Why Are Yeti CooLers So Expensive? 3 Powerful Reasons That Will Change Your Mind


For someone like me enthuse outdoor activities as spearfishing with speargun and wetsuits for preserving fish. Of cause I need the cooler for fish chilled.

Having a cooler for any outdoor event is something I consider paramount. But because I want a very efficient cooler, I had to switch from using the regular coolers to using a Yeti cooler. Ever since I made this decision, I have been deriving more benefits from my cooler.

You may be asking: why are Yeti coolers so expensive? Since I have used one I know I have the right information to provide you with. A Premium cooler like Yeti cooler saves me so much on the ice and has helped me acquire maximum benefits from hunting and fishing.


A cooler has only one major purpose which is to cool stuff. It may be food, drinks or rather for preserving meat. However, it’s not all coolers that can offer you exactly what you need. So why should now go for something that can’t meet your demand, when it’s just as good as wasting your money?

Read a comparison between Yeti and a few others here Cooler On Sale.

Most outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing require you to stay outside of your home for some days. After you have hunted for animals and have prepared some or let’s say you have waded across the river and have caught a handful of fish, you will need a way to preserve this meat. Without this preservation, your stuff may get spoil before your return. So how do you preserve your meats? This answer is simple: A cooler.

Mind you, you should know that only a few coolers can cool your meats or drinks for as long as five days. ( You may watch the video showing the ice retention of Yeti coolers).

It is this demand for long ice retention that Yeti coolers meet because of their capability and durability which can be attributed to the excellent materials from which they are made.


Good Thermal Insulation

The manufacturer of Yeti coolers employs the high-grade polyurethane form in the making of this cooler. The foam is used in the lid and also the walls of the cooler. In addition to this the layer of the cooler is well hardened to maintain the heat outside and inside of the cooler.

This insulating material helps keep your stuff very cold and this is the overall function of a cooler. 

Long Ice retention

You can buy ice for your cooler and it will last for at least five good days or even the whole week. This means that you have been able to save so much money on ice and even the fact that your meat or food generally doesn’t get spoil. Spoilt food only amounts to waste of resources. This Yeti coolers Ice Melt Test video may interest you.

High Durability

The durability of Yeti coolers is a plus. With the sturdy plastic resin which is formed in shape, Yeti coolers are quite durable and the areas like corners and sides of the cooler which are prone to loss of heat are well covered by the material. However, this doesn’t make the cooler unnecessarily heavy.

Furthermore, Yeti coolers are so strong that they can survive any weather condition or environmental impact and even an attack from a violent animal cannot make the cooler spill the contents inside of them. If you are in doubt, watch this Yeti video bear vs yeti.

Apart from this, these coolers are well constructed that no fire outbreak or heavy loads can damage them. To confirm what you have just read, you may want to watch Yeti testing their products against all kinds of attack on video below.


Now that you are convinced of the exceptional quality of Yeti coolers, if you desire one, I have researched well and come up with the best Yeti coolers that are perfect for whatever reason you may want to get one.




Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler

Yeti Tundra 75 Cooler

Yeti Tundra 110 Cooler White

Yeti Tundra 105 Hard Cooler

Yeti Tundra 350 Cooler White


Why are Yeti coolers so expensive? You have just read three powerful reasons that provide an answer to your question. To summarize these reasons, they are high thermal insulation, long ice retention and high durability.

By now I’m sure that I have helped dissolve what has been holding you back from going for Yeti coolers because you now know what to stand to gain if you purchase one. Do you still have more questions you feel I don’t answer?

Or perhaps you have acquired Yeti coolers and want to make a contribution to the product your comment is highly appreciated. But remember this: A Yeti cooler will fetch you back the money you spend on it! 

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