lounger

You may be asking why this inflatable air lounger is very important, these are the reasons

  • It is very comfortable and easy to use.
  • You can pack the lounger and take it along with to you beach, concert, or even just outside of your living room.
  • You can share it with your partner.
  • Inflatable air lounger doesn’t stick to your body and make you feel sweaty.
  • You can take it to the pool and float on it, and also.
  • They don’t require an air pump.

Best Inflatable Air Loungers

Using this lounger there’s no complaint about the painful neck, which is one of the best features of this air lounger. It has a headrest that supports your neck and head. It is larger than most air loungers and provides more comfort than the common canoe shape. Besides this, it is designed to prevent air leakage and it could hold air for an amazing 5 to 6 hours.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • The headrest
  • You only need to whisk it through the air, then it begins to inflate​​​​
  • The weight is about 2.6 pounds; you can see that it’s very easy to carry around
  • Good leakage seal
  • It takes about 6 hours to need another inflation

There’s a video posted by a customer showing his satisfaction with this product.  You can watch it bellow.


Having used an air lounger for more than a year now, I can tell you that Anglink Outdoor Inflatable Lounger Air Lounger is worth every penny you spend purchasing it. I strongly recommend it. To make your decision to purchase the air lounger easier.

This inflatable air lounger is absolutely incredible for lasting more than 8 hours having fully inflated it once. It’s designed to withstand about 500 pounds weight and it has double locking buckle and high strength and thoroughly seamed to make it highly resistant to leakage. In addition to this, I can tell you that this lounger sucks in air very fast and as well easy to use. It’s your best companion on the beach, at camp, for leisure, anywhere.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It’s quite easy to fill with air
  • There’s a unique neck pillow design that prevents neck ache
  • It can support three people even if each person weighs 75kg
  • Perfect seal against leakage
  • Once inflated, you can use it for more than 8hours straight without the need to inflate it again.

I’ve also decided to help you with a video that will instigate you


If I were to make any choice of inflatable air lounger, I wouldn’t think twice before going for this. It’s perfectly made to fit all occasions. Ready to take action

The first time I saw someone lying on this air lounger, the first thing I said was this: what a beautiful air lounger! I then proceeded to research about the product to see if it’s not only beautiful but also have excellent features.

One of the fastest lounger to inflate is this. There are no liners inside and it has a single opening for air intake. It’s so lightweight that you can easily transport it. Mind you, it supports up to 440 pounds. In short, it is a perfect work of art for its incredible pattern and beautiful design.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • It’s far too easy to inflate
  • It has a huge support force
  • It’s perfect for both dry land and water
  • Good against leakage
  • It’s big enough for you to play on with your kids


If you want a big size inflatable air lounger that doesn’t compromise all those brilliant features, I have carefully selected Chillbo because of you. So what are you waiting for

You want to hang out with friends and grab some drinks? With the premium design of Madhat Inflatable Air Lounger, you can do that, and it’s possible on any terrain, be it gravel, sand pool, or anywhere.

Or rather you can lay lazily lounging on it while you gaze at the sky. It is very convenient to use. It’s a very safe lounger. There are side pockets where you can keep your phones or tablets.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • Perfect for travelers and lovers of adventure like campers
  • It can be used anywhere
  • It’s perfect for both dry land and water
  • Good against leakage
  • It has high customers’ satisfaction

I’ve also included a video to illustrate the point


I strongly recommend this product and you should check out those links to see how the product is being used and what users are saying about it, and then do the needful. The purchase link is made available to you

This inflatable air lounger is an added product to this list because it’s an air lounge that I use and I can testify to the quality of the lounger.

Why I choose this product for you:

  • I am a witness to the quality of the product
  • It has two LED lights, 3 pockets and a bottle opener for beer
  • It’s waterproofed
  • It’s very comfortable
  • It takes me 2 swoops in air to inflate it

You can also watch the video here: it shows to inflate it and how to use watch here.


I recommend this product because I have the first-hand experience of its performance. I have found it very comfortable to use. It has good quality and the LED lights make it more attractive and environmentally friendly. I easily keep my stuffs inside the pocket when I’m out. In addition to this, I’ve found this air lounger where easy to inflate, use and keep.

If you want to benefit from this air lounger just as I have done, you can go ahead to purchase it here.


As a lover of adventure and outdoor activities, I have found an inflatable air lounger really helpful whenever I’m out at the beach, camping, or even with a couple of friends and I know there are people like me out there who also take pleasure in doing similar things. It’s this that motivated me to write this post. I’ve researched deeply to come up with the air loungers above and as you purchase, I hope you find the joy in one as I do.

The 5 Best Full Face Snorkel Mask To Look Out For In 2018 (Review and Buying Guide)


If you are like me who enjoys bathing under the deep sea, then you will know how important a full face snorkel mask is. Not only is the gear important for protection from swallowing salty sea water, it also helps to protect your face and eyes against the numerous micro-organisms that are in the sea while also keeping your face and hair dry.

Whatever your decision on which snorkel mask you wish to buy it is important to of your snorkel mask after every snorkeling experience.

What to look for in a full face snorkel mask

Making a decision on which full face snorkel mask or Yeti cooler to buy can be a bit of a problem, given the multitude of brands available in the market but the fact remains that there are a quite a number of things to be on the lookout for in a full face snorkel mask.


When snorkeling you need to be able to find your way around. It’s difficult to see clearly while in the water without a mask on or goggles. But it will be more of a problem if you are using a full face snorkel mask with poor visibility. When looking to buy a full face snorkel mask products with designs that comes with a shatterproof lens with a 180° view (that is the lens extends beyond your eyes and you can easily view objects to your left and right-hand side without having to move your head) and Anti-fog capabilities are highly recommended to avoid difficulties in navigating your way under water.


It makes no sense having to wear a snorkel mask that is discomforting as this will greatly affect any water experience. A snorkel mask is supposed to make you comfortable and relaxed in the water and you shouldn’t compromise on this. Products that come with straps that are loose and can easily be adjusted are a better option than the ones with short straps

Water Proof Barrier

Before the introduction of full-face snorkel masks, people used the traditional snorkel to reduce the chances of breathing in or swallowing water while under water. With a good full face snorkel mask, you don’t have to worry about swallowing or inhaling salt water as they are designed to keep your face dry as you move under water. Masks equipped with a rear strap to hold the mask firmly on your head are a better option to guard against losing the mask as you move under water no matter how strong the wind or wave might be.

Ablitity Breath

Having to bite down on the traditional snorkel is not only discomforting to your jaw, the chances of swallowing water while trying to inhale are on the increase and even expert divers still swallow water and choke on air every now and then. With a good snorkel mask, you are more relaxed while in the water because they are equipped with a natural breathing mechanism that makes inhaling and exhaling comfortable and stress-free.

Benefits of using a full face snorkel mask as opposed to using the traditional snorkel

The benefit of using a full face snorkel mask greatly outweighs the traditional snorkel. The full face snorkel mask comes with components that help protect you in the water and you don’t have to worry about

Water getting into your eyes.

When using the traditional snorkel you bite down on a pipe and probably use transparent goggles that do not completely protect your eyes against strong winds and waves unlike when you use a snorkel mask which completely protects not just your eyes but you face and eliminates the discomfort of having to bite down on a snorkel for a long time.

Water getting into your nose

With a full face mask on your head, you can’t feel the water on your face. It’s like having your head in a sealed vacuum and being inside the water. The feeling is just amazing and another exciting point to note is that breathing is easy and stress-free as you don’t have to worry about inhaling salt water or choking under water.

Returning to the top to breath natural air

I can spend more than 60 minutes in the sea with the snorkel mask on while I take pictures and videos of the reef with the go pro attached to it, this is impossible to do with the traditional snorkel.

After clearly examining what to look for in a full face snorkel mask and how it outweighs the traditional snorkel tube we will look at the best products available in the market that you can easily choose from.


#1.Wild Horn Sea View 180°

Designed and manufactured by wild horn outfitters, the product combines a good design with features that will greatly improve your snookering experience. With the Sea View 180°, you can stay out at sea for a long time and view all the nooks and crannies of the sea. The mask is designed for everyone including toddler and adults

What Makes This SNORKEL Great

  • The sea view 180° comes equipped with a 180° full-face design that makes it easy to view a 180° area while snorkeling.
  • The mask is designed to make it easy to breathe through the nose or mouth while under water. This makes it impossible to get a shortage of air while snorkeling.
  • The sea view 180° is designed with a dry snorkel technology that prevents salt water from entering your mouth thereby preventing gaggling or choking.
  • Designed with a separate breathing chamber that distinguishes the air flow area from the main visor which helps to eliminate fogging and maintains clear visibility
  • Comes equipped with a GoPro mount which makes it possible to capture all the underwater moments with the aid of a GoPro.


  • The Mask doesn’t allow maneuver  like diving from a height into the sea or a Valsalva maneuver
  • In cold conditions, the visor may fog

The product is designed and manufactured by an Italian company that is known for producing a variety of scuba diving equipment. The mask is made to keep you comfortable while you enjoy snorkeling.

What Makes This SNORKEL Great

  • Comes equipped with a built-in snorkel that water cannot penetrate. This makes it easy to breathe in the water while moving around.
  • Comes equipped with a one way purge valve that helps expel CO2 making it impossible to breathe in expelled air.
  • Comes equipped with a large visual field making it easy to see objects to your right and left without having to completely move your head.
  • Air circulation around the masks greatly reduces fogging.
  • Comes equipped with a dry top that makes it impossible for water to get in even when you dive


  • You will need to pay extra for the camera mount.
  • The mask comes in only two sizes
  • There are only four colors available which make it difficult for making a choice if the available color doesn’t match your style

This snorkel mask is designed for clients on a budget looking to buy a snorkel mask that meets a high-quality standard and can easily compete with the best products available in the market.  The mask is made from materials that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic and also comfortable which will greatly improve any snorkeling experience.

What Makes This SNORKEL Great

  • The skirt of the mask is made from silicon material which is non toxic.
  • It comes in different sizes which makes it easy to fit any face irrespective of the shape or size.
  • The valve is equipped with a ball which closes when immersed in water. Making it impossible for water to penetrate while under the sea.
  • Designed with a 180° full face view which makes it easy to see objects to your left and right without having to move your face.


  • Product wasn’t designed for kids and may require adult supervision if kids wish to use it.
  • The mask does not support the use in scuba diving or free diving.
  • In cold weather, the visor can easily fog.

This snorkel mask is designed from high-quality materials which are highly environmentally friendly and non-toxic. This mask is made to withstand currents from waves or winds while keeping the face dry and water free throughout the underwater experience.

What Makes This SNORKEL Great

  • Mask is designed with a purge valve to purge water from entering into the mask.
  • Full face design makes it easy to breathe easily under water.
  • Comes equipped with a GoPro mount which makes it possible to attach a GoPro while under water to capture sea animals and plants.
  • Mask doesn’t fog easily in cold condition.
  • Comes in variety of sizes which makes it possible for children above the age of 8 to comfortably use without adult supervision.


  • Mask doesn’t support the use deep sea diving like scuba diving or free diving.
  • Heavily bearded males might find this product discomforting.

This snorkel mask is designed and manufactured by decathlon which happens to be the innovator and inventor of the full face snorkel mask. The product is designed from materials which are light on the head and friendly to the environment and nontoxic.

What Makes This SNORKEL Great

  • Designed with a full face 180° panoramic view which makes it possible to view object around you without moving your head.
  • Mask is equipped with a thin valve which makes it easy to breathe while in the water for a long period of time
  • Mask fits perfectly thereby making it impossible for water to penetrate​​​​
  • Comes equipped with a GoPro mount which makes it possible to attach a GoPro and capture amazing moments under water
  • Comes in different sizes and is a perfect fit for kids above the age of 8
  • Comes with a bag for safekeeping after every snorkeling experience.


  • The GoPro mount in most cases has to be worked on before it can firmly hold a GoPro.
  • Mask doesn’t support deep sea diving.


From the list above making a decision on the best snorkel mask wouldn’t be much of a problem.  If I was to select a snorkel mask for a loved one I would pick the wild Horn Sea View 180°  because compared to the rest it is designed with an air flow area that is separate from the main visor which makes it impossible to inhale expelled air. It also comes in different sizes and colors making available to all face size and it is possible to find a color that will match your style.

Whatever your decision on which snorkel mask you wish to buy it is important to take proper care of your snorkel mask after every snorkeling experience.


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